How To Choose The Best Running Leggings
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How To Choose The Best Running Leggings

clock-circular-outlinePosted 13 Apr 2023

Say hello to the best womens running leggings for all your running ventures, whether you’re hitting the sidewalk for a light lunchtime jog around the block or taking an off-grid weekend trip for a challenging trail run.

No two runners are the same; your Achilles heel might be someone else's strong suit. That’s why the running world is full of differing opinions on the best running gear, running shoes, and everything in between. So we’re here to help you quieten the noise and choose the best running leggings for you.

What leggings do runners wear?

Features mean everything when it comes to running leggings, and that’s why most runners will have a favorite pair of leggings that they continuously reach for. For some, it's about lightweight materials and comfortable waistbands, for others, it's finding a pair of runnings leggings with technical features like pockets or reflective details so that they can run safely in the dark.

Whatever it is you enjoy in your pair of leggings, we’re paying attention. Find your perfect ‘fit with this guide that lets you in on the best running leggings for every running scenario. Bit first of all, what should you be looking for when buying running leggings?

What To Look For When Buying Running Leggings

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re on the hunt for a new pair of womens running leggings. Gaining the motivation to run is largely assisted by what you’re wearing because when you feel good in your clothes, chances are you’ll perform better too.

Leggings that suit your style

When it comes to style, we all have our preferences, and if running is an activity you regularly do, you’ll likely see your running wardrobe as an extension of your personal style too. So you’ll want your running leggings to remain as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. A lil’ boost of confidence after that final glance in the mirror before you take off on your run may motivate you to run faster and further.

Leggings that don't fall down

Secondly, you’ll want your leggings to be appropriate for running (so bye-bye loungewear). Running is a high-impact activity that requires the utmost comfort from its gear, meaning you need waistbands that won’t distract you by falling down constantly and fabrics that are sweat-wicking and breathable to prevent overheating. Lightweight for summer runs and thick enough for your winter runs.

Why do my leggings fall down?

Leggings tend to fall down as you run if you're wearing the wrong size leggings or if the waistband doesn't sit correctly on your body. If the waistband is too big, your leggings will fit too loosely around the waist and will have a tendency to fall down. Alternatively, if your leggings are too tight, you may find them falling down because the waistband doesn't have enough material to sit on your waist as designed. Poor-quality leggings not designed for running will fall down as they won't feature supportive waistbands that are made to stay put as you move.

Leggings with pockets

Just as important, safety and functionality are something you should look for when buying womens running leggings. You’ll want your running clothes to improve your running performance, and there are extra points to claim if they can make the house-to-running trail transition a lot easier too. We’re talking leggings with pockets, ladies! Somewhere you can keep your small essentials and have peace of mind that they’re secure so you can focus on your running.

Leggings With Reflective Detailing

Finally, you want to look for reflective details on your leggings to help you stay visible to cars on the road, as the reflective spots will light up as their headlights shine on you. Stay seen as you run with reflective running leggings that increase visibility when running and can help you feel safer when running in the dark.

Our Best Running Leggings For Women

Best Lightweight Running Leggings

Training Leggings in Persimmon Red
Training Leggings in Obsidian Green

After that second-skin feel to your running leggings? With effortless stretch that supports you in all the right places whilst feeling weightless on the body as you run, our Training Leggings are your best choice for lightweight running leggings. The high waist stays put, and the soft brushed fabric is easy to slip into and take off after a sweaty run. The collection is full of color pop pieces, from orange to coastal blue, or navies and blacks for when you want something a little more low-key.

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Training for a marathon, or a specific running race this year? We've worked hard to collate some of the best race day clothes for 2023, whatever the season, whatever the weather.

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Best Running Leggings With Pockets

Sport Running Leggings in Neptune Purple
Sport Running Leggings in Neptune Purple

Pockets might just be the creme-de-la-creme of any piece of running gear. Whatever garment you can find them on, pockets are going to come in handy, and that’s especially true for running leggings. Our Sport Running Leggings feature a full iPhone-sized zip pocket to the rear for slotting your phone and even your keys, so you can run hands-free without compromising on the tunes. Made for running, you’ll also love the mesh panels for added breathability, reflective panels, and sculpted high-waisted fit to keep you secure as you run.

