What Are Hoochie Daddy Shorts? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About This Season's Short Shorts
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What Are Hoochie Daddy Shorts? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About This Season's Short Shorts

clock-circular-outlinePosted 12 May 2023

We’re back again with another hot fashion trend sweeping its way through social media, and it turns out, the shorter the short, the more on trend you are.

Shoutout to Paul Mescal.

Sparking discourse on men’s masculinity and gaining the attention of both men and women on social media apps like TikTok, the hashtag #hoochiedaddyseason has racked up a whopping 48 million views with videos of creators pushing the boundaries of men’s fashion and confidently sporting some seriously short shorts.

But what exactly is all the ruckus about? If you thought you knew all there was to know about mens shorts, think again. Get the lowdown on what hoochie daddy shorts are and discover the best short shorts to show your quad gains off during your next leg day…

What are hoochie daddy shorts?

A flick through the photoalbums of your grandparents on vacay might reveal a picture of the 70’s, hoochie daddy shorts guaranteed. Admittedly, as far as trends go, there’s nothing new about hoochie daddy shorts… they’ve graced the world of sport, from olympic tracks to Muscle Beach with icons like Arnie embracing their muscular pins, and making sure their quads could breathe.

Traditionally much shorter than many styles of shorts on the market for men, the hoochie daddy short exposes a lot (and let us stress), a lot of thigh. But now you're not skipping leg days, it's about time you give the quads some lovin'. Sitting at least a few inches above the kneecap, hoochie daddy shorts generally measure 5" in length or shorter. If you’re feeling especially riskay, you might be bold enough to rock a cheeky 3" short too.

Think of it this way, if women have cute floaty sundresses for the warmer months, what’s the alternative for men? Surely you’re worthy of feeling the pleasantness of a cool breeze on your thighs on a hot day. The hoochie daddy short isn’t always a denim number (especially not for the gym) but they can be considered a sort of ‘daisy dukes’ short for men. Iconic if you ask us.

Gone of the days of fashion fails like wonky denim cut-offs and oh-so riskay running shorts of eras past, hoochie daddy shorts are here for the modern man, they’re purposely designed short shorts constructed to fit well, and look the part.

Best Hoochie Daddy Shorts For The Gym

Embrace the hoochie daddy shorts, and get your legs out this summer. Explore our favorite collection of short shorts to wear during your next workout...

5 Inch Hoochie Daddy Shorts

Want to ease your way into hoochie daddy season? Our five inch shorts are the perfect length for your arrival.

Gymshark Arrival 5” Shorts

Fans of the original 7inch Arrival Shorts won’t have to stray too far from comfort with these hoochie daddy shorts. Designed with a shorter 5inch inseam, alongside a lightweight, sweat-wicking material and supportive adjustable waistband, you can trust the Arrival Shorts will allow you to move in every direction with ease and confidence, rep after rep or step after step.

Gymshark Sport 2-in-1 Shorts
Sport 5" 2-in-1 Short in Willow Green/Black
Sport 5" 2-in-1 Short in Willow Green/Desert Sage Green

Like the look of short shorts but still feel like you'd prefer a little extra coverage for your pins? These shorts feature a 2-in-1 design with a lightweight slim-fitting short layered over the built in cycling shorts. More of a functional hoochie daddy short option, this pair is a great option for workouts where you need to give your full focus, and limit the distractions.

Gymshark Apex Hybrid Shorts

Oh hello Apex… our hybrid short of dreams, the pair of shorts you won’t want to ever take off.

This season, join the community of men figuratively, and literally, stepping into the hoochie daddy trend. The Apex 5” Shorts are built to move freely with you as you step up your workouts. With performance enhancing features like 4-way stretch materials, side splits for a full range of movement, sweat-wicking tech to keep you cool and advanced ventilation, the Apex Hybrid Shorts tick all boxes.

