The Best High-Waisted Leggings For Every Workout
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The Best High-Waisted Leggings For Every Workout

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Are you really a fitness enthusiast if you haven’t been on a lifelong quest to find the best high-waisted leggings? Well, operation leggings-gate can end here.

All of us have optimistically taken a pair of leggings for a run only to find them rolling down our hips with every stride, or had the nuisance of having to adjust our waistband between squats. It’s truly the gym trope we wish to leave behind.

Why Choose High-Waisted Leggings?

Aside from the practicality of having leggings that actually stay up, high-waisted leggings are an undisputed winner when it comes to flattering workout outfits. It's hard not to love the extra support around the tummy and the figure-enhancing materials that fit like a glove.

We’re talking leggings that stay up through a circuit of burpees, box jumps and sprints. This isn’t the time for a low-waisted situation - you need a pair of leggings that stay put and allow you to move your best, without distractions.

The right pair of high-waisted leggings aren’t exclusive to working out either, as these pieces might just become your everyday wear. You know as well as us that when something fits comfortably, you can bet it’ll make the cut time and time again.

Whatever your preferences are, you'll find your fit. Whether you’re running up your Strava streak, or you’re committed to the P/P/L life, we’ve got the best high-waisted leggings to support all your workouts.

The 10 Best High-Waisted Leggings For Every Workout

The crem-da-le-crem of high-waisted leggings awaits you here. Designed for performance, comfort, and wearability, these are our best picks.

The Best High-Waisted Leggings For Yoga and Pilates

To support your flow, high-waisted leggings crafted in buttery soft fabrics that feel like a second skin are your go-to’s. With high-stretch fabrics to allow you to freely move to each corner of the mat, these are our best high-waisted leggings for Pilates and Yoga.

Elevate Leggings

Elevate high-waisted leggings are designed with an extra wide waistband that gently hugs you, for that Sunday feeling comfort every day of the week. The flush fit and second-skin feel of the Elevate Leggings are perfect for moving through each vinyasa flow and have enough stretch to be put to the test on the Reformer machine. If you want a pair of leggings you could wear all day without noticing, these are the ‘fit.

Training Leggings

The Training Collection is truly the choice for every workout, but we love this range for low-impact sessions like Yoga or Pilates. Simplicity defined, the Training Leggings are a staple for your workout classes and can be paired with matching bras, tops, and jackets from the same collection. Soft stretchy fabrics and a distraction-free design make these some of the best high-waisted leggings for Yoga and Pilates.

The Best High-Waisted Leggings For Running

Waistbands that won’t budge, and hidden pockets for housing your essentials? Yep, we’ve got all these features on the best high-waisted leggings for running the distance.

Sport Running Leggings

If your workouts look like running laps and giving your workout gear the test of endurance, the Sport Running Leggings are your winners. These vibrant high-waisted leggings feature mesh panel detailing and zip back pockets for your running essentials. With reflective logos to shine as you stride, and durable, sweat-wicking fabrics, you just got yourself a new running buddy.

Apex Seamless Leggings

Apex, it’s truly the most functional collection we offer, with heat and sweat-mapping ventilation, sweat-wicking materials, and a seamless distraction-free design, these are the leggings made to perform. Better still, this waistband is not going anywhere, which is why the Apex Seamless high-waisted leggings are perfect for runs, long or short, to get you to your destination feeling comfortable and secure with each step.

Bracing the cold for your weekly runs? We've got the perfect guide on what to wear for cold-weather running, so you can prepare to run the distance, no matter the weather.

The Best High-Waisted Leggings For Lifting

For each lift, you want the perfect high-waisted leggings that sit comfortably rep after rep, supporting you on your heaviest pulls, and sculpting your lower body gains.

GS Power Leggings

Mesh lines the inside of the waistband of the GS Power Original Leggings for added strength and breathability, which is designed to stay put with each lift. With a snug fit that holds you in all the right places while accentuating the places you want (cue the subtle bum scrunch). Power your pursuit with these high-waisted leggings with zero distractions, and full support.

Adapt Seamless Leggings

Looking for high-waisted leggings that come in a selection of styles, colors, and patterns so you can build the workout wardrobe of your dreams? Look no further, Adapt is that girl. Crafted in a thick, high-stretch seamless fabric, with a sky-high waistband, these leggings are one of the best to wear for weightlifting. Lift heavy and expect all-day comfort and sculpted support with Adapt.

The Best High-Waisted Leggings For Conditioning

Conditioning is anything you do today to make for a better you tomorrow. So whether that’s a spin class, hot yoga, a 5km run, or functional fitness, these are the best high-waisted leggings to support your progress.

Vital Seamless Leggings

Vital is your everyday legging. It’s the little black dress of the workout world, the legging that does it all. If you want a pair of high-waisted leggings for your HIIT workouts, spin classes, EMOM sessions, or rest days, Vital Seamless is the way to go. Contours compliment your shape, and a supportive ribbed waistband hugs you tightly, keeping you supported and secure through every movement. You’ll never get bored with the array of colors and styles to mix and match every day of the week.

Sweat Seamless Leggings

If you’re looking for an extremely snatched waist from your high-waisted leggings for the gym, look no further than Sweat. Featuring a unique curved waistband that dips just below the navel for an elongated effect, Sweat Seamless Leggings are designed to sculpt. Designed for your sweatiest workouts, they provide maximum durability through breathable technology so that you can push yourself to the limit with the freedom of movement, and security you need to smash your workouts.

The Best High-Waisted Leggings For Rest Days

For some, rest days demand softness and coziness as a priority. For others, functional designs that can be worn for active recovery, a walk to the farmers market, or a spontaneous yoga sesh is a must. So here are the high-waisted leggings to fit that bill.

Pause Seamless Leggings

Featured above: Pause Seamless Leggings in Maya Blue

Nothing screams nostalgia like the classic waffle fabric that honeycombs the Pause Seamless Leggings. Giving us all the soothing and comforting vibes these high-waisted leggings are perfect for moments of downtime. Soft, and stretchy, these bottoms are made for lounging. As stylish as they are comfortable, the Pause Leggings look just as good sported out on the sidewalk.

Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Everyday Pocket Leggings

Is athleisure your style for your rest days? We’re talking an oversized hoodie and a pair of high-waisted leggings that scream “I’m not training today but I want to look like I could be.” That’s where the Gymshark x Whitney Simmons leggings come in… made from the collection’s famous buttery, supple fabric and featuring a gently contoured waistband for the most comfortable fit. These high-waisted leggings also have pockets that are perfect for housing your essentials on your rest day outings.

Shop our collection of high-waisted leggings to sport however you move!

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