Tenniscore: Tennis-Inspired Outfits To Sport This Season
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Tenniscore: Tennis-Inspired Outfits To Sport This Season

clock-circular-outlinePosted 19 May 2023

It’s no secret that we’ve seen a crossover between sports and fashion in recent years, with social media propelling fashion trends into the limelight via countless hashtags and highlight reels. Tenniscore has risen to fame as a preppy athleisure style that embraces the crisp white aesthetics and understated luxury of your favorite court sport.

We might not all have a pass to an exclusive country club, but we can certainly cosplay the leisurely lifestyle marked by freshly mowed lawns, court-side cocktails and servings of bagels.

With our Sweat Seamless Skort recently hitting the roster, we thought it was only right we gave you some tenniscore style outfit inspiration so that you can serve, on the court or not.

Sweat Seamless Skort in White

What is Tenniscore?

If you asked us what tenniscore was five years ago, we might have been scratching our head over a response. But since the -core suffix has taken charge of any and every hint of a fashion movement over on TikTok, we now know to describe the trend as a style that follows tennis-inspired athletic designs, mixed with an element of preppy luxury.

Spearheaded by Princess Di in the 90’s, the sporty-yet-chic style has made a full comeback over the last few years as wellness and leisure has continued to inspire today’s now vital era of athleisure-wear.

Libby Christensen Wears Sweat Seamless Skort in White
Qiqi Hill Wears Sweat Seamless Skort in White

Tenniscore at its finest is characterised by well-fitting silhouettes and quality neutral pallets that can be mixed and matched for a never-ending collection of clean and easy-to wear looks. Think pleated tennis skirts, preppy-polos, cable-knits, tiny skorts, oversized retro sweaters, and icy whites. The TikTok approved style embodies simplicity with a forever timeless appeal.

The tenniscore girl doesn’t necessarily set foot on a tennis court, but she reworks the elegance of a simple tennis outfit into her everyday wardrobe. Whether that’s off to brunch with friends, trying out a new fusion class at the local studio, or sporting a tennis-inspired runway look on a warm vacation, tenniscore serves boundless versatility.

Tenniscore Essentials

Our reinterpretation of the tenniscore trend sees clean lines in replacement of classic pleats, gym-friendly features like sweat-wicking fabrications and technical features to enhance your performance, and workout wardrobe - a cap with a cut-out for your ponytail anyone?

Sweat Seamless Skort

The Sweat Seamless Skort embodies the tennis aesthetic, and builds on the success of our first-ever dress this year as we continue to lean into the feminine-athleisure styling. With built-in shorts and a sleek, seamless silhouette, enhanced with DYNMC™️ fabric to heighten breathability, the skort offers a functional play on the classic pleated tennis skirt. So whether you’re picking up a racquet or not, you can channel the on-court aesthetic in style.

Collegiate Oversized Hoodie Teal

Nothing says Lady-Di inspired tenniscore like an oversized collegiate hoodie with a vintage flair. Paired with a pair of cycling shorts, it’s an iconic look we’re all familiar with, often sported by Hailey Bieber who finds inspiration from the royal’s off-duty style. Comfy and practical, collegiate graphics are the hallmark of athleisure attire. It’s the perfect piece for those who prefer the sportier elements of the preppy style, and can be worn as a pump cover, or as a rest day essential.

Cotton Rib Mini Tank

The making of a tennis-style outfit is all in the bright whites. Although other colors are seen in tennis attire, like forest greens, navy, red and black, white is truly the foundation of tennis attire. A simple white cotton tank in that case is essential to building your tenniscore wardrobe, as the styling and layering options are endless.

Strappy Crop Cami Tank

With the rise of the “clean-girl” aesthetic, sports-luxe has become popularized as an effortlessly chic, yet cool approach to athleisure styling. Clean lines, and minimal designs are synonymous with the aesthetic, which finds parallels with tenniscore styling. The Strappy Crop Cami Tank is a staple piece for creating paired-back tennis outfits, with strappy back detailing and an easy-to-style design, it offers the perfect match to the Sweat Seamless Skort.

