Travel In Style With Our Comfy Airport Outfit Ideas For Men And Women
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Travel In Style With Our Comfy Airport Outfit Ideas For Men And Women

clock-circular-outlinePosted 1 Mar 2023

You’ve finally booked the trip. You’re shopping for vacay clothes as we speak. But is it too soon to start planning your airport outfits? We don’t think so.

Checking off your travel to-do list means ensuring you’ve prepared a travel outfit that makes you feel comfortable without compromising on style. Because if we’re being honest with ourselves, putting together our airport ensemble contributes to the excitement of the big day.

So what should you wear on an airplane? Your priority for your airplane outfit is, no doubt, comfort. Whether it’s long haul or short haul, you want to be heading to the airport wearing materials that feel comfortable on the skin, don’t restrict you in any way, or, make you sweat. Your airplane outfit should also consist of layers... trust us when we say that the aircon can get cold - bring fluffy socks, and a big hoodie to throw on.

But, you also want to look and feel your best, right? Feeling good in your travel outfit is important wherever you're heading. It's time to make a fashion show of the airport runways.

Travel Outfits: What To Wear To The Airport

For your travel wardrobe, we’ve rounded up the best matching loungewear sets, comfy cotton pieces, travel bags, airport and carry-on essentials, and functional jackets for your cross-climate adventures.

Matching Sets For The Airport

matching co-ord is the perfect airport outfit: it feels put together, but still effortlessly casual and comfortable. Matching travel sets can range from cozy knit sets to oversized athleisure looks defined by window-seat-ready hoodies and comfy loose sweatpants.

Non-fleece lined sweatpants or light knit pants are great for traveling as the lighter, natural fibers prevent you from overheating and sweating too much, even when you land in a warmer destination. Under your matching sweatshirts and hoodies, you can get as creative or simple with your layering as you like. If you're flying somewhere hot, you may want to wear a simple ribbed tank or baby tee. For somewhere colder, you can layer your travel outfit with cami tops, base layers, and long sleeves.

Speaking of the cold, it can be difficult to strike the perfect balance when choosing an outfit to wear when traveling from one climate to another. Read on to find out how to dress for your cold-to-warm weather flights.

Outfit Ideas For Cold Flights

Flying in the winter or to a cooler climate can often pose the question “What should I wear on a cold flight?”. The answer? Lots of layers (and a super warm coat for when you land).

But it’s not just the destination you might be worrying about. Frequent flyers will know that the flights themselves can often feel pretty icy, especially if the air-con is on high, and you’re in for the long haul (if you’ll pardon the pun). Our body-fit active pieces make the perfect base layers for flying, as the snug fit keeps the heat in when the temp drops at high elevations. You can wear a pair of leggings under your sweatpants for extra warmth, and choose our fleece-lined pieces for a cozy fit.

Cold-Flight Checklist:

Cold-weather travel outfits are all about piling on the layers, but you want lightweight layers that can be removed if you get too warm. Below we've stacked together an essential list of what to wear on a cold flight, we recommend choosing 2-3 layers on top, and a baselayer on the bottom if you're prone to feeling the cold.

  • Tank Top

  • Zip-Up Jacket

  • T-Shirt or Long Sleeve Top

  • Sweatshirt or Hoodie

  • Leggings

  • Fleece-Lined Sweatpants

  • Gilet

  • Coat

  • Thick Socks

Cold-To-Warm Flight Outfits

Now for the flip side, what do you wear when traveling from a cold climate to a warm one? Our top tip: dress for the climate you're flying to... to an extent. No one wants to carry a winter coat and snow boots away to a tropical location, but shivering in your boots waiting for the taxi to the airport is a definite no-no.

Ditch the bulky layers, and dress as warm as possible but with thin insulating layers like a packable down jacket and warm sweatpants that won’t take up too much space in your suitcase.

That's not to say wear shorts if you're traveling to sunny conditions in the mid-winter, but you could swap the sweatpants for linen pants, or the knitwear for a thin sweatshirt for a more weather-appropriate travel outfit. Thankfully, with many airlines, you can turn the air-con down in your individual seats, and blankets may also be provided if you're flying long haul. Feel free to pack an extra layer or two in your hand luggage too!

How Do I Look Chic While Traveling?

Whether you’re trying to get a business class upgrade, you’re traveling for work, or you just enjoy a more ‘put together’ effortless aesthetic, it’s more than possible to dress chic and comfortable while flying.

