The Best Men’s Mesh Shorts For A Casual Spring Style
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The Best Men’s Mesh Shorts For A Casual Spring Style

clock-circular-outlinePosted 15 Mar 2024

Retro-inspired, easy breezy to wear, and subtly stylish, this is the new era of mesh shorts, and they’re not just for workouts.

It’s throwback time, but there’s no need to dig out the old shorts you wore for ball practice, we’ve got you covered with a selection of mesh shorts that are less baggy, well-fitted, and bang on trend. More breathable than sweat shorts but just as athletic as running shorts, they take their influence from the iconic basketball shorts for maximum airflow and ultimate comfort.

Mesh shorts offer an alternative style for lounging, lifestyle, and workout outfits, with a breathable design that gets the thumbs up for all your warm-weather excursions. Whether you’re traveling, running errands, or playing ball, mesh shorts are the perfect fusion of streetwear and sporty styles to see you through the Spring and Summer months.

Adam Sandler’s own personal brand of street style may be the baggy basketball shorts and oversized tee combo, but if the oversized silhouettes aren’t quite your thing, take a look at our shorter inseam mesh shorts. For the coolest fits in the sweltering heat, mesh shorts should be your first choice this season.

What Are Mesh Shorts?

Simply put, (and it may be the mesh holes doing the talking), but our lifting club shorts are the airiest pair of gym shorts you’ll ever own. Engineered from a mesh material (that yes, has holes in it), men’s mesh shorts are highly breathable, making them the perfect styling option during warmer months.

Ticking every box when it comes to comfort, mesh shorts are incredibly easy to wear not only at the gym but for a fashionable weekend outfit too. Having taken inspiration from the iconic design that basketball shorts served, the modern-day mesh shorts are made for warm weather styling and sporty activities - offering a relaxed and functional fit, with a slight vintage flair.

Are Mesh Shorts Back In Fashion?

With the comeback of retro styles in athleisure wear… think nylon tracksuits, raw hems, and baggy vintage-inspired graphic tees, there’s no surprise that mesh shorts are back in fashion. A quick search for mesh shorts and you’ll find an array of options from independent streetwear brands and heritage athletic brands, a mix of classic knee-length options, and shorter styles too.

We’ve seen trending aesthetics inspired by sports attire; tenniscore, the soccer jersey-clad bloke-core, and preppy styles that incorporate rugby-style polos, and now it’s the mesh short’s time to shine. Previous summers gave us jorts and while we love the dad-style denim for our trendy ‘fits, mesh shorts for men provide an alternative styling option for casual, day-to-day looks when comfort is our #1 priority.

Mesh Shorts For Men

Our mesh shorts provide freedom of movement beyond the squat rack. Effortlessly stylish, these breathable shorts are perfect for both your workout looks and casual rest-day outfits. But how do they actually fit?

Typically mesh shorts used to fall around knee length, but thanks to the addition of the viral ‘hoochie daddy shorts’ moment, thigh-baring styles are back for another season.

If the 5” inseam doesn’t provide enough airflow to your legs, the holey mesh fabric certainly makes for a little added breathability. Here’s our latest round-up of the best men’s mesh shorts this season:

Men’s 5” Mesh Shorts

Short shorts are in, here are our men’s mesh shorts with a 5” inseam.

Lifting Club Mesh Shorts

Our Lifting Club Mesh Shorts are available in a rainbow of colors for everyday wear, with a retro-inspired “Gymshark Lifting Club” graphic on the front right leg for a pop of print under your oversized tees. The drawcord waist makes for an ultra-comfy fit, and the breathable mesh will keep you cool, and potentially looking even cooler.

Wordmark Mesh Shorts

These are our mesh shorts that blew up on socials, and while these shorts may be labeled for men, it’s women who made all the noise with endless styling reels and the coolest gym ‘fit-pics. While these mesh shorts replicate the net styles made famous on b-ball courts, they also feature a large wordmark logo that would look right at home in a boxing ring.

Men’s 7” Mesh Shorts

Like a longer inseam? Check out our 7” mesh shorts for men.

Lifting Mesh Shorts

If you’re into the graphics of the Lifting Club Mesh Shorts but prefer your shorts to cover more of your quads, the Lifting Mesh Shorts will be your go-to. With a longer length 7” inseam, these mesh shorts are less hoochie daddy and more classic fitting. Featuring a side graphic to the front, side pockets, and an adjustable waistband for a comfy fit, take a look at your new Summer staples.

Keep your eyes peeled for more mesh short releases this April 👀

How To Style Mesh Shorts For The Gym

If you haven’t already noticed, a trend is emerging where people are choosing to wear mesh shorts to the gym as an alternative to other sporty styles. For men, who arguably have fewer styles to choose from when it comes to gym ‘fits and athleisure wear, mesh shorts offer a refreshing take on workout gear that can also be worn outside the gym.

For the ladies, our mesh shorts offer a loose and breezy silhouette that differs from the usual body-fit styles worn to the gym. We love the boldness of the mesh fabric and the perfect mix of vintage and modern touches. The pockets for keeping your phone on you in the gym so you can go hands-free are a great addition and the adjustable waistband allows everyone to find their perfect fit.

Take a look at some of how our community members are styling mesh shorts for the gym for a little inspiration for your next workout!

What To Wear With Mesh Shorts

Style your mesh shorts for the on-seasons with lightweight tops for warm days, sporty track jackets for that locker-room look, and oversized hoodies for stylish off-duty outfits.

Ribbed Tank

For the ultimate relaxed look, pair your mesh shorts with a classic tank top that shows off your upper-body gains. With a soft ribbed feel, it’s comfortable enough to sleep in, but styled with mesh shorts, this outfit gives a subtle nod to the crossover of basketball and streetwear fashion.

Pique Track Jacket

Nothing screams sporty more than a zip track jacket, so if that’s the look you’re going for, look no further than our all-new Pique Track Jacket to wear with your mesh shorts. Complete with retro-color blocking, this jacket gives off the old-school athleticism aesthetic for an alternative look for your comfy rest days, or warming up your training sessions.

Crest Oversized Hoodie

Hoodies and shorts are the perfect match for early morning walks, evening strolls, or cozy couch sessions, and we love this stylish baggy hoodie to go with your mesh shorts. Rivaling the Lifting mesh shorts with ten color options, you’ve got endless coordinating options for days you want to leave the neutrals behind.

More Shorts For Men

Shorts have a daily place in men's closets; whether it’s workout shorts, sweat shorts for lounging in, running shorts, or any other leg-baring occasion, they’re simply an essential. We’ve got more than mesh shorts on our roster, take a look at our picks below.

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Looking for a heavyweight hoodie to style with shorts during the transitional months? Our heavy cotton numbers offer a high-quality feel for streetwear styling and premium lounging.

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