Ponytail Cap

You shout, we listen. Our Ponytail Cap is here to serve your hair-styling dilemmas when you want to keep your hat on, but still look cute. Tying your hair up and out of your face means no sweaty neck, and no sweaty head either with the breathable mesh design featured on the Ponytail Cap. As we know, caps and visors are an integral part of the tennis player’s uniform, and a matching workout cap is the finishing touch to a stylish monochrome tennis outfit.

White Socks

From head-to-toe, tennis-inspired outfits are harmonious, and quietly classy - and this goes for your choice of socks too. Socks can make or break an outfit, and when it comes to styling tenniscore, we’ll be the first to admit, that the length and color you opt for has the power to pull the entire look together.

Fresh-out-the-packet white socks are fundamental to tenniscore styling, especially when paired with a chunky pair of dad-style tennis sneakers.

Sharkhead Sweatband

Nothing says you’re serious about tennis like a pair of sweatbands on your wrists, but we’re pretty certain that they can also be styled off-court to embrace the trending tenniscore aesthetic. If you are taking up the sport, Sweat Bands will keep your focus set on match point thanks to a soft towelling fabric that keeps moisture at bay.

How To Style A Tennis Skirt: 5 Tennicore Outfits To Wear This Summer

The Sweat Seamless Skort is our take on the iconic tennis skirt, here’s 5 ways you can style a skort this Summer - serving sporty looks with a sprinkle of fashion.


Sweat Seamless Skort + Strappy Crop Cami Tank + Legacy Crew Socks

If you're embracing the tenniscore style this summer, a monochrome outfit will serve you well wherever you go. Pairing the Sweat Seamless Skort with Strappy Crop Cami Tank creates a co-ordinated look that leans into the clean-girl approach to tenniscore. Pair with matching crew socks for an effortlessly stylish sport-luxe fit.


Longline Sports Bra + Sweat Seamless Skort + Sharkhead Sweatbands + Ponytail Cap + Legacy Crew Socks

Hitting the court and not just your social media feed, this outfit is made to work out in. The longline sports bra provides medium support and extra coverage around the torso to allow you to move freely whilst keeping your girls secure. Pair the bra with our skort and commit to the tennis-styled look with sweatbands and our Ponytail Cap. Get your game face on, you’re here to win.


Sweat Seamless Skort + Collegiate Oversized Hoodie + Rest Day Socks

You've probably worn a baggy sweatshirt or hoodie with a mini-skirt or pair of shorts countless amount of times, and many of us follow the styling rule of legs out or arms out to balance proportions. But there's a way to elevate this 'fit into a tenniscore getup. By pairing the Collegiate hoodie with our Sweat Seamless Skort and pair of crisp white socks, an unassuming athleisure outfit quickly transforms into the paparazzi worthy look inspired by off-court tennis attire.


Sweat Seamless Skort + Rest Day Commute Polo + Premium Combed Cotton Socks

Don’t sleep on the men’s section. For a little bit of preppy tenniscore, choose the Rest Day Polo which can be tucked into your sports bra to create your own makeshift crop top. Combine with the a-line Sweat Seamless Skort for a tennis-game at the country club feel to your outfit. Round off the look with a long pair of fresh white crew socks.


Sweat Seamless Bra + Sweat Seamless Skort + Sharkhead Headband + Premium Combed Cotton Socks + Rest Day Slides

Headbands are back. More popular than ever before thanks to the blending of sport x fashion that continues to make waves across our social media feeds. Not to mention, they’re fiercely flattering. Pair our Sharkhead Headband with the Sweat Seamless Longline Bra and Sweat Seamless Skort for a laid-back sporty tennis-inspired look. With our comfy Rest Day Slides, this outfit is perfect for lazy days and running errands.

Athleisure doesn’t have to be plain and casual. As tenniscore shows, it can be highly stylised, chic even. If you’ve got a feel for sport-luxe you’ll most likely enjoy the hyper-feminine, and fashionable looks of the Balletcore trend, explored in this article.

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