Find Your Fit | Gymshark Leggings Size Guide

Find Your Fit | Gymshark Leggings Size Guide

clock-circular-outlinePosted 27 Sep 2023

Leggings. They're the fitness industries equivalent to jeans: outstanding when you find the perfect pair, but give us strength, 'cause it can take a while to actually find them.

That was, until now. Enter: the ultimate guide to finding the best leggings this season.

Yep. We mean it. No more manic scrolling of the leggings page trying to figure out your perfect fit. Whether you're looking for a supportive pair to test your 1RM in, or you simply want something simple to throw on with a hoodie whilst you grab your morning coffee, our leggings are designed with versatility in mind.

You’ll more than likely have a few things in mind when searching for a new pair of leggings, but if things are cloudy, we’d like to help you out by breaking down the key features and differences between each of our leggings...

That way you can know for sure that you’ve found the fit for you.

How To Choose The Best Leggings For You

Choosing the right pair of leggings can be hard - we get it. They've got to stay up, have good stretch, but most importantly, they've got to feel good too.

In this article you’ll find our go-to size chart, alongside our new handy "fit guide" to choosing the right length, feel, and look of your leggings.

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Find Your Perfect Size: Leggings Size Chart

The first step to finding your fit is knowing your measurements. Here’s our size guide chart to assist you in finding the correct size leggings.

How to Measure

  • WAIST: placing the tape measure horizontal, measure around the narrowest part (typically between the bottom of your ribcage and your hips), ensuring it’s pulled tight but not digging into your skin.

  • INSIDE LEG: place the tape measure vertical, measure from your crotch to the desired length of your leggings, this will usually be at, or just before your ankles.

Gymshark Leggings | FAQs

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How Do You Want Your Leggings To Fit?

We want your leggings to fit you seamlessly. That’s why we’ve been continuously working to develop our range of leggings in a wide selection of sizes and styles to cater for all your sporting needs.

When we talk about how a pair of leggings should fit we’re talking how they fit around the waist, the tightness of the legging, and the length. A little PSA when it comes to finding your perfect legging today: our entire roster of leggings are high waisted, and body-fit.


High-Waisted Leggings

A pair of high waisted leggings are every girl’s best friend. There’s no activity you wouldn’t wear a pair of leggings for, working out or not. Our high-waisted leggings sit approximately at or just over your belly button to provide more coverage and waist support.

Within our high-waisted category, we have a number of leggings in regular and tall lengths, flared fits, and with adjustable waistbands.

Flared Leggings

Our flared leggings are designed with a body-fit around the waist and thigh, before loosely flaring out towards the bottom of the leg. These can be worn to work-out in, on rest days and are especially popular for your studio workouts as a harp back to the classic yoga pant.

Our Favorite Flared Leggings:

Tall Length Leggings

A new addition to our ever-growing collection of leggings, is our "tall length" option - recommended for anyone 5”8 or above, or for those of you who prefer a slightly longer length when it comes to your leggings.

How long are tall leggings?

Our Crossover Flared Leggings (tall), have a 91cm inseam based on a size Medium.

Our Favorite Tall-Length Leggings:

Adjustable Waistband Leggings

We also have a selection of leggings with adjustable waistbands for those of you who wish for a customisable fit. Featuring an internal drawstring waistband that can be pulled tighter, or looser - perfect for high-impact activities or a changing body.

Featured Above: Running Leggings in Magenta Brown
Featured Above: Running Leggings in Titanium Grey
Our Favorite Adjustable Leggings:
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How Do You Want Your Leggings To Feel?

Different activities can call for different types of leggings - and trust us, we know that it can be difficult to judge the feel of a legging when buying online, especially if it's your first pair from us... but we're here to help.

Within our leggings category, you'll find a number of fabrics to choose from: explore thick seamless fabrics that sculpt and support your body like Adapt, or browse through our ever-growing selection of lightweight leggings that move with you freely, like Elevate.

Materials look and feel different on the skin, so you’ll want to choose the feel of your leggings based on the season, or the activity at hand. For instance, it’s more popular to wear lightweight, stretchy leggings to studio workouts like yoga and pilates, whilst weightlifters tend to prefer a thicker material for the added support and coverage.

