Style Guide: What To Wear With Flare Leggings
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Style Guide: What To Wear With Flare Leggings

clock-circular-outlinePosted 8 Dec 2023

It’s not just moms on the school run sporting flare leggings anymore. For yoga and lounging, and everything in between, flares have become loved for their flattering fit, unparalleled comfort, and stylish new take on a workout essential.

There’s no denying that TikTok fashion gave the flare legging a boost in popularity. With internet stars like Emma Chamberlain sporting iconic looks centred around flared leggings, the humble yoga pant was catapulted into a GenZ fashion trend - and subsequently - the baskets of the general public.

With the rise in athleisure and Y2K fashion, specifically low-rise pants, it’s no surprise we’re seeing a revival of the yoga pants aka the flare legging.

The turn of the decade also saw the rise in the split-hem leggings - featured in a more formal look, with a high-waisted silhouette and a design appropriate for both work and play. But now the flare legging is all about feeling comfy, for work-outs, rest days, traveling, and everything in between, and if you’re located somewhere that winter is creeping in, you’ll know it’s the season for living in your leggings.

Now if you’ve recently pivoted into comfy pant territory, you may need a hand in figuring out how to put together your flare leggings outfits. Well, you’re in luck, as we’ll explore exactly that in this article, starting with what to wear with flare leggings.

What To Wear With Flare Leggings

If you’ve been hovering over the checkout button on a new pair of flare leggings, but you’ve been wondering how exactly to style them, then you’ve come to the right place.

After all, we’ve been seeing our flare leggings styled in-house and by our community on socials for a couple of years now so we’ve racked up a few tips and tricks to share with you all.

But What Is A Flare Legging?

Our flare leggings are designed with a body fit around the waist and thigh, before loosely flaring out towards the bottom of the leg. These can be worn to work out on rest days and are especially popular for your studio workouts as a harp back to the classic yoga pant.” - Find Your Fit: Gymshark Leggings Size Guide

Gymshark Flare Leggings are designed to look stylish, feel comfortable, and flatter the body. Flare leggings are crafted using fabrics like the OG cotton yoga-pant material or stretchy movable nylon and elastane blends that are perfect for working out and lounging in.

Although we love a pair of classic black leggings, flare leggings provide a different silhouette that can drastically alter the vibe of an outfit. Because they look more like a traditional pair of pants, with a wider leg structure, the outfit can feel more balanced, especially when paired with cropped tops and pullovers.

We love the versatility of a pair of flare leggings. The endless styling options and ultimate comfort make them a firm favorite in our wardrobes (especially in the Gymshark office), and there are a few key pieces we love to style with flare leggings for a guaranteed cute fit.

Pair Your Flare Leggings…

The essential athleisure style guide.

With An Oversized Tee

Wearing a pair of flare leggings with an oversized tee is the ultimate comfy-girl look. While we love to wear flattering and figure-hugging clothing that shows off our hard-trained glutes and arms sometimes, there’s something quite indescribable about the confidence that wearing a baggy tee gives us. Not to mention how easy it is to build this outfit, as there’s no doubt you all have an oversized t-shirt lying around somewhere. An oversized t-shirt and flare leggings are the jeans-and-a-nice-top of casual hangings, always a hit, in real life and on the group chat.

With A Crop Top

The go-to look for celebs parading the streets of LA on the way to their reformer pilates classes (or smoothie run), this outfit combination is chic yet sporty, and perfectly relaxed. Pair your flare leggings with a crop top of the same color for a casual monochrome fit, or a cute graphic crop top and flannel for some dimension. We love the shape of flares paired with a crop top, with that high-waisted fit and mid-riff on-show combo creating a snatched silhouette.


With Baggy Sweatshirts

Chances are if you're a subscriber to the Anything Goes Podcast (the chatty lifestyle podcast from Emma Chamberlain), then you've already tried this outfit formula, after the Gen Z star made the outfit go viral. Despite their modern reboot, flare leggings and a baggy sweatshirt were a hallmark of 90's athletic fashion; and of course, a headband completed the look. This winning OOTD makes getting dressed easy in the morning, just throw on your favorite sweater on top of your flares, and you’ll be out the door in no time, looking stellar every time.

With A Cropped Hoodie

So you’re the kind of person who likes everything cropped. We don’t blame you. Cropped tees are ultimately so flattering, and along with cropped hoodies, and sweatshirts, they have become a modern wardrobe staple. Since our flared leggings feature a high waist, our cropped hoodies will sit just above the waistband for a seamless pairing that accentuates the waist, whilst keeping you covered on top to keep you cozy during the cooler months.

With A Fitted Zip Jacket

For the ultimate snatched look, style your flare leggings with a fitted zip jacket that sculpts you in all the right places. Our full zip jackets are supportive with their form-fitting nature, look effortlessly cool, and feel just as comfortable too. The full-length jacket meets the top of your flare leggings at your natural waist for a seamless silhouette that’s comfy enough for working out, lounging in, and hitting up your local Whole Foods.

4 Flare Leggings Outfits To Try

Knowing what to wear with flare leggings is one thing. Understanding how to actually style them is another, and if you’re going to adopt the comfy flares into your year-round rotation of pants, then you’ll want a bank of flare legging outfits at the ready. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of flare leggings outfits for working out, running errands, dressing up, and keeping cozy this winter season.

1. Flare Leggings Outfit For Pilates

Just like the lifters look, Pilates also has its own uniform - silky soft, stretchy, functional, and form-fitting clothes perfect for the low-impact activity. A buttery soft pair of pants like the Elevate Flared Leggings are essential for maximum movement as you hold the poses, stretch, and lengthen. Pairing low-impact bras with an elevated touch like the Elevate Twist Front Bralette with a lightweight cover-up like the Elevate Wrap Long Sleeve Top adds a chic touch to any outfit.

Thinking of trying your first Pilates class? Find out what type of Pilates is for you, what you should be wearing and what you can expect from your first Pilates class in this article.

2. Flare Leggings Outfit For Running Errands

Let’s make one thing clear, your clothes for running errands stand miles apart from the giggle-inducing mismatch of your outfits for the late-night snack run. Even when the day's plans aren’t that exciting, you can still create a cute outfit centered around flare leggings when running errands. Pair your flare leggings with the Legacy Oversized Sweatshirt for a casual vibe - this boxy old-school sweater ties together seamlessly with the earthy tones of our Script Cap.

3. Winter Ready Flare Leggings Outfit

We’re obsessed with the level of coziness that flare leggings are bringing to our wardrobes this cold-weather season. Easy to wear and guaranteed to keep you warm, it’s time to ramp the outfit up with some more cold-weather staples like our cuddly Sherpa fleece. Start with the Everyday Seamless Long Sleeve Crop as your base, layered under our chunky Holt Textured Fleece to keep the breeze out and the warmth in. Finish the winter-ready look with a cozy pair of Rest Day Chunky Socks and UGG boots.

4. Flare Leggings Outfit For Brunch With The Girls

Flare Leggings are not just comfortable but also stylish and versatile, and we have no doubt they’ll become your everyday uniform. We’re no strangers to dressing our flares up for date night or brunch with the girls since a pair of black flare leggings is an item you can truly wear anywhere. A black pair of flared pants that fit you well and match with anything is an absolute wardrobe staple. To dress your black flare leggings up, style them with our Quilted Mini Tote slinky Crop Mesh Tank for a sporty yet sleek monochromatic look.

Looking for more style inspiration for the cooler months? Check out our pick of the best women’s hoodies to keep comfortable and cozy this season.

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