5 Of The Best Workouts Hats To Wear During Your Next Training Session
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5 Of The Best Workouts Hats To Wear During Your Next Training Session

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Why Do Guys Wear Caps In The Gym?

It's a question we've all asked ourselves...

Workout hats have evolved. More than just an accessory, a workout hat is often worn at the gym as a way to "lock-in" and get focused, preventing hair and sweat from falling into the face, so that every set of every rep can be done without distraction.

But, like most things. There's more to it than just that. Aside from saving your fellow gym members from witnessing your questionable bed hair, the added bonus of wearing a hat to the gym is that it can help bring your entire outfit together: tone down your 'fit by adding a neutral colored cap, or brighten things up with a splash of color.

With this in mind, we know that finding a workout hat that suits your style of training, the climate, and, ultimately, you - can be challenging. But, no matter how you train, the reason why you wear a hat remains the same: to prevent distraction so that you can put your full focus on your workout.

Whether you're looking to have the sweat wicked from your brow, or are searching for a lightweight cap that can be stored away easily mid-hike, our wide selection of workout hats go the distance in performance and style.

Wondering what the best workout hat to wear this season is? From soft beanies and trendy flat caps to summer bucket hats and old-school dad caps, we've rounded up our favorite styles so that you can find the right one for you. 👇

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3 Types Of Gymshark Workout Hats:

  • Caps: The most common type of workout hat you'll see at the gym, on the road and anywhere in between, Gymshark caps are lightweight and available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles designed to suit you and your chosen activity.

  • Beanies: Gymshark beanies are the perfect style of workout hat for the colder months. Whether you're training outside or lifting iron in an old-school gym where central heating just doesn't exist, beanies help trap warm air, ensuring your head and ears stay warm.

  • Bucket Hats: Not your typical workout hat, Gymshark bucket hats are designed with a wide brim to offer shade to your neck, face, and eyes while training outside. A trending silhouette for the season ahead, this style of workout hat can also be worn on your rest days year-round.

Things To Consider When Buying A Workout Hat

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What Are The Best Hats To Workout In?

From running hats with sweat-wicking technology to keep you cool during training to a selection of beanies designed to keep your head warm during those cold outdoor sessions, this season, choose the right workout hat for you and get ahead of the game.

Not a hat-kinda-guy, but still looking for something to take the chill off in the winter months? Explore our ever-growing headwear collection and opt for a workout headband - a must for keeping sweaty hair out of your face, whilst also protecting your ears from the bitter cold.

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5 Of The Best Gymshark Workout Hats:

Workout Hats For Running: Logo 5 Panel Cap

Finding a running hat that stays put whilst you're clocking up the miles and competing for a local legend status on Strava can be difficult. But, we might just have the answer and it could be one of the best workout hats you'll purchase this year.

Engineered from stretchy, featherlight fabrics and materials for distraction-free performance, the Logo 5 Panel Cap is designed to sit comfortably whether you're running on the track, treadmill or road.

Considered by our Editor's as one of our best workout hats for running, the cap not only sports a hidden zip pocket, but also a reflective bungee cord adjuster, allowing you to customise the fit and shape of the cap easily mid-run. The workout hat - available in black, green and pink also features a wide, soft, and absorbent sweatband to help keep moisture from impeding your vision.

Featured Above: Logo 5 Panel Cap in Black.
Featured Above: Logo 5 Panel Cap in Magenta Pink.

Do Running Hats Keep You Cool?

The best hats for running are crafted from lightweight materials that let air in to help evaporate sweat and keep the head cool. If you're an avid runner - especially in warm or sunny climates, wearing a workout hat whilst running can also offer an extra layer of protection from the sun, reducing the risk of developing heat or sun stroke.

Key Features:
  • Internal hidden zip pocket for keys.

  • Sweat-wicking, stretchy fabric for ultimate breathability and comfort.

  • Soft, wide sweatband to keep your head cool and dry, ensuring sweat doesn't drip into your eyes.

  • Reflective bungee cord adjuster to easily change the size and fit of the cap mid-run.

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Workout Hats For Lifting: Sharkhead Cap

Workout hats have been a core part of the lifter's aesthetic for generations. More than just an accessory, a workout cap is often worn by weightlifters as a way to "lock in" and get focused, preventing hair and sweat from falling into the face, so that every set of every rep can be done without distraction.

