5 Casual Mens Outfits To Wear On Your Days Off And Days Out
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5 Casual Mens Outfits To Wear On Your Days Off And Days Out

clock-circular-outlinePosted 26 May 2023

It’s time to flex what your wardrobe gave you and put the pazzaz back in casual mens outfits. We’ve been wearing the same, safe ‘fits for far too long, no doubt exacerbated by the home stint of the hybrid working era. But now we’re itching for our casual outfits to hit different.

There's a place for simple outfits, of course, for days when you're in a hurry, for lazy couch days, or if like Steve Jobs, you want to get dressed without worrying about what to wear every morning. But squeezing your looks into a tight box doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, and it doesn’t lend itself well for the versatility of your clothes either. With warmer months around the corner, there’s no better time to put your styling skills to the test by reacquainting yourself with elevated casual dress combos.

Men’s casual fashion can be grouped into many categories; preppy, workwear, gorpcore, streetstyle, athleisure, and a colourful spectrum of in between styles you can align yourself to. We’re here to give you some casual-wear styling tips for a number of scenarios you’ll more than likely find yourself in.

Your days off don’t need to look sloppy. Dress up your gym wear, elevate your mens loungewear pieces, or experiment with elements of multiple fashion trends to find your fit. Here’s how you can do exactly that.

5 Casual Mens Outfits For Your Days Off And Days Out

An outdoor adventure, a sun-kissed rooftop date, a wholesome meet up with the crew or a cheeky last-minute lifting session; whatever your days off look like, we’ve got 5 casual outfit ideas to put a spring back in your step.

From Rowing Club To Lifting Club

Legacy Henley + Rest Day Commute Shorts

The fusing of sport and fashion is no new feat, with the likes of tenniscore making waves across your social media feeds as we speak. And with yacht club apparel rocking the boat in mens fashion spaces, it’s apparent that water sports aesthetics are here to stay.

Made famous by English rowing crews, the Henley top offers a soft yet stylish alternative to a regular shirt. Sporting an old-school silhouette, reminiscent of the iconic 80’s raglan shape, the Legacy Henley Top teeters on the edge of preppy fashion whilst keeping a relaxed vibe.

Easy-to wear, your comfy buttoned henley works a treat when paired with the Rest Day Commute Shorts for an easy-going leisurely look that could be donned on the banks of the thames or out on the town with weekend lifts with your crew.

Summer’s Here And It’s Date Night

Rest Day Commute Shorts + Rest Day Commute Polo

Can a pair of shorts be both relaxed and smart? Well the smart-casual comrades would prove that the two, although juxtaposed call it a truce in the name of fashion. And if that doesn’t inspire romance, we don’t know what will, but we think we’ve found the perfect casual yet dressy pair of shorts for date night. Thanks to our crafty design team, we’ve created a pair of shorts that look apt worn with a baggy t-shirt and the latest sneakers, or dressed up with a neat number on top.

The relaxed shorts are tailored well with neatly placed pockets that fit the trendy cargo style we know you’re all loving. Designed using a premium fabric, our Rest Day Commute Polo offers an elevated take on casual menswear, without entering business territory. You look dapper, we might say here on British soil… translation, you look classy AF.

The Always Prepared To Lift Look

Legacy Henley + Legacy Shorts

Some of you don’t know how to take a day off, we get it.

You’ve committed to a rest day, yes, but you never know when the itch to hit the gym might creep up… so, it’s best to always be prepared - workout bag packed in the car, athleisure wear on. Does this sound like you? Well transform your gym getup into a casual outfit that is both fashionable and functional, and always on call for those emergency lifts.

Combine our preppy style Legacy Henley and relaxed Legacy Shorts for a functional, yet comfortable casual outfit. The combination of comfy raw-edged sweatpant material enhanced by sweat-wicking tech make these pieces perfect for lounging, and for counting reps. Add some softness to your sporty look with this versatile pairing that hits the mark for your active rest days.

An Adventure Is Calling (Gorpcore Fashion)

Retake Woven Shorts + Rest Day Commute Polo + Retake Jacket + Flat Peak Cap

Whether you’re a city dweller or country folk, the call to the wild is undeniable at times, and is one we must surrender to. Gorpcore fashion signals a return to nature by emanating outdoor attire in the most effortlessly cool way. So if your weekend looks like a trip to the mountains or a lakeside adventure, we’ve got the outfit for you.

Ergonomic enough to wear on your explorations, but now reigned casual enough to be sporting as your everyday uniform, gorpcore is the powerhouse of current mens fashion. Keep it monochrome, even safari-esque, by pairing our Retake Woven Shorts + Rest Day Commute Polo and Flat Peak cap in Khaki for a truly outdoorsy look. For protection from the elements, pack our waterproof Retake Jacket to complete the gorpcore look and prepare you for the adventure of a lifetime.

Relaxed Sunday’s R&R Look

Rest Day 1/4 Zip + Studio Joggers

If your thoughts when reading the above were “I just want a comfy tracksuit I can lounge around the house all day in, then we might have just saved the best till last for you. Loungewear is the foundation of a lot of mens wardrobe, and given how restricting a lot of men’s clothing can be, it’s hardly surprising.

But mens loungewear can definitely look premium, with sporty silhouettes appearing on the runways at fashion week every single season. Our Studio collection provides a more *luxe-*take on matching loungewear sets, with sleek and minimal silhouettes that are perfect for your R&R days, but chic enough to make head’s turn on your trip to the local Sunday market. A premium feel is all in the details, and with concealed pockets, adjustable hems, buttery-soft fabrics and well-fitting silhouettes, the Studio collection does detailing to perfection.

If your outfit is incomplete without a watch, and wearing tech on your wrist to track your health stats is your go-to, then you’ll be interested in knowing the best recovery apps for your apple watch to track recovery, exertion, and sleep. No going too hard on your days off!

Looking for more men’s fashion inspo?

Your rest day uniform is sorted, now it’s time to flex some new gym ‘fits. Lately you may have been feeling the urge to sport a shorter hem in your shorts, and as our article on hoochie daddy shorts will tell you, that’s because right now, the shorter the short, the better.

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