What Is #Gymshark66?

What Is #Gymshark66?

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Gymshark 66: Challenge Yourself To Change

Your journey starts now.

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They say it takes 66 days to form a habit; we believe it takes 66 days to change your life.

Whether you classify yourself to be a #Gymshark66 veteran, or you’re just here searching for a little bit of “new year, new me” inspiration ahead of the New Year, this article delves into what the Gymshark 66 challenge is, and why you should join the worldwide community committed to change.

What Is Gymshark 66?

Simply Put, #Gymshark66 is more than just a New Year's trend.

Gymshark 66 is the 66-day event where together, we challenge you to change your life by forming positive habits that will last a lifetime. Whether those habits are for your mind, your body, or your soul, Gymshark 66 celebrates every goal, and every step made towards it.

How To Take Part In Gymshark 66:

The rumours are true. Gymshark 66 is evolving and this year, we're going to be doing things a little differently. Whilst we still believe that it takes 66 days to change your life, we heard you loud and clear when you called for a more inclusive, supportive, and community-led initiative.

So, with this in mind, here's how #Gymshark66 is gonna work...

The Rulebook:
  1. Start #Gymshark66 Whenever You're Ready: seriously, whenever you're ready. January 1st? Well, it'd be rude not to. 3am on October 2nd? You might regret it in the morning, but go on then. Whenever you decide to start your journey, our family will be there to support you.

  2. Decide On Three Rules: this is your challenge to change. Decide on three rules that you want to stick to during the 66 days. This could be as simple as: drinking more water, doing one workout a week, and for the night-owls amongst us, going to sleep before the clock strikes midnight.

  3. Share Your Journey: this one isn't mandatory, but, during your 66-day challenge, we urge you to share your journey with the world. From workouts and progress pictures to paintings and new recipe creations - we want to see it all via the hashtag #Gymshark66.

66 - it really is that simple. There's no pledge, no legalities, and no crazy competitions this year. All you have to do is follow 3 rules for 66 days.

Wait. Make that 4 rules...

We're stronger when we're together.

Community is a huge focus for us (it's what Gymshark was built on after all), so we want to encourage you to show your support to other 66'ers throughout the year. Whether it's a kudos on a run, a comment on a post, or tips of encouragement when someone starts to hit that brick wall... it's the little things that make the biggest difference.

Join The Family. Share Your Journey. Support Your Community.

Because alone you get far, but together we go further.

Join The Gymshark Community Group

We can't lift the weight for you, but our community is full of people who can spot you on your journey.

Join the Gymshark Community Group on Facebook and discover a group of like-minded individuals who continuously show up for each other. Share your Gymshark 66 journey, and be a part of others', as our community takes on the challenge to better themselves in 66 days.

Download The Gymshark Training App

Looking to include a physical challenge as one of your three rules this 66? Download the Gymshark Training App and discover a new world of training that unites the Gymshark community in one central place.

Find home workouts at your fingertips and explore a library of over 360 workouts and 70 plans to suit every level. Create and customise workouts/plans that work for you and track every rep, and every set, to monitor your progress over the 66 days.

Not sure where to start? Look out for the new 'Gymshark 66' workout collection created just for you - launching on the Gymshark Training App from January 1st. Let's get to work.

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About #Gymshark66

Over the years, #Gymshark66 has been the catalyst to help hundreds of thousands of people develop a healthy lifestyle and try new skills, be that cooking or cleaning (of the barbell kind), starting their fitness journey or smashing their New Year goals.


This event isn’t just about fitness challenges and physical changes – Gymshark 66 is your ultimate challenge to change, and our family is here to support you in every way we can.

You could be looking for workout motivation to build muscle, become a healthier weight or train for a big sporting event. Maybe your goals are directed more towards your mind and soul, prioritising time for yourself to meditate or read, learn how to make more nutritious meals, or simply find more space to feel – and become – that little bit more creative.

No matter which 3 rules you choose to commit to, your goals for #Gymshark66 will help form habits, friendships and a family that will last a lifetime. Something which – to us at least – seems a lot more powerful than your average New Year’s resolution.

Your mindset, and the strength of your determination may be put to the test. On the days you don’t want to continue, remember, although you are doing this for yourself, you are not alone.

. . .

They say it takes 66 days to form a habit; we believe it takes 66 days to change your life...

Your excuse to not start this journey should not be seen as your limitation, but instead, as a reminder of the change you want to make.

#Gymshark66. Whenever You're Ready.

. . .

Join The Family.

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