Gymshark Power Shorts
Power 5" Washed Short in Ozone Blue
Power 5" Washed Short in Sunny Yellow

For the weightlifters amongst us who might be flaunting a little extra muscle this season, the Power Shorts (now available with a 3.5inch inseam) are the perfect choice for those of you wanting to explore the hoochie daddy short trend, and expose the quads. Crafted from a forgiving sweatpant type material durable enough to take the weight of your dumbbells at rest, you’ll never fall short when wearing the Power Shorts.

Gymshark Studio Shorts
Studio Shorts in Mushroom Brown
Studio Short in Dusty Maroon

It’s time to hit the studio guys, we know you’re skipping your stretches after the gym and your hamstrings are getting real tight. So book that yoga class and improve your deadlift variations, because stretching equals bigger muscles. [1].

Featherlight, and offering ample stretch with side seam splits and interior taping for extra movement, you really can put your full trust in the Studio Shorts, no questions asked.

. . .

3 Inch Hoochie Daddy Shorts

Hoochie daddy season got you feeling cheeky? Try out our three inch gym shorts your next leg day.

Gymshark Legacy Shorts
Legacy Short in Obsidian Green
Legacy Short in Light Grey Marl

Take a stroll down Muscle Beach in the 90’s and you’d be met with a sea of men wearing short shorts just like the old-school Legacy Shorts. With a slightly tapered raw hem, these might be the shortest hoochie daddy shorts we have on offer. But if you’re moving more than your body weight in back squats, then why not show off your gains? The hard work deserves to be seen, trust us.

Gymshark Sport Run Shorts
Sport Run Short in Aerospace Orange
Sport Run Short in Aerospace Orange

The 80s redefined what it meant to wear shorts shorts. With less and less material being used, and inseams getting shorter, running shorts could be found hiked high up the thigh for a now iconic athletic look. One we’ve replicated with our Sport Run Shorts, which feature a 3inch seam, lightweight design and reflective logos to keep you seen while running.

. . .

Black Hoochie Daddy Shorts

Black hoochie daddy shorts have a place in every man’s wardrobe, because, let’s be honest, no matter the season, a pair of black gym shorts will always be our staple.

All-black outfits have a certain je ne sais quoi that remains unbeaten when it comes to fashion - effortless in their aesthetic and incredibly easy to style, we’ve explored some of the best black hoochie daddy shorts for you to pair with your other black workout clothes lying around in your wardrobe.

3 Inch Black Hoochie Daddy Shorts

Sport Run Shorts

For 3inch black hoochie daddy shorts, choose the Sport Run Shorts and run your miles comfortably. Lightweight, breathable and offering a split seam design alongside their shorter inseam, these short shorts allow you to enjoy the warmth of the sun or calming cool breeze on your legs at all times.

Legacy Shorts

One for the lifters, the black Legacy Shorts are a must for any leg day, especially when your training schedule has exercises like the seated leg curl programmed. With a 3.5inch inseam, believe us when we say you'll really see your leg muscles in action if you don these.

5 Inch Black Hoochie Daddy Shorts

. . .

If you prefer your black shorts to be a little longer longer in length, don't worry all the 5inch hoochie daddy shorts mentioned in this article are available with a longer inseam.

Why are short shorts coming back?

Leaving the days of the early 2000's body shaming behind, and the fashion fails of the 2010's, we have reached a place of body neutrality and body positivity. Where people can embrace different styles and feel confident to wear what they want, when they want.

Not to mention that trend-cycles come and go, and right now, we're seeing all things 70's and 80's hit the spotlight, and that means mini-everything. Long basketball shorts and denim bermuda's took the millenium by storm, but now it's time to show off those quads.

Men's mini skirts next up?

. . .

There we have it. The official lowdown on all things hoochie daddy shorts - a menswear fashion trend for 2023 that you may have already been participating in...

Despite what you may think, short shorts are for everyone, and as the warmer weather draws near, it only makes sense for you to get your pins out to help keep your body temperature down. This season, embrace the shorter inseam and swap out your 9" shorts for a 5" or 3".

Shop your hoochie daddy shorts here.

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[1] https://journals.physiology.org/doi/abs/10.1152/jappl.1993.75.3.1263

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