Men's Style Guide: What To Wear With Grey Sweatpants
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Men's Style Guide: What To Wear With Grey Sweatpants

clock-circular-outlinePosted 6 Oct 2023

Grey sweatpants… they’re the black leggings of the men’s department.

When you think comfort, if it’s not the grey sweatpants that spring first to mind, then we need to let you in on the not-so-well-kept secret. That's before mentioning how flattering a pair of grey sweats can be...

Long before lockdowns catapulted us into a permanent state of coziness, activewear was already a fully-fledged member of most men's wardrobes.

Whether it’s a sweat-wicking top for the gym, a comfy travel tracksuit, or the baggiest sweats for your chill days, you know the importance loungewear has in your closet.

That’s why we’re here to give you the roundup of the best grey sweatpants you can shop from us, from fleece-lined numbers to heavyweight cotton champions, we’ve got a pair of grey sweatpants for just about every occasion.

So forget savoring your one pair of nice joggers for a rainy day, feel your best in every pair of sweatpants you own with this stellar lineup.

What's The Difference Between Joggers And Sweatpants?

Typically, sweatpants are made from a cotton blend or heavyweight cotton fabric and often feature a fleece lining which makes them perfect for lounging in. Joggers on the other hand are more lightweight and breathable and are made from synthetic materials like nylon, spandex, polyester, and elastane. The lighter feel to joggers makes them ideal for working out in, whilst the more tapered look can be easier to dress up. Sweatpants are typically worn as loungewear, for traveling, or as a pump cover.

Gymshark Grey Sweatpants For Men

Grey sweatpants are the creme-de-le-creme of men's casual fashion. For your Netflix and chill nights, training days, travel outfits, or any activity you want to feel nothing less than 100% comfort, grey sweatpants will make you feel good, boost your confidence, and even make a fashion statement if you dress them upright.

Grey Baggy Sweatpants

Baggy sweatpants, once a clothing piece that was seen as scruffy and unattractive are now a regularly papped item on a-listers and the unofficial uniform of stylish travelers. Not only that, baggy sweats are a must-have pump cover for cold-weather workouts and commuting to the gym. Or, keep your sweats on for the comfiest workout you’ve ever had.

Heritage Joggers

Drawing influence on the Golden Era of Bodybuilding, these aren't your usual grey sweatpants, no, the grey is washed and dyed for an edgy vintage aesthetic and the panel is gusseted for more freedom of movement. Meaning, these are the sweatpants you'll be able to train like a great in.

Rest Day Essential Joggers

We told you we're serious about comfort, we have a whole collection just for rest days. These grey sweatpants are the perfect light grey color that we know you all love, and the fit is oversized, sitting perfectly on the top of your sneakers. Wear these easygoing pants with your favorite baggy tee or oversized hoodie for an effortless leisurely look.

Essential Oversized Joggers

If all-black looks are your uniform, and the furthest you go out of the color scheme is dark grey, then these charcoal grey sweatpants will serve you well. Offering a comfy oversized fit and soft cotton feel, this is basics done well. Whether you're training, resting, or commuting, these sweats will see you through the season in style.

Grey Slim Fit Sweatpants

As much as some days call for baggy fits, slim-fit sweatpants also have their place in your wardrobe. Wearing more form-fitting pants can often help elevate a look; it might be the peeking out of the ankle that does it. Dress them up with a polo shirt, or go sporty with a matching track jacket!

Crest Joggers

If you're not skipping leg day, then these sweatpants will take no prisoners when it comes to highlighting your quad gains. Slim fit, but not skinny, the Crest Joggers will accentuate your physique, especially with the complimentary light grey color. Consistently comfortable and casually stylish, enjoy these on rest days or dress them up to take out the house.

Grey Straight Leg Sweatpants

Made popular by Gen-Z, the straight-leg silhouette is a fresh new look on everything we know about sweatpants. Seen styled on TikTok with men’s crop tops, our straight-leg sweatpants reinvent tailoring through elevated basics. 

Crest Straight Leg Joggers

A wide-leg silhouette, relaxed fit, and the absence of a cuffed or ribbed hem, oh this is comfort dialed up a few notches. The Crest Straight Leg Joggers sport a streamlined straight leg, with a thick waistband and several pockets for your goodies. The straight-leg silhouette is easy to dress up or down, and we love how the wide hem sits on your shoes.

Bit warmer where you are? If you're looking for something just as comfy, but a little shorter, we've got you covered, with 6 of the best sweat shorts for men to live in every weekend.

What To Wear With Grey Sweatpants

The power of a pair of sweatpants is that they can easily dressed up or down. Smart-casual, street-style, or gym-ready, we've got a few ideas for what to wear with grey sweatpants.

Dress Your Grey Sweatpants Up

If you’ve got a last-minute dinner date, or Friday meeting, a woven pair of slim-fit sweatpants paired with a slim-fit sweatshirt and smart sneakers is the perfect laid-back casual ‘fit that'll get you a nod of approval or two.

Turn Your Baggy Grey Sweatpants A Fashion Statement

Would you believe us if we told you that grey sweatpants have graced the runways of fashion week? The era of the chic grey sweatpants is here. Practice your layering skills by wearing a simple white tee, patterned cardigan, beanie, baggy sweatpants, and loafers for the ultimate fashion editorial look.

Wear Your Grey Sweatpants To The Gym

Pair your baggy grey sweatpants with an oversized graphic tee for a 'fit that looks as good at the squat rack as it would on a street-style social media page. Grey sweatpants make the perfect pump cover to layer over your shorts and will get your lower body warmed up in no time. Or keep them on throughout your workout for a comfy lifting session!


With your grey sweatpants ready to checkout, maybe you're feeling like a little online shopping haul. Keen to see some more casual men's fashion styling tips? Check out this article on 5 casual men's outfits to wear on your days off and days out.

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