Socks Up Or Ankles Out?
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Socks Up Or Ankles Out?

clock-circular-outlinePosted 25 Oct 2021

Leggings and sweater season is back once again.

And with that comes the oh-so-controversial question...

Do leggings belong tucked into socks?

Well as splitting an opinion as it might be, pulling your socks over your leggings, or joggers is a popular way of bringing that fashiony-feel to your conditioning 'fits. Yes... we know not everyone wants to make a fashion statement with their workout 'fit, but if you do, then look no further!

The laid-back look has taken storm in the training community over the last few years... (some may say that Ben Francis himself spearheaded the trend - see here for ultimate inspo), and we know how much aesthetics drive many of your outfit choices, but what do you think?

Who knew socks were so important?

Aside from the important deets, like offering comfort and providing breathability, socks have the power to make or break an outfit.

Sounds daunting, but whatever your preference is, we've got you. We love to switch it up and get behind the trends we know you're loving. With the new season approaching why not explore how you can mix up your gym 'fits from the ground up?

Pull them socks up!

A trend that we are happy to see stay is a pair of sporty socks pulled way up over those leggings and joggers. There's something about throwing on your joggers and tucking them into a thick pair of crew socks that just makes you feel so comfy and secure. And a huge plus is that it hits the cool athleisure vibe right on the mark.

All you have to do is style a pair of crew-length socks with leggings and a hoodie, and the transition from the gym to casual chic is instantaneous. Whether it's a workout, or walking your dog, this is a look we know a lot of you are fans of, so check out some inspo below.

Ankles out everybody!

The original sporty look. We know it well, those ankle socks have seen us through sports days at school and remain a stable part of our sock collection to this day. It's that little bit of ankle showing that is somehow so flattering (and keep a little bit of heat out).

How a pair of leggings or joggers sit just above your shoe can - like magic - elongate the leg and highlight your sneaker choice for the day. The no-show or ankle-length sock is a firm fave in the sporting circles. Some of us just aren't keen on showing our socks, okay! Here's a few examples of some looks we love.

And for those of you who can't make your mind up between trainer socks and crew length socks, here's a special mention to... drumroll please, our trusty quarter-length socks!

So what do you think, should leggings belong tucked into socks?

Leave a comment below with your favorite style!

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