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Gymshark Sports Bras: Sizing And Fits

Trust us, even if you're a long-serving member of the itty bitty committee, don't be fooled into thinking you can do without a good sports bra. Find the perfect fit for you and your girls here...

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Gymshark Sports Bras: Sizing And Fits

It’s no secret that wearing a sports bra is ‘hella important. Wearing the right sports bra size whilst you train minimises the impact of your chest’s movements during exercise allowing for an easy, pain-free workout. Trust us, even if you’re a long-serving member of the itty-bitty committee, don’t be fooled into thinking you can do without.

First things first: sports bra sizing. Your sports bra should fit comfortably snug, but not so tight that it feels suffocating to wear. Okay, so it might feel like a mission to put on in the changing room but finding a sports bra that keeps your chest secure and reduces bounce can actually help to alleviate both back and breast pain.

Finding the best women’s sports bras can also help your girls stay pretty perky… seriously, why weren’t we taught this at school?! Physical exercise, be it box jumps or running for your Uber at 3am (weighty chips and garlic mayo in hand ofc), puts your Cooper’s Ligaments - the thin connective tissue that supports your boobs structure - under huge strain. Without the right support, you could be causing irreversible damage to your girls and their perkiness. It’s better you found out now, right?

So how do you actually find the best women’s sports bra? In short, you’ll want to find a style that’s best for your breast size, shape, and your overall activity level. Depending on the impact of the activity (low, medium, or high) there are different sports bras and support levels to suit.

The Ultimate Gymshark Sports Bra Size Guide:

  • How do you measure for the best sports bra size?

  • What size Gymshark sports bra should I get?

  • What are the differences between a low, medium, and high support sports bra?

  • Which style/type of sports bra is right for me?

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Sports Bra Sizing

We all know us ladies are very rarely wrong, but did you know studies suggest that 80-100% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? It's time to sort this out once and for all.

Sports Bra Sizing: How To Measure For Your Sports Bra Size:

To ensure that your sports bra fits like a dream, we’re talking: no chafe and no searing shoulder or back pain, we’ve put together two simple steps for you to follow.

  • Step 1: Measure your under bust:

    Place the tape measure firmly around your chest, letting it rest just under your bust. To ensure an accurate rib measurement, the tape should be snug and lie flat against your back.

  • Step 2: Measure your bust:

    Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust – nipple to nipple. Ensure that you don’t pull the tape too tight; it should be snug, but still loose enough to sit horizontal around the body. Top tip: to get the most accurate measurement, ensure the tape lies flat against your back and doesn’t fall or dip down.

Now that you have your two main measurements, it’s time to take a look at our new and improved sports bra size chart so that you can find the best women’s sports bra for your girls, and ensure that you get the best cup for your coin.

The Gymshark Sports Bra Size Chart

And the day old question: what size Gymshark sports bra should I get?

By now, you’ll know that your sports bra sizing is reliant on two measurements: your under bust, and your bust. Once you’re happy with the readings on your tape measure, reference them to the sports bra size chart below to find your perfect sports bra size at Gymshark.

How Should A Sports Bra Fit?

Now that you’ve found your ideal sports bra size and it’s sat there in all its bright, newbie glory, try the sports bra on and test its fit.

When trialling the size of any sports bra, you’ll want to focus on three aspects: the straps, the under band and the fit of the cup. If one of these components is just slightly off, let’s face it, you’ve not got the best cup for your coin; with minimised support, you’re back to the drawing board.

Don’t be disheartened though, it can take a while to find the perfect counterpart. Bear in mind, not every sports bra is going to be the same; its fit, its design, its purpose – everything will differ ever so slightly, so don’t be concerned if your sports bra size isn’t a direct comparison of your usual t-shirt bra size!

When testing a sports bra size, trial the following features out to ensure the best fit:

  • Straps: 20% of the support should come from the straps on your sports bra.

    • As a rule of thumb, you should always be able to place a finger underneath the straps of your sports bra. If you're not able to, we'd recommend loosening your straps ever so slightly (if applicable). Ensure that you don't go from one extreme to another though, loose straps reduce the support offered.

  • Under Band: 80% of the support should come from the under brand of your sports bra - this should be sitting firmly around your ribs (not your breast tissue).

    • Lift your arms above your head - if your sports bra rides up and doesn't sit flat to your chest, it's likely to be a little too big which could result in chafing during your workout. Try adjusting the straps slightly. If it continues to move, we'd suggest going down a size.

