Style Guide: 10 Ways To Style An Oversized T Shirt For Men and Women
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Style Guide: 10 Ways To Style An Oversized T Shirt For Men and Women

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A Modern Classic

There's no denying it, the oversized t shirt gives us the freedom of movement to feel confident and comfortable on the days we need it, and for this reason, they've become a staple in many of our wardrobes. Even better, baggy shirts provide outfits galore, as they can be styled up or down, ready for every activity.

For working out and rest days, we're big fans of the comfort and versatility of the oversized t shirt style. With its soft fabrics and loose silhouettes, an oversized gym t shirt makes the perfect gym pump cover to rep out during your warm-up at the gym. Or maybe your active rest day uniform is an oversized t shirt outfit that hits the spot every time.

We know you like to get the most from your pieces, and activewear often becomes everyday wear. So we've come up with five oversized t shirt hacks providing inspiration on how to style an oversized gym t shirt in a new way.

It's come a long way since the humorously huge '90s 'fits, but with these modern styling tips, there's no doubt the oversized tee is here to stay!


How To Style An Oversized Shirt Your Way

Styling Tips For Women

Here are our five best hacks for styling oversized gym t shirts for your leg days, run days, rest days and everything in between.

Tie In A Knot

Sometimes it's the simplest of tricks that can completely transform a look. To style your oversized gym t shirt this way, pull the excess fabric at the front of your oversized t shirt forward, twist the fabric, and tie it into a knot to create a fun cropped style. Perfect for those days when you want something a little loose on the top, but still want to show off your newly formed Pilates abs - just tie your baggy shirts up, and you'll get the best of both worlds.

Tuck-It-Under-Your-Sports-Bra Trick

Another option to spice up those slouchy tee days is the bra-tuck-trick. It's a foolproof oversized t shirt hack to elevate a simple silhouette. Simply take the hem and some excess material at the front of your oversized t shirt and tuck it under the band of your sports bra. The messy tuck gives a ruching effect and the baggy cropped top creates that effortless model-off-duty look (especially when paired with some high-waisted leggings).

Go Bold With A Graphic Tee

We all love a good oversized graphic tee. A bold print or interesting graphic, whether it's an accessory or the main feature of an outfit, it's an intentional way of bringing some pazaz to an outfit. You know those days when you just want to throw something on but still want a bit of edge to your outfit? Enter the graphic oversized t shirt. You can pair your baggy graphic tee with a pair of black gym leggings and voila... your workout 'fit is instantly a mood.

Style Tip: Head to the men's t shirts & tops section to explore even more graphic and printed tee options.

Comfy And Cozy With Joggers

After lots of trials and testing various rest day pieces, it's evident that oversized is the way to go when it comes to getting comfy. We all have those old baggy (or should we say saggy?) t shirts that we love to throw on to lounge around the house, but if you're anything like us... you're probably due a re-up. And we know there's a call for balance in other areas of styling; baggy bottoms, fitted tops etc, but if there's one rule for feeling comfortable, it's "the baggier the better". Style an oversized tee with some loose-fitting joggers, and watch your problems melt away.

Pair With Leggings Or Shorts For A Casual Gym Outfit

The ultimate cool-girl 'fit, the I'm going to run errands but still want to look put together 'fit, the comfy but cute 'fit. Whatever you want to call it, the oversized tee and leggings have entered their timeless era. You really can't go wrong, baggy shirts look good and feel even better, so what's not to like? And when it comes to hitting the gym, the extra room and comfort allow you to move your best and keep your head in the game.


Styling Tips For Men

Guys, learn how to wear an oversized shirt with our five tips for sporting baggy 'fits on your days off and days on.


You might have heard of the french-tuck already, it's a fancier way of describing tucking one side of your shirt into your pants. The french-tuck is effortless, laid-back and can be the bridge between a good outfit and great outfit. By partially tucking your shirt into the waistband of your pants, the effect is slouchy yet stylish look, perfect for your rest days. recovery days, or maybe even French vacays. Lean into the chilled out-yet put together vibe by french-tucking your oversized t shirt into a buttery-soft pair of joggers like the Studio Joggers and throw on a pair of our Rest Day Slides to complete.


Let's begin by making something clear, the full-tuck isn't reserved for boardrooms and special occasions only. This comfy style is here to transform your baggy looks when you're searching for new ways to style an oversized t shirt. Tucking a baggy tee into your pants is not only comfy, but practical too, especially if you're running or lifting and want your garms to stay put, whilst still enjoying the breezy comfortableness of an oversized shirt. The full-tuck can certainly look cool too, especially when you pull the t-shirt out of your waistband a bit to create a ballooning effect around your waistband.

Pair With Baggy Pants

Commit to the bit by going for a full baggy look. You truly can't go wrong. What's better than rocking an oversized t-shirt with some baggy shorts or pants? That's ultimate comfort if you ask us. Whether your testing your endurance during a functional workout, pressing your way through upper body day, or simply taking a walk through the park, the oversized t-shirt and baggy pants combo is the perfect 'fit for the occasion. If you're worried about looking scruffy, why not try one of our tucking techniques to add some dimension to a baggy outfit.

Go Retro

We're all about embracing a sprinkling of retro here at Gymshark, with our Legacy and Power ranges taking inspiration from old-school bodybuilding clothing and vintage lifting gyms. If you're the same, one way to style an oversized shirt is by going retro with your styling. The perfect pieces to embrace this style are our Rag Tops that feature a wide neckline, distressed vintage washed fabric, and oversized fit for that authentic lifting look. Wear to the gym as a pump cover or style the old-school silhouette in your own way for a unique take on a baggy shirt outfit.

There's nothing like a touch of old-school flair to liven up an outfit. No, we're not talking 80's shoulder pads don't worry, short shorts however? They may just be making a comeback. Take a look at our hoochie daddy shorts article for all your short short needs.

Use As A Layering Piece

For the cooler months, nothing says cool like someone who knows how to layer. Style your oversized t-shirts underneath a flannel shirt, zip jacket, or even let it peek out below your hoodie for an understated and casual everyday outfit. A white baggy t shirt is a surefire hit to a successful outfit, as a slither of fresh white cotton popping out at the neckline or hemline is guaranteed to look trendy and elevated, whatever the season.

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