Balletcore: How To Incorporate The Latest Fashion Trend Into Your Workout ’Fits
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Balletcore: How To Incorporate The Latest Fashion Trend Into Your Workout ’Fits

clock-circular-outlinePosted 3 Mar 2023

If you’re anything like us, the latest fashion trend coined by Gen Z as ‘balletcore’ on TikTok has you obsessed. From styling soft pinks to reminiscing over leg warmers, (that admittedly, we thought we’d left in 2000s), it’s time for us to embrace our inner ballerina.

Those in their balletcore era are sporting wrap tops, leg warmers, baby pinks, and leotards as a huge nod to the elegant dance. You’ll find this girl in the Pilates studio, barre classes, or serving pink-clad looks at the squat rack.

What Is Balletcore?

Balletcore is a fashion trend that infuses the elegant aesthetic of classical ballet with the comfort of athleisure clothing. The result? A hyper-feminine, relaxed approach to your ordinary style choices.

When it comes to incorporating the balletcore trend into your outfit, there’s no set of rules that identify what you can and can’t wear. The aesthetic calls for anything soft and comfortable that allows you to move freely - like a dancer. Think wrap cardigans, strappy cami tops, bodysuits and leotards, leg warmers paired over leggings, and cozy baggy layers; it’s a softer take on workout clothes.

We’re excited to see you sporting an array of pale pinks, icy whites, calming pastels, and cool grey tones as you balletcore your way through your workouts.

The question is, how can you incorporate balletcore into your everyday workout clothes and rest day aesthetic? Well, we’ve got the cuts, styles, and colors for you to feel like an elegant ballerina wherever you train with these balletcore-inspired workout clothes.

Balletcore-Inspired Clothes For The Studio

Featured above: Training Cami Tank in Scandi Pink
Featured above: Training Sports Bra in Misty Pink
Featured above: Ruched Training Bra in Black

Whether you’re attending a yoga class at the studio or booked in for a pilates 1-on-1, we’ve got the best ballet workout clothes for you to embody the ballerina aesthetic.

The ballet studio is home to the ballet aesthetic, and from classes to rehearsals, you’ll no doubt find the dancers sporting ruched leotards, delicate detailing, and soft warm-up pieces. Soft supple fabrics and simple elegant designs are key to the ballet aesthetic, so you can enter your flow in comfort and style.

Keeping to the balletcore theme with a classical ballet color palette of soft pinks, Bandeau Sports Bra in misty pink is the perfect piece for feeling like a ballerina as you head to your weekend studio class.

Talking of pink, we love the daintiness of the Training Cami Tank, with its minimal design and cool-toned ballet pink colorway. Pair this cami with our Ruched Training Bra, a design reminiscent of the classic ruched front leotards that remain a firm favorite in dance studios to this day.

To replicate the feel of a dance leotard for your workouts, the Elevate All In One will give you the balletcore aesthetic with its ruched front detailing and streamlined design that allows you to move your best, free from distractions.

Balletcore-Inspired Clothes For Lifting

Featured above: Minimal Sports Bra in Modern Blush Pink
Featured above: Legacy Ruched Tight Short in Blck

There’s no reason for the lifting girlies not to feel like graceful ballerinas whenever they choose to. You might be lifting heavy weights, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t embrace the softness of the balletcore aesthetic.

So what to wear to get the balletcore look at the squat rack? You’re lifting hard so you want the most durable and comfortable fabrics to support you as you lift… just with a dash of pink.

Starting from the top, the Minimal Bra is about as dainty and delicate as our sports bras get. With thin straps resembling those on ballet leotards, and a beautiful exposed back design, the Minimal Bra is a great place to start to get the balletcore look for your lifts.

For our balletcore take on a leg-day fit, pair the Minimal Bra with the Legacy Ruched Tight Shorts. These short-shorts are made for your heavy lifts while enjoying elements of the ballet style, like the unique ruched detail to the sides.

Power your lifts in even more pink by wearing the Vital Seamless 2-in-1 Shorts in a sweet strawberry milkshake shade. Add layers to your outfit with the GS Power Ribbed Midi Tank in a stunning sweet pink color and cut-out back moment for you to embrace the feminine ballet style. For the full ballerina vibes, wear the Vital 2-in-1 shorts with their floaty second layer to give the impression that you're wearing a flowy mini ballet skirt (especially when you perform skater jumps).

Continuing the pink trend, no lifting look is complete without a quick throw-on to head out the door in, and the sweet pink Power Crop Zip Hoodie is the obvious choice. Cropped to show off your gains, this little hoodie is perfect for rehearsals to warm-ups. Get your sweats on, and head in the game.