With a pre-curved visor and stretch fit, the Sharkhead Cap is a workout hat that is ready to wear, no break-in necessary. Its classic rounded profile and contoured crown provides a streamlined look and a close fit that sits comfortably during heavy lifts. Although its low profile is flexible and aerodynamic, structured panels allow the workout hat to keep its shape even when it's not worn.

Featured Above: Sharkhead Cap in Terracotta Pink.
Featured Above: Sharkhead Cap in Iguana Green.
Key Features:
  • An iconic curved peak and six-panel design ensures total comfort during every rep of every lift.

  • Adjustable snapback closure allows for a customisable fit.

  • Available in a wide variety of seasonal and tonal colors to match your workout 'fits.

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Workout Hats For Summer: Tech Cap

A lightweight workout hat serves double duty during the summer months - helping to wick sweat away from the forehead while keeping loose strands and flyaways from sticking to your face and the nape of your neck.

Crafted from a stretchy and performance-focused polyester, the Tech Cap enhances breathability, ensuring a fast dry when the heat increases. Its lightweight, multi-panel construction allows for a sleek, comfortable fit making this a workout hat that you'll keep coming back to - time and time again. Reflective accents are bonus features that roadies and late-night athletes will undoubtedly appreciate.

Featured Above: Tech Cap in Black.
Featured Above: Tech Cap in Black.
Key Features:
  • Lightweight construction, with performance-focused materials to enhance breathability and wick moisture away from the skin.

  • Adjustable toggle to change the size and fit of the cap.

  • Reflective detailing for visibility during those late-night outdoor workouts.

Best Hats For Sweaty Heads?

If you're someone who sweats heavily, wearing a workout hat in the summer months when the heat is at an all-time-high, might be your worst nightmare. But what if we told you that there was a workout cap out there designed to wick sweat away, offering maximum ventilation in order to keep you cool and comfortable?

Promoting maximum air flow and breathability, The Mesh Trucker Cap, has been designed with a lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric that features mesh detailing to the 4 back panels, making it the best workout hat (in our opinion), for a sweaty head.

Workout Hats For Winter: Legacy Deep Cuff Beanie

When it comes to training in the colder months or cooler climates, wearing a workout hat that offers warmth to both your head and ears can be the difference between a good and a subpar session. The best winter workout hats are designed to see you through 'til spring, offering not just warmth but also the ability to wick sweat away so that you remain dry while you train.

Crafted from a soft, snug, knitted yarn that stretches over your head and sits close to your ears, the Legacy Deep Cuff Beanie aids in blocking out the piercing winter chill. With a folded cuff design, you can also pull the beanie down to your desired height for a looser or closer fit, based on your preference.

Featured Above: Legacy Deep Cuff Beanie in Cement Brown.
Featured Above: Legacy Deep Cuff Beanie in Black.
Key Features:
  • Soft knitted yarn for extra comfort and warmth in the cooler months.

  • Snug fit to help keep warmth in.

Prefer the fit and style of a classic winter beanie - the one with a pom-pom on top? We've got a few of those too... explore our complete collection of winter beanies perfect for cold outdoor workouts at Gymshark today.

Workout Hats For Athleisure Wear: Flat Peak Cap

Wearing a hat while strolling to the grocery store is something of a statement in itself. As such, simplicity is king when it comes to the humble cap, and nothing calls for a more stylish basic than a flat peak.

Ideal for the in-between head-shaves, and the days where the 'fit just needs a little added zhuzh, the Flat Peak Cap features a trending 4-panel cut with subtle embroidered details to the back. Available in one true-black colorway, it's the perfect workout hat to sport for both a gym and lifestyle aesthetic. Who said the best workout hats weren't versatile?

Featured Above: Flat Peak Cap in Black.
Featured Above: Flat Peak Cap in Black.
Key Features:
  • Buckle adjuster to back for a fully customizable fit.

  • Sweat-wicking, stretchy fabric.

  • Flat peak visor in a trending 4-panel cut.

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Get ahead of the game. Whether you're searching for a workout hat with sweat-wicking tech to keep you cool during training, or a beanie to keep your head warm in your next outdoor session, we've got a lot of choice.

Shop our latest collection of Gymshark hats, and workout headbands today.

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