How To Style Biker Shorts
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How To Style Biker Shorts

clock-circular-outlinePosted 9 Aug 2023

The summer months call for festival ‘fits, matching gym sets, and a lot of SPF, and a pair of form-fitting biker shorts can be dressed up or down for all your sunkissed excursions. Whether you’re travelling or running errands, leaning into the sporty styling, or going more casual, biker shorts really can do it all.

We get it though. During the warmer seasons, styling these kinda shorts can be difficult - because, without the ample layering choices that winter kindly provides us with - options can feel a little bit limited.

And trust us, we feel your pain. While it’s nice to chuck on the tiniest outfit and be out the door, it can leave you feeling a bit uninspired about your ‘fits, and unlike Steve Jobs, outfit repeating isn’t for everyone.

So we’re determined this summer to give your biker shorts the attention they need by discovering stylish and versatile ways to wear them this summer.

Because there’s no doubt in our minds that biker shorts are a staple piece in your wardrobes - both in and out of the gym. To make getting dressed in the morning tantrum free and prevent your closet ending up all over your bedroom, let’s get these biker short outfits planned.

Styles Of Biker Shorts

Biker shorts, also known as cycling shorts are form-fitting shorts usually made out of stretchy elastane and nylon blend. Originally worn to protect cyclists from friction and improve comfort, they’ve had their stint as a fashion statement in the 2010’s, paired with blazers for a new take on smart-casual, and now they can be considered an essential part of athleisure-wear.

Biker shorts come in a range of styles, from a simple black pair, to shorts with contrasting waistbands, pocket shorts, and patterns and colors galore. Everyone has their clothing preferences; tight, loose, short, long, it’s these finer details that make us feel confident and comfortable in our outfit choices.

When it comes to biker shorts, they’re meant to be form-fitting, but where you can find variation is their length. Some of you may prefer a longer length that falls between mid-thigh and your knees, and others may opt to sport a shorter style with a 5” inseam or less.

Here’s our roundup of our best biker shorts in longer and shorter styles:

Longer Length Biker Shorts

8 and 9 Inch Biker Shorts

If a true biker short is your preference and you look to the cycling world for your styling inspo, our 8” and 9” inseam cycling shorts will be right up your street. With a longer length that falls close to your knee, the Adapt Animal Seamless Cycling Shorts are our top choice for lifting sessions. If it’s athleisure you’re after, and your looking for something to wear on your next coffee run, style the 8” Elevate Cycling Shorts with an oversized t-shirt or sweater for an effortless look. Comfy and supportive, they’ll move with you all day.

6 Inch Biker Shorts

Whilst short-shorts might not be your jam, you might find a 6” inseam perfect for every day wear. Sitting around mid-thigh, the Pocket Shorts are a stylish biker short in a longer length, made from a supple stretchy material. Engineered to efficiently store your phone or keys whilst working out, they’re one of our favorite designs this season. The Crossover Shorts follow a similar fit, offering a 6” inseam with a trending crossover design waistband for a sophisticated take on your gym ‘fits.

Shorter Length Biker Shorts

5 Inch Biker Shorts

The most popular length of biker shorts are those that sit in the 5” inseam category. And for good reason: not too short, not too long, 5” biker shorts offer the best of both worlds. You can find the Sweat Seamless Shorts in this length, designed with our iconic curved waistband and durable, moisture wicking DYNMC™️ fabric for your sweaty workouts it’s one of our favourites when it comes to versatile styling. New on the roster, our Everyday Seamless Shorts are a 4” biker short designed with simplicity in mind, and are a true wardrobe staple.

4 Inch Biker Shorts

We’re entering hotpants territory over here, with our 4” biker shorts there’s absolutely no hiding those quad gains. Sitting right on the most developed part of your quad muscles, the Adapt Seamless Fleck Shorts are oh so flattering, supportive, and enhanced with sweat-wicking tech for your tough workouts. The Vital Seamless 2.0 Shorts in all new seasonal sage green colourway have also been refreshed with a shorter 4” inseam for days you fancy sporting short-shorts.

Fancy taking a look at our men’s offering of short-shorts? Coined hoochie daddy shorts, here’s all you need to know about the latest shorts trend to take our social media feeds by storm.

What To Wear With Biker Shorts

Now you’ve decided on what length biker short you gravitate towards, it’s time for styling inspiration. Learn how to style your biker shorts with simple yet effective looks that take inspo from the warm tones of the summer season…

Pair With A Matching Sports Bra

Is there anything that screams put together quite like a matching set? We’d beg to differ. Styling your biker short with a matching sports bra is a fool-proof to feeling good, and looking like you’ve really tried (even if you haven’t). This combo is ideal for sweaty workouts where minimal layers are desired or for hot girl walks (literally) as you get your dose of morning sunshine.

Wear A Contrasting Color On Top

One way to create some fun and add dimension to an outfit is to combine two contrasting colours for a candy-cane effect. This way you can pair two of your favorite colors together, allowing you to get more wear out of pieces you may have bought as a matching set. Mixing colours can also brighten up your workout looks; we’re big fans of pairing bright fuschia with cobalt blue this season, two shades you can find in the Vital Seamless collection.

Wear With A Baggy Tee

Even in the warmer months, sometimes we want to feel cozy in our clothing, and whilst a hoodie is too warm to make the cut, a baggy t-shirt will do the trick. A oversized t-shirt paired with your fav’ biker shorts gives an effortlessly cool and comfy vibe, perfect for running errands, working out or purely chilling. We’re fans of the french tuck or the tuck-in-your-sports-bra trick if you’re looking to switch up the silhouettes.

With A Pump Cover For Your Travels

Oh yes, Summer’s out which means the highly anticipated travel fits are in, and we’ve got some airport outfit inspo for you. If there’s one place to sport your cutest athleisure fits, it’s the airport. We’re obsessed with the big-on-top, small-on-the-bottom outfit formula; and peeping your little cycle shorts out under a super baggy pump cover is the dream travel outfit. Cute, comfy, and cool… whip off your hoodie as soon as you land and tick-box, you’re in vacay mode.

Beach-To-Bench With Our Minimal Bra

Leading perfectly on from travel outfits, we’ll let you in on a little secret… our biker shorts look amazing on vacation too. With the 70’s revival (thanks Daisy Jones & The Six), short shorts are in, and our 4” numbers are the perfect biker short to pack for your Summer getaways. Wear to the beach with our minimal bra, dress up with a floaty sheer top for your evenings out, and ofc, if you’re not skipping leg day, you can wear them for your poolside workouts.

Is all this talk of summer and vacations is making you think about your next trip? Well if working out still remains a priority when you’re on vacay (kudos to you) and your suitcase is made up of cute summer workout ‘fits, you’ll benefit from reading this article on 10 tips for staying fit on holiday. If you can do it, that’s great! But don’t beat yourself up about missing a session, vacations are for switching off… the gym isn’t going anywhere.

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