6 Of The Best Sweat Shorts For Men To Live In Every Weekend
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6 Of The Best Sweat Shorts For Men To Live In Every Weekend

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Sweat shorts aren’t just for lounging, but we know you didn’t hear it here first.

Dressing up is fun. Sure, slicking the hair back and fastening the cufflinks might offer a succinct thrill but nothing will ever beat slipping into your comfies and feeling totally relaxed in your outfit, right? Well if your eye is on the menswear radar right now, you’ll know that sweat shorts are in, and they’re not just for sleeping in, they’re to be seen in.

Representing the limbo state between two closet essentials, sweat shorts offer unparalleled comfort and practicality for all your weekend roaming x resting. While hoodies and sweatpants may be the fan favorites of the loungewear department, sweat shorts offer a completely different look and feel, and styling potential for building cool, casual, and comfy outfits.

Why choose a pair of sweat shorts over sweatpants?

Off the top of our heads, we can think of plenty of reasons; for comfort, freedom of movement, (and to get the pins out to tan as soon as the sun’s out for longer than 20 minutes). It’s nothing new seeing men wear shorts year-round... no matter the weather, you’ll see guys running in shorts, and sporting their best jorts and socks combos… and we can’t lie, the 'fits bang every time.

From the 80’s to now, the sweat short has been a symbol of athleticism, and comfort. Styles have evolved to keep up with the modern-day… your average short now might not be as short as the short-shorts of the leg-baring past, but they’ve kept their place as a menswear essential.

Comfortable. Functional. Stylish. The sweat-short is our humble loungewear warrior, but they can also be worn and styled in a multitude of ways, with baggy tees and jackets for edgy daywear looks, or with a pump cover in the gym, to name just a few.

Sweat shorts can be lived in, we meant that, so check out our selection of the best.

6 Of The Best Men's Sweat Shorts

As one Redditor wrote, the best sweat shorts are ones you can sleep in and be seen in. So comfy that you don’t want to take them off, but with an edge that makes them OOTD-worthy. These are our best men's sweat shorts to live in every weekend.

Classic: Crest Shorts


For a classic cut, know-what-you’re-getting type sweat short, there’s no better choice than Crest. Coming in at a universally comfy 7” length, these are your classic soft-touch sweat shorts with a wide comfy waistband and adjustable drawstrings. On the back, you’ll find a pocket to house your essentials, an embossed logo to the front, and inside, a fleecy lining for maximum comfort relaxing at home, or running around the town.

Oversized Shorts: Heritage Shorts

If you prefer the look and feel of something a tad looser around the thighs, then we can bet your happy quads that you’ll love the Heritage Shorts. Designed to look like a pair of shorts straight out of a ’90s bodybuilding gym, these shorts ooze the lived-in retro feel we know you all love, but with a modern-day silhouette. The oversized fit is bang on trend today, and the 5” inseam is the perfect length for that hoochie daddy short moment. Made from a heavyweight cotton blend, this is premium loungewear.

Like your shorts real short? Take a read on the season’s hoochie daddy short trend, the shorter length short that are here to make a statement, and show off your leg gains.

Short Shorts: React 5” Shorts

Ever since the hoochie daddy craze of 2023, we know that a shorter pair of sweat shorts are in and they’re not going anywhere fast, well not if we can help it. The React 5” Shorts are a perfect entry point into the short-short lifestyle (that you can test-run at home). Sporting a relaxed, minimalist design, the 5” sweat shorts can be adjusted - with discrete drawstrings that can be neatly tucked away. They’re slim fit, and short in length, but undeniably comfy thanks to a soft, stretchy cotton-blend fabric used.

Old-School: Legacy Shorts

Calling all Back To The Future fanatics, and lovers of The Goonies, we’ve got something a little bit for you. No, we won’t berate you for living in the past, and you don’t have to kiss goodbye to 80’s nostalgia with these shorts. Think raw hems, quad-baring cuts, and old-school graphics, this is Legacy. The Legacy sweat shorts offer comfort in the way of the old-school lifting aesthetic. With a 3.5” inseam, they’re shorter than your usual sweat shorts, but we know some of you can pull these off. Especially when paired with an old-school stringer vest and pump cover for your casual weekend fits.

Longer-Length: Rest Day Essential Shorts

On the flip side, we’ve also got you covered if you prefer your sweat shorts to have a longer silhouette. With their heavyweight cotton construction, you can feel the quality, making the Rest Day Essentials Shorts the perfect shorts to be seen in, in, and out of the house. The subtle branding gives these shorts a more paired-down feel that makes styling a breeze. Easy for weekends when you’re jumping from venue to venue and want to feel comfy and stylish all day long.

Streetwear: Crest Cargo Shorts

Pockets on pants, they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Life is such a breeze when you can head out the door without needing to grab a bag for your gadgets - knowing your pockets have all the storage space you need for that outing. Plus, they look cool-as. The Crest Cargo sweat shorts offer street-style versatility, with multiple pockets and a simple cargo silhouette. Crafted with a soft sweatpant material, we just upped the comfort of your fav cool-guy ‘fit. Paired with a baggy tee, it’s a dream.

Hanging up your sweat shorts as the temperature drops? It's grey sweatpants season now, so look no further than our grey sweatpants for all the cozy weekend vibes, and learn what to wear with them for comfy yet stylish 'fits.

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