Best Cropped Running Leggings

Training 7/8 Leggings in Core Olive
Training 7/8 Leggings in Lakeside Blue

Short leggings are a great choice for warmer weather runs and are perfect for petite wearers. Throw on a pair of trendy 00's style capri leggings for a stylish option for your running ventures or even your local yoga class. Coming in at a 7/8 length, you’ll enjoy the gentle breeze to your ankles as you run in our Training 7/8 Leggings. Crafted from our brushed, lightweight Training fabric, they’re perfect if you prefer a softer performance fabric for non-stop comfort at each step of the way.

Best High Waisted Running Leggings

We can say with full certainty that there’s nothing more satisfying than having a pair of high-waisted leggings that don’t budge when you run. Because during your runs - whether it's one mile, or six, your full focus should be on your form, your breath, and your surroundings.

Our Running Leggings sit above the belly button to give you that extra support around your middle and feature an internal drawcord to adjust the waistband to your perfect fit. The streamlined design makes for smooth strides, and body-contouring seams create a sleek look. Oh, and did we mention that they feature a back pocket for your phone, sweat-wicking technology, and reflective logos...

Best Winter Running Leggings

Adapt Marl Seamless Leggings in Cherry Brown
Adapt Fleck Seamless Leggings in Jewel Green/Tropic Green

When it comes to Winter running, you’re going to want something a little thicker to keep your pins warm. And, whilst Adapt Seamless Leggings aren't running leggings by default, they do deserve a place in the lineup...

A winner for cold-weather runs, our Adapt Seamless Leggings have been sewn from a slightly thicker fabric than some of the other leggings on our roster, making them the best choice for providing a little more insulation to your legs without compromising on stretch or breathability. The sweat-wicking technology keeps moisture out, and the elongated ribbed waistband fits snugly for a supportive run.

As for your upper half? Stay warm and feel prepared for the colder training sessions with our roundup of the best running clothes to be wearing on your cold-weather runs.

Best Patterned Running Leggings

Sport Running Leggings in Neptune Purple Print
Sport Running Leggings in Black Print

A stylish bold print on a pair of running leggings is always welcome (in our humble opinion), and the Sport Running Leggings certainly deliver.

When you have an array of minimalistic running tops and plain running jackets in your activewear wardrobe, it can be fun to add a little flair to your outfit to make your SLRs (slow long runs) that little more enjoyable. Choose from a purple Neptune print with flecks of orange and red or the same pattern in a more muted palette of greys and black.

Made for running, our Sport Running Leggings are designed to help you run your best with a comfortable high-waisted fit, all-important reflective detailing, mesh panels for extra breathability, and zip pockets to store your essentials.

Best Hybrid Running Leggings

Apex Seamless Leggings in Truffle Brown/Cherry Brown
Apex Seamless Leggings in Obsidian Green

For those of you who want your running leggings to do it all, our Apex Seamless Leggings are the perfect match for your active lifestyle.

From park runs to weekend coffee runs, Apex Seamless has you covered - featuring heat-mapping ventilation to keep you cool in the areas you sweat the most, meaning you can run, walk, jog and train your best no matter the climate. Breathable and functional, with a futuristic sporty design to make you feel like the fastest person on earth, Apex Seamless has also been crafted with a stay-put high-rise waistband so that you can ramp up the intensity of your runs with no slips half way through.

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You’ve chosen your running leggings for your next training session; now it’s time to prep for your post-run recovery. As easy as it is to return home from your run and get straight back into your daily tasks, you won’t ever regret setting a few minutes aside to stretch (trust us, and our tight calves).

Not quite sure what types of stretches you should be doing post-run to reduce aching and pains in tight or problematic areas of the body? Explore 6 of the best stretches every runner should be doing to avoid injury.

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