Balletcore-Inspired Matching Workout Sets

We know how much you love a matching workout set, and we do too. Sometimes there’s nothing that screams ‘put together’ like wearing a matching gym set, so imagine feeling like a powerful ballerina whilst you’re in your coordinating gym get-up. You’re untouchable!

Just as important to the balletcore aesthetic are classic black pieces that stand the test of time. Dark colors are worn in dance to highlight the shape of the body, allowing teachers to see your posture and technique as you work out. This dress code makes sense to improve your form in any type of training you do in front of a mirror, and of course, there’s nothing quite like a blacked-out ‘fit.

The new Vital Seamless 2.0 Midi Tank plays into the balletcore aesthetic perfectly with its deep v-neck and strappy, seamless design. Pull the tank down slightly to meet the waistband of the matching Vital Seamless Shorts to create a ballerina-esque all-in-one look you can sport every day of the week.

Another balletcore-inspired matching workout set is the Elevate Flared Leggings and Longline Sports Bra. Screaming y2k, flares are a classic dance warm-up piece that gives the most refined and put-together result with the matching ballet-style ruched front longline bra for low-impact activities.

Balletcore Style Pump Covers

Featured above: Training Oversized T-Shirt in Pebble Grey
Featured above: Training Oversized Sweatshirt in Vanilla White
Featured above: Training Boyfriend Hoodie in Modern Blush Pink
Featured above: Rest Day Sweats in Light Grey Core Marl

The ballerina lifestyle of course isn’t all glitz and glamour. Discipline is the number one principle, and long, grueling hours are spent in dance rehearsals perfecting their craft. So naturally, having comfortable clothes to warm up in, relax in during breaks, and commute to the studio in are a must.

Familiar with sporting a baggy oversized sweatshirt you take off after your warm-up? You got it; many of you already know these pieces as pump covers. So how can we add a balletcore spin on our favorite warm-up buddies? Let’s get into it.

The Training Oversized Sweatshirt is a firm favorite in the pump cover department. It gives everything it needs to give for warming up and getting a pump on. Try this fresh vanilla white color for a soft and sleek balletcore feel. Further, tap into the ballerina's muted color palette by pairing this sweatshirt with a pop of pastel pink or cool grey.

Pick the Training Boyfriend Hoodie if you prefer a pump cover with a hood. You can’t go wrong with a ginormous hoodie for your warm-ups (and rest days), and this piece ticks all the boxes whilst also giving us all the balletcore vibes in this subtle blushed pink color.

Prefer something lighter to get your pump on in? Choose the Training Oversized T-Shirt in the soft ballet-style hues of pebble grey and marled light grey. And of course, we want to get those legs warmed up in a pair of comfy slouchy joggers in the shades we love for the balletcore aesthetic, so the Rest Day Sweats Joggers in light grey are nominated for that role.

Intrigued about where the name pump cover comes from and why they’re so popular? You’ll get the answers in our article on What is a pump cover?

Balletcore Style Accessories

Accessories are as important to the ballerina's wardrobe as a leotard or pair of pointe shoes.

Ballerinas wear their hair in sleek ballet buns to keep their hair out of their face to remove any distractions when they perform. This is the perfect up-do for your workouts that require all your focus and attention. Why not jazz up your hairstyle with a cutesy Bow Scrunchie in ballet pink or one of our classic Scrunchies which come in three gorgeous ballet-themed shades?

There’s nothing so iconically ballerina than a pair of leg warmers, which have come back into our everyday wardrobes as we embrace the y2k dancer-off-duty look. Our soft knit Comfy Rest Day Socks are the perfect replica for leg warmers as their slouchy, loose fit can be rolled up or gathered around your ankle just like a pair of leg warmers.

Roll out the mat and work on your mobility in a pair of our non-slip Studio Socks! Non-slip socks are a must for classes in the studio, and if you squint a little, they kind of look like ballet shoes…

Now if just want to add a bit more pink to your life to adopt the balletcore style, we’ve got you covered. Available in not one, not two, but three soft pastel pinks, the Everyday Holdall Bag is the perfect home for your ballet workout clothes and training gear.

Why not stop there? Our frosty pink water bottle is the balletcore accessory you need to stay looking cute, even when you’re hydrating.

If your interest in dance spins from ballet to ballroom, you may enjoy learning how to perform these three iconic vogueing moves with the House Of Miyake-Mugler.

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