You're probably aware that 90's minimalism is back in, along with the office-adjacent corpcore, highlighting a trend for simple silhouettes and cleaner, smarter styles of dressing. Luckily, this trend is all about simplicity and basics, which are the perfect base for comfy yet chic airport ensembles.

For your airport outfits, stick to minimal silhouettes, neutral colors, and quality fabrics for a chic and elevated style. Try wearing jeans instead of joggers if you've got a super comfy pair or a short flight - they’ll look effortlessly chic paired with a basic tank or crisp tee. Trench coats and blazers elevate an airport outfit by adding a smart touch to the look.

On your feet, try swapping a pair of sneakers for loafers or ballet flats to finish off your

5 Travel Outfits For Men And Women

Vacay's call for a cute travel outfit to transport you to your destination in style, here's our pick of five airport outfits to achieve both chic and elevated looks and athleisure faves'.

1. The "let’s drop our bags and go" travel outfit

Ready to drop your bags at the hotel lobby and hit explorer mode? Then you'll want a travel outfit that's ready to move with you. We're talking light and easy-to-wear pieces and everything you need at hand so that you're not wasting any precious vacation time.


Let's keep it simple yet effective. A sleek basic white Rib Midi Tank and a pair of comfy grey Rest Day Sweat Shorts will keep you cool on the flight, and ready for action as soon as that plane lands. Throw on an oversized hoodie for good measure, the flight might be chilly. Pair with our Everyday Waistpack to house all your essentials, a pair of fresh white crew socks and your comfiest trainers because you're about to ramp up that step count.

. . .

If it ain't broke, why fix it? Following the same outfit formula for the guys, a crisp baggy white tee on the top and a pair of neutral shorts; we've styled the look with black Rest Day Shorts to tie in with a black crossbody bag, but you can switch out for brighter colors if that’s a little more you. We're not sure what your hair looks like after a 3 am wakeup, but if you're anything like us, you'll want to keep a cap packed just in case.

2. The late-night flight outfit

Late-night airport outfits call for layers, comfort, and a sleep mask... non-negotiable! Don't be shy to hit the recline button, and swap your bed for a window-side snooze. Staying comfy on an overnight flight is essential if you're to get a decent sleep, so swap your PJs for a snug little airport outfit.


Our Pause Knitwear Trousers and Hoodie is the matching set you need to perfect the comfy-yet-cozy airport look, whilst still looking chic. Layer the hoodie over the ultra-soft Rest Day Bralette for a seamless look that allows the v-neckline to shine. Give your toes a bit of wiggle room by wearing the Comfy Rest Day Socks with our Rest Day Slides for that ultra-relaxed look.


There's something about throwing your hood up, tying the drawstring as tight as possible to block out your surroundings and hitting the snooze button when you fly. So naturally, you'll need an oversized hoodie like our Rest Day Hoodie to do the job, worn over a soft cotton t-shirt. Match with a contrasting pair of sweats for a trendy look, pair of Crew Socks and Rest Day Slides to keep your feet cozy and comfortable on the flight.

3. The athleisure airport outfit

Who said you have to halt your workouts when you go on holiday? Certainly not us, in fact we’re all for a beach pump in the name of consistency, and there’s no better time than a vacation to attend a relaxing yoga class or low-impact pilates class. Chilling on holiday and moving your body? That's the best of both worlds, and easy-to-style athleisurewear is the way to go if you're heading straight from the plane to the day's activities.


Hitting the hotel gym to stretch out those muscles after a long flight? Grab our stretchy Studio Shorts for an airy 'fit that allows you the freedom of movement imperative when traveling. Pair with the lightweight and breathable Apex Seamless T-shirt that benefits from sweat-wicking tech, keeping you cool and favorably smelling on your flight. Don't forget a stylish cozy hoodie to finish the look.



Enter our Elevate collection, where studio workouts meet fashionable silhouettes for looks that can be worn in and out of class. So if your travel outfit needs to cater to you stretching and spinning after touchdown, the Elevate All In One will serve you well as it's both cute and practical. Drape a classic grey sweatshirt over your shoulders to add to the sporty vibe, and to provide an extra layer for the plane.

4. The long-haul comfy travel outfit

It's common knowledge that airplanes can get pretty chilly. So your travel outfit should feature cozy layers so you can get comfy and snooze those hours away as your third film of choice lullabies you to sleep. Switch up the layers as your body temperature fluctuates throughout the duration of your flight, by wearing a baselayer tank, t-shirt or long sleeve and having a cozy hoodie at hand. You're in for the long haul.


