How To Wear Crew Socks With Leggings, And More Styling Tips
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How To Wear Crew Socks With Leggings, And More Styling Tips

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An everyday necessity, but also a statement piece when styled to the nines, it’s true that the right pair of socks can transform an outfit. Once reserved for sports, the humble crew sock has gained quite the notoriety in recent years as celebs, influencers, and even designers incorporate the accessory into their looks to add interest and elevate an outfit.

But it’s not just outside the gym that crew socks are trending. Runners, lifters, and class-goers are all sporting crew socks; pulled up with shorts or pulled-over leggings. Why are they so popular? Well, it could just be that the longer alternative to ankle socks makes for the perfect length of socks to work out in. Not too short, not too long; plus the material used is designed to stay put, which is a huge plus when you’re exercising… oh and did we mention they’re also extremely comfortable?

But that’s just the technicalities, it’s clear as day that we’re in a sock-happy era and we’re proud to show off our socks again. When pop-socks and ankle socks once reigned (and they of course still have their place), we’re now obsessed with color-coordinating our crew socks, juxtaposing the sporty socks with varying aesthetics and playing around with socks to ramp up simple outfits.

So look no further for the lowdown on how to style crew socks; with leggings, for the gym, dressed up, and much more.


Socks Over Leggings | Is It A New Trend?

You may have been wondering, is the socks over leggings trend new? Well, not quite. The comfy ankle-warming ensemble is certainly a more modern fashion trend to wear in the gym or with athleisure wear outfits, but its roots go way back to the 80s. Think leg-warmers over leggings and retro aerobic videos and you’re on the right track. Crew socks were part of the original athleisure wear crew (pardon the pun), worn with leggings, cycling shorts, and oversized sweatshirts, and today they’re repurposed for yoga, lifting, running, and stylish casual wear.

Why? Socks over leggings are comfy, they look cool, and they do an excellent job in keeping your ankles warm, perfect for winter runs and cold-warehouse gym workouts.

What’s The Difference Between Crew Socks And Ankle Socks?

Crew socks offer a classic style, providing comfort, warmth, and coverage as they extend up the leg to around mid-calf length. Because of their longer length, it’s popular to wear crew socks in various colors and patterns to make a statement or to match your outfit. Ankle socks, on the other hand, are shorter in length, typically reaching just above the ankle and just short of where your shoes end to stay hidden.

Over on TikTok, conversations are branding ankle socks as a Millennial fashion choice, and well they might actually be on to something. It’s fair to say showing off your socks is in, but go back 10 to 15 years ago and all we wanted to do was hide our socks and let our exposed ankles do all the talking (flashbacks of chinos and ankles everywhere). On the flip side, there’s no denying that ankle socks are great for those occasions you’re wearing low-cut shoes like sneakers, boat shoes, or loafers and don’t want your socks peeping through, but the trend of the moment is definitely to pair these shoes with crew socks. Why not give it a go?


How To Wear Socks With Leggings

1. Choose A Full-Length Pair Of Leggings

The socks over legging trend kind of only works with full-length leggings, choose a capri, or a cropped version and you’ll be left with an awkward slither of leg on show. Every pair on our current roster of leggings is ankle-length, so you can go to town choosing the right style for you. For a thicker everyday legging, we’d recommend the Vital Seamless Leggings, and for a more second-skin feel, go for the Elevate Leggings.

2. Select The Right Socks

Now it’s time for the crucial sock selection; to achieve the cool socks over leggings look you should choose a pair of crew socks. These are socks that go past your ankles and sit roughly mid-calf. This way they’ll cover the end of your leggings and can be worn scrunched around the ankle or pulled fully up.

3. Go Classic With White Crew Socks

Right now, white crew socks are the fashionable choice to wear with leggings, whether you’re on the way to Pilates or heading to lift some heavy plates. White socks are an undeniable classic, sporty yet stylish, pairing the bright (stain-free) whites with a pair of gym leggings achieves that effortless cool-girl aesthetic.

4. Or... add A Pop Of Color

While white crew socks are the typical choice, using your socks to add a pop of color is a simple way to brighten an outfit. We all love a fun sock, so why not try something different and swap your usual classic whites for a colorful pair of crew socks? You can match your workout outfit or even your bag to show off your color co-ordinating skills. We’ve got plenty of colors to choose from, whether it’s neutral earthy tones or bright pastels, find the pop of color that works for you.

5. Crew Socks With Sneakers

Let’s complete the ‘fit by pairing your leggings and crew socks with sneakers. For smart-casual looks, flat sneakers like tennis shoes may be the way to go, as although more relaxed than a loafer or pair of flats, they still add an elevated touch to the outfit. On the sportier side, the chunky dad sneakers are bang on trend and pair perfectly with comfy athleisure wear leggings and crew socks outfits.