  • Cup: If you’re testing a padded sports bra, your girls should be comfortably sat within the cups. No matter how weird it may look, scoop them on in and do a little jiggle around.

    • If the cup is too small, or not the right style for your breast shape, you’ll notice that your boob pokes/bulges out slightly, here we’d recommending sizing up, or trying an alternative sports bra design.

    • If the cup is too big and is feeling a little baggy, saggy, or you have air pockets within the cup of your sports bra, try sizing down.

Now that you’ve used our sports bra size chart to find your ideal sporta bra size, the question is, does your sports bra really fit you? Like really really fit you, and does it fit you well?

Can you lift, jump, downward dog and more in your sports bra without the fear of your girls falling out? And do you feel comfortable, and confident in it?

If you’ve answered no the above, we promise you – despite what you think – the world is not over. Yes, there is still hope – it might just be that you need to alter your sports bra slightly or opt for an alternative style or design of sports bra that suits your build that little bit better.

Still unsure on what size sports bra you should be buying? Head over to the Gymshark Fit Finder and use our digital sports bra size chart to find the right sports bra for you.

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Which style of sports bra is right for me?

It's one of the hardest questions within the boob-sphere. You know how your sports bra should fit, you understand the importance of its support and by now, you're happy to call yourself a veteran of the all-important "bounce test"... but those are just the basics.

The STYLE of your sports bra is just as important as its fit. With a steady increase in women ditching the workout t-shirt altogether, believe us when we say that the search for a sports bra resembling something other than a "breast bag" from the 1970s is high. And yes, that really was a thing.

Although we want you looking great at the gym, we ask that you don't focus solely on the aesthetics of the sports bra, but more towards its function, design detailing and fit - take a read of the specs and learn the benefits of the design. For example: wide, adjustable sports bra straps = increased support.

Which sports bra is right for you falls down to the size and shape of your breasts, if your bust is soft or firm, and also the type of activity you do.

Below, we've outlined the difference between our current styles of sports bras: low support, medium support and high support; which sports you'd typically wear each for, and the sizes that they're available in.

. . .

Following some bio-mechanical testing, and a whole lot of research, we have created a brand new range of sports bras. Each have been carefully designed to keep you feeling comfortable and supported through any workout.

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Low Support Sports Bras:

What is a Low Support Sports Bra?

Low support sports bras are designed to be worn for activities that don't incur a large amount of bounce. Whilst this may mean that their design revolves around inimitable comfort, it does tend to mean that minimal support is offered to your girls.

Low Support Sports Bras: 

What Sports Do I Typically Wear Low Support Sports Bras For?

  • Walking

  • Stretching

  • Heavy Lifting

  • Yoga

  • Golf

. . .

Medium Support Sports Bras:

What is a Medium Support Sports Bra?

Medium support sports bras are designed to be worn for activities that are slightly more intense than yoga/pilates (otherwise known as low impact activities). In short, if a sports bra isn't worn during a medium impact workout, your girls would be bouncing up, down and all around.

Their design focuses on supportive detailing, with many offering an "encapsulation" design (defined cup structure to encapsulate each breast, providing you with a medium-level of support, and a feminine build).

Medium Support Sports Bras: 

What Sports Do I Typically Wear Medium Support, And Medium-High Support Sports Bras For?

  • Spinning

  • Combat

  • Functional Fitness

. . .

High Support Sports Bras:

What is a High Support Sports Bra?

High support sports bras are designed to be worn for activities that incur a large amount of bounce, or movement. (You know those activities that if you were wearing a normal t-shirt bra, you'd be holding your boobs... take for example, running for the bus, or up the stairs etc).

Designed limit bounce as much as possible, its design focuses on both the straps and fastening - straps tend to be thicker and wider; the underband thicker, with a bra-like fastening for additional support. In addition to this, you'll notice that high support sports bras offer more of a compression/encapsulation fit - with padding becoming a non-removable option to aid the support of the breast.

High Support Sports Bras: 

What Sports Do I Typically Wear High Support Sports Bras For?

  • Running

  • HIIT

  • Functional Fitness

For those of you who have been blessed with larger boobs, we know some of you may opt to choose a high support sports bra for all activities, including those that are of low impact - and that is absolutely fine. Wear what you, and your girls feel comfortable in.

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Want to find out more about how you can get the perfect sports bra size and fit?

Maybe you want to read some real-time reviews on how our sports bras actually perform? Whatever extra bit of information you're after, we guarantee that if you click here, you, and yours will find what you're looking for.

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