Chances are, making a fashion statement isn't high on your to-do list when checking in for 20-hour flight, but feeling good should be. Don't overcomplicate things, choose comfortable and simple well-fitting cotton pieces like the Crest T-Shirt and Crest Sweatshirt and loose fitting pants like the Essentials Oversized Joggers. A beanie may come in handy if you get cold, and our Rest Day Slides are an ideal choice comfort-wise to let your feet breathe.


Similarly, the Training Fleece Joggers and matching Hoodie make a great travel outfit for long haul flights, as the pillowy soft material provides hours of comfort. Layer the tracksuit over the Cotton Long Sleeve or Rib Tank for light removable layering options. Available in a selection of on-trend muted tonal colors you can feel on point, even after the night shift.

5. The preppy-chic airport outfit

If there’s never a situation you deem unworthy of serving looks, then this preppy-style airport outfit with a touch of courtside class will be right up your street. It’s all in the details, a henley collar, wide-leg pants, chic knits. The perfect look for your chauffeur to meet you at arrivals and whisp you off to the Four Seasons.


Into the whispering luxury of country club attire and vintage tennis court looks? Then maybe you want your travel outfit to be the perfect balance of preppy and sporty. Wear our Legacy Henley Top with Rest Day Commute Shorts for a relaxed but tailored 'fit. Finish the look with the Rest Day 1/4 Zip that can be worn over your shoulders for the ultimate preppy aesthetic.


There's always a handful of travelers who look so put together at the airport that it has everyone questioning their style choices. So if you're that person who wants to look chic at the boarding gates, combine our Elevate Flared Leggings with the Pause Knit Top for a simple yet effective look. Pop on a cute headband for the balletcore vibes, and a little pair of gold hoops, oh so chic!


Start Packing With Our Best Bags For Travel

You didn’t think we’d forget bags, did you? After all, your holiday baggage is paramount to your vacation running smoothly, and a quality bag can elevate your airport style. For your hand luggage options, we’ve got a few picks suitable for a short stay, or your under-the-seat allowance.

Holdall Bags

Our Holdall bags come in three sizes, suitable for travel and commuting. They feature one large entry for easy packing, an over-shoulder strap and padded carry handles for easy carrying, and wet pockets and inner sleeves for easy organizing.

Small Everyday Gym Bag

  • Small and compact, this is suitable for use as your under-the-seat hand luggage.

  • Dimensions: Length: 19in. Height: 8in. Width: 9in. Volume: 26.4L (approx).

Medium Everyday Gym Bag

  • Perfect to use as cabin luggage for short city breaks or traveling light.

  • Dimensions: Length: 55cm. Height: 29cm. Width: 25cm. Volume: 40L

Large Everyday Gym Bag

  • Ditch your mini suitcase altogether for our large everyday gym bag to use as cabin luggage for short stays.

  • Dimensions: Length: 62cm, Height: 33cm, Depth: 28cm. Volume: 57L (approx.)

Other Bags

Lifestyle Backpack

This is the perfect-sized additional bag to carry alongside your cabin luggage and is small enough to fit under your seat. Perfect for packing a book, some snacks, extra layers for the flight, and your electronics.

Everyday Waist Pack

Keep your passport, boarding passes, AirPods, and wallet on you at all times with our modern take-on a fanny pack to get you and all your essentials to your destination.

Everyday Washbag

Pack all the bits and bobs you need to freshen up or liven up in the Everyday Wash Bag. Its main entry pocket is perfectly sized for toiletries and makeup, making it your perfect travel companion.

Travel Accessories

No plane journey is complete without a selection of accessories, or should we say necessities to keep you comfy and ease your restlessness (travel pillow we see you).

Our Comfy Rest Day Socks are our go-to for traveling with a soft and chunky design that encapsulates luxury. Bring cute and cozy together and pair them with your Pause Leggings for a snug and stylish airport outfit.

Headbands are more than a functional accessory for sweaty games on the court; they make the ideal travel partner for your long locks too. Sweep your hair out of your face so you can relax on the plane with spa day comfort.

Top your airport outfit off with the perfect hat to complete your travel outfit for that effortlessly cool might-just-get-papped vibe.

Comfort is key for every journey, so if you’ve read our travel fit guide and planned your stylish and comfy airport outfit, you can channel all your energy into planning your vacation itinerary, fitting in those crucial final gym sessions, and ticking off the last of your travel to-do list

Fancy taking a look at all of our newest bag offerings? Check out our article on the best bags for the gym, travel, and everything in between.

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