How To Style Crew Socks | Outfit Ideas

Believe it or not, styling options for crew socks are aplenty, and they go far beyond the norm of athletic wear. If you’ve never stepped foot into crew socks territory before, then there’s no time like the present. Select a pair of crisp white crew socks and let’s get moving.

Crew socks can be worn casually with workout outfits, matching workout sets, and loungewear sets, and trust us when we say a slouchy sock can transform the simplest of outfits. Alternatively, we’re big fans of wearing crew socks with preppy looks, and dressier outfits and to bring a more relaxed vibe to smarter ‘fits.

Here are our top tips on how to style crew socks with shorts and leggings, and how you can wear them for running errands, lounging, and dressing up.

Workout Outfits

1. Crew Socks With Shorts

For working out, crew socks have to be the first choice. Contrary to popular belief, crew-length socks do not make your legs look shorter. If you wear crew socks with shorts, doing so can actually help balance the proportions of your outfit by creating a fabric break before your sneakers. Not to mention the easy opportunity to color match your socks with your top or coordinate with the tones of your matching workout set.

2. Crew Socks With Leggings

Another go-to workout outfit is leggings with crew socks. This might just be the it-girl athleisure wear look of the 2020s; the subject of thousands of what I wore to the gym reels, hot girl walk ‘fits, and Pilates princess OOTDs. There is something about a crew sock over leggings that makes the look seem so put together and considered when really it’s just a simple trick that completes an outfit.

Crew Socks Outfits For Running Errands

1. Oversized Sweatshirt And Leggings

This specific combo is a savior for running errands and traveling, especially long journeys as it offers the ultimate comfort. As such a simple base, the ‘fit gets a boost from a pair of crew socks, which adds dimension and texture to the outfit. Pair your socks with sneakers and you’re ready for whatever the day throws at you.

2. Blazer And Leggings

Wearing your crew socks over leggings with an oversized blazer on top is the perfect running errands outfit when you still want to look put together and stylish. It’s a simple fit that can have you out the door in minutes, but the structured silhouette on top adds an elevated touch to the outfit. We love the blend of casual and sophisticated elements here, especially when you pair slouchy crew socks with chunky sneakers, and why not add a pair of sunglasses and a fancy bag to chic up the look even more?

Crew Socks Outfits For Lounging

1. Sweat Shorts And Sliders

When the lounging ‘fits are so good you don’t want to leave the house… well this is where crew socks excel. Just picture it, you wake up knowing you have a lazy lounge day ahead of you, so you slip into your soft sweat shorts, and slouchy tee, and pop on a fresh pair of crew socks, the only thing that’ll complete this fit is a pair of comfy sliders that hug your feet for a full day of relaxation!

2. Matching Sweats

Some cozy occasions call for being swaddled in a snuggly blanket all day, and sometimes they call for a matching sweatsuit… they’re kind of the something right? Cozy, comfy, and perfect for rest days, a matching hoodie and sweatpants are the crème de la crème of loungewear. We love the look of a pair of slouchy crew socks peeping out from underneath the cuff of your sweatpants, and besides our fluffy bed socks, they’re the best socks for lounging in.

Dress Up Your Crew Socks

1. With A Summer Dress

A more modern way to wear your crew socks is by dressing them up in expected ways. Sporty socks with a dress? It sounds like it wouldn’t work, but believe us when we say it does. Summer days often mean a lot time spent walking outdoors, so pop on a pair of crew socks with a short summer dress or sundress with sneakers or flats for comfy feet all day long. The classic option would be to wear sandals but adding a sporty sock jazzes up an outfit and quickly adds some interest to the look.

2. Preppy With Loafers

Crew socks feel right at home with preppy aesthetics, and in this case, we’ll stick to the status quo and lean right into that. For trendy preppy looks, think somewhere along the lines of a pleated tennis skirt and a polo or sporty shorts and an oxford button-up, the ‘fit is complimented even more when choosing a pair of crew socks and chunky loafers to step out in.

3. Crew Socks And Sandals

We’re ending with a controversial fashion combination… crew socks and sandals. Hold back on the cringe for one moment, socks and sandals have actually made a bit of a comeback, and that’s not just with flat sandals either. Yes, we think they pair beautifully with sliders and Birkenstocks, but we’re also seeing crew socks styled with heeled sandals and dresses for a playful take on a dressed-up outfit. Because why not? Fashion is meant to be fun, so why not start with your socks?

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