The Best Scrunch Butt Leggings To Make Your Glutes Pop
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The Best Scrunch Butt Leggings To Make Your Glutes Pop

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Scrunch butt leggings... they may just be one of the most divisive things since “The Dress” (black and blue or white and gold) phenomenon. People either love them or hate them. Nonetheless, with searches blowing up for "Tiktok scrunch leggings" and tips and tricks to make your glutes pop in your leggings going viral, it's clear that we want our leggings to highlight our glutes more than ever.

The scrunch legging serves a purpose, and serves indeed. The scrunch detail is designed purely to accentuate your glutes, and we’re not shying away from that. Hitting squat and hip thrust PBs weekly are a worthy cause for showing off your assets, and the butt scrunch leggings certainly know how to make your glutes pop.

But it’s not just a one-size-fits-all, you can find butt scrunches that are subtle or standout, and our bum scrunch leggings are supportive, and comfortable, first of all. In this article, we’ll explain what exactly scrunch butt leggings are, what underwear to wear with them, and the differences between our bum scrunch designs.


What are scrunch butt leggings?

Butt scrunch leggings are leggings that typically use an elastic detail between the cheeks to create a ‘scrunch’ effect that accentuates each individual glute. They can range from really obvious bum scrunches, to discrete ones that subtly highlight your glutes without being too obvious. If you’ve been around for a while, you may know about our Whitney Simmons Leggings, which featured a flattering low-key scrunch that you would never have guessed was there.

Types Of Scrunch Leggings

  1. Visible - There are two different types of butt scrunch we feature in our leggings, the first being a visible butt scrunch. This type of scrunch follows a cut-and-sew design constructed by stitching a seam into the elastic on the bum of the leggings to cause a scrunching effect. This is the more obvious style of butt scrunch legging which is great if you want that extra definition, or like the trendy ruched bum look.

  2. Hidden - The other style of butt scrunch is the hidden version, which is a subtle butt scrunch built-in to the inside of the leggings so that from the outside you can't even tell it's there. This subtle scrunching works its magic from the inside, and leggings with this style of scrunch are perfect for those who want a more low-key lift.

How To Wear Scrunch Butt Leggings | The TikTok Scrunch Hack

Not every pair of leggings has a butt scrunch, although we have plenty that do.

If you have a pair of leggings without a butt scrunch but want to achieve that defined look, let us put you on to the hottest outfit hack straight from #gymgirl-tok, the scrunch hack.

If you’re anything like us and you were wondering how all the girlies get that butt-lifted look with their leggings and shorts, then you’ll be happy to know that all it takes is a few moves; a lift, wiggle, and a tuck.

Put on your favorite high-waisted leggings or biker shorts and begin hitching the material up from around your thighs to around your waist and glutes so that you have more material at the top of the legging. You can pull the excess material with a few wiggles in between your glutes so that the material sinks in, separating and defining the glutes.

Summer's calling and it might be time to swap out the leggings for your favorite shorts, but you can still achieve the same glute definition with our seamless shorts, so take a look at our gym short picks for your next leg day.


Our Best Scrunch Butt Leggings

We’ve got a good idea of what you like in your leggings and at this point, scrunch butt leggings are our forte. Whether you’re after a minimal or pronounced bum scrunch design, you’ll find your fit with our flattering leggings that perfectly accentuate the glutes.

What better than a cute crop top or matching bra to wear with your leggings to show off your glutes and let the butt scrunch do the talking?...

Gains Seamless Leggings

Gains Seamless is our newest legging on the roster, complete with glute-enhancing contours and a built-in bum scrunch that features lower on the glutes than typically

constructed for a rounded look. If you’re looking for a pair of leggings to compress and support your lower body, these are the leggings for you, as they feature an ultra-high waisted thick ribbed waistband and slightly compressive fabric. Whether you’re repping out the back squats or hack squats these are your new leg day leggings.

Adapt Pattern Seamless Leggings

If you never shy away from bright colors and bold patterns, you can be sure that the striking design of the Adapt Pattern Seamless Leggings will have you feeling your best during your next workout. They feature a jazzy jacquard design with a stand-out bum scrunch that sits perfectly between the glutes. With a thicker fabric, these leggings

are great for workouts that require more coverage like a big leg day sesh, especially since they’re enhanced with sweat-wicking tech to keep you comfy as you push to your limits. High-waisted, and supportive, go the full mile and pair them with our matching sports bra for the cutest workout ‘fit.

Lift Contour Leggings

The Lift Contour Leggings feature a unique design in the way of long elastic detail that provides glute separation rather than a scrunch to accentuate the glutes. These are the leggings that feel like a hug, with a soft touch feel and lower compression than many of our leggings. But they’re still supportive and sculpting, with details that gently lift and shape you like a rib knit waistband. Leggings are staples in our wardrobe, for more than our workouts. For lifting, traveling, or even rest days, our scrunch butt Lift Contour Leggings offer seamless comfort and a flattering style.

GS Power Leggings

Power is our lifting range designed for you to lift heavy with minimal distractions. Sleek and simple silhouettes are at the heart of this collection, and the GS Power Leggings are no exception. This might be our most low-key scrunch butt as the scrunch itself is built-in internally to subtly flatter your glutes with a ruched effect. They’re a more second-skin lightweight material compared to our thicker seamless leggings, making them great for working out in the warmer weather. The waistband isn’t going anywhere either which means you can squat, pull, and push with little need for any pulling up or adjusting.

Legacy Leggings

You’d never have guessed it, but look on the inside of your Legacy Leggings and you’ll find an internal scrunch lining the glute area. This is what we’re talking about when we

say there’s a butt scrunch for everyone. Not every scrunch butt leggings create the dramatic glute rounding effect, and the Legacy Leggings are perfect for those who want a subtle pop. With a deep flattering high waistband and buttery-soft material, they’re

both comfy and supportive. With the super high waist, these leggings are perfect for pairing with a low or medium-impact sports bra for your lifts, yoga workouts, or Pilates classes.

Waist Support Leggings

The Waist Support Leggings are one of the most unique legging designs on our roster, as we target those who prefer a lower-rise style but still want that tummy support. These scrunch butt leggings fall just below the belly button and have a deep waistband that cuts across around the hip bone for added waist support. At the back, we have a flattering V shape and a long internal scrunch to subtly flatter the glutes. These are another pair where the scrunch isn’t visible on the outside, it does its job, it’s just low-key about it.

Questions About Scrunch Butt Leggings

Why not pair your scrunch butt leggings with a baggy pump cover for the ultimate lifting look? Wear it to warm up in or for a comfy workout fit, here’s everything you need to know about gym pump covers.

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