Fabric Choices For Leggings:

Buying tip: When looking for thicker gym leggings, look for ribbed waistbands since the stitching in this area is heightened, making for a tighter waistband and more compressive fit. As our lightweight leggings are designed to be less tight around the waist, they do not come with ribbed waistbands.

Thick Seamless Leggings

When we talk about thick leggings, we don’t mean warm and thermal, we mean crafted using a thicker stitch to create leggings with more support, coverage and compression. You’ll notice that the thicker leggings feel more like a soft seamless knit fabric while our lightweight leggings are smooth to the touch with a second-skin feel. If you’re worried about leggings being squat-proof or showing sweat-marks then we’d suggest choosing a pair of thicker leggings for your workouts.

Our Favorite Thick Leggings:

Lightweight/Second-Skin Leggings

Once only revered by the studio girlies, our second-skin leggings are becoming more popular across the board thanks to their stretchy nature and constant comfort. Our lightweight leggings offer a flush-fit, and can be found in a number of cut & sew options, including our buttery soft RLSE™️ fabric for the ultimate comfort during your coffee-runs, hot yoga classes or hybrid workouts. If second-skin leggings are your thing, but lifting is at your core, fear not because our Legacy and Power leggings are both lightweight, and made for lifting.

Our Favorite Lightweight Leggings:
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How Do You Want Your Leggings To Look?

Now, this is where we talk aesthetics. We're zooming in on the smaller design details of your leggings - the ones that you make you fall in love with them: it's about style and function. Because after all, we all have different tastes and preferences, especially when it comes to activewear.

Many of you prefer functional designs that are practical for everyday wear (think leggings with pockets), whilst others enjoy unique design elements that make their workout clothes more of a fashion statement.

And of course, you can enjoy both. That’s why our leggings bridge the gap between function and fashion to provide you with a gym kit you feel top notch in, knowing it does the job, well.

Design Features To Look Out For In Leggings:

Butt Scrunch Leggings

Glute Enhancing Details

When you’re hip thrusting 1.5x your bodyweight on the regular, and squeezing out kickbacks at the end of every lower body workout, you certainly have the right to show off those glutes. A little glute-enhancing never hurt anyone, and our butt scrunch leggings are here to sit comfortably on the legs whilst subtly highlighting and sculpting your developed curves.

Featured Above: Gymshark Power Legging in Bright Fuchsia
Featured Above: Adapt Animal Seamless Legging in Willow Green

Our Favorite Butt Scrunch Leggings:

Minimal Designs

Basics Never Looked So Good

Yes, this means no bum scrunches, scooped waistbands, quad enhancing seams, or extra design details: just a legging - done exceptionally well.

Of course, leggings are body-fit by nature, but we get that the added features can draw attention to certain areas of the body and sometimes... sometimes we just want something a little more simple. Whether you're heading to meet the parents in law, or you just prefer a timeless design, find the perfect 'fit and explore our leggings with a minimal silhouette.

Featured Above: Training Legging in Spiced Red
Featured Above: Seamless Legging in Navy

Our Favorite Minimal Design Leggings:

Leggings With Pockets

When Fashion Meets Function

We see you throwing your phone down when your rest is up between sets, and honestly... it pains us. Instead of risking the potential costly phone repair bill, take home a pair of pocket leggings to keep your belongings safe between lifts. Pocket leggings add a little something extra to your training staples. You can find open pockets on the side of our leggings and zip pockets to the back of those designed especially for running.

Our Favorite Leggings With Pockets:

Patterned Leggings

From Subtle Prints To Loud Designs...

If you’re a fan of our iconic Adapt Camo, and enjoy the cloudy sky-like print of our spray dyed Elevate Leggings, then we’re going to take a guess that you like a patterned legging. And we'll be honest, so do we.

From animal prints and abstract designs, to camo features, tie dye patterns and a handful of seasonal graphic prints, our ever-growing collection of patterned leggings are available in both seamless and non-seamless designs to suit your workout preferences. We love to mix and match patterned leggings with a single tone sports bra for a cute 'lil gym ‘fit.

Have you found your perfect fit in sports bras yet? If you’re unsure, head over to our sports bra sizing guide to find out how to get the best support from your sports bra.

Our Favorite Patterned Leggings:

Found Your Perfect Fit?

We hope so! If you have any questions about our leggings: from sizing, to look, fit and feel, drop us a comment below or reach out to our wonderful Customer Support Team.

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