What Is The #Gymshark66 Challenge?

They say it takes 66 days to form a habit; we say it takes 66 days to change your life. Join the worldwide community committed to change this January.

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What Is The #Gymshark66 Challenge?

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Gymshark 66: Challenge Yourself To Change

1st January 2021 - 7th March 2021

Try New, Try Now, Try Hard.

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They say it takes 66 days to form a habit; we believe it takes 66 days to change your life.

Whether you classify yourself to be a #Gymshark66 veteran, or you're just here browsing for a little bit of "new year, new me" inspiration, this article delves into what the Gymshark 66 challenge is, and why you should be joining the worldwide community committed to change this January.

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What Is Gymshark 66?

In short, #Gymshark66 is more than just a new year's trend.

Gymshark 66 is the 66-day event where together, we challenge you to change your life by forming positive habits that will last a lifetime. Whether those habits are for your mind, your body or your soul, Gymshark 66 celebrates every goal and every step made towards it.

The fact it's also a competition? With sick prizes? Well, that's just an added bonus.

How To Take Part In The Gymshark 66 Challenge:

  1. Sign Up to #Gymshark66 and download your free pledge card from our Gymshark 66 hub (available from December 8th). (You'll need two - one for your first image/entry and one for your final image/entry).

  2. Decide Your Try: maybe you want to try hard, and give an extra 10%? You could try new, and give something different a go? Or just try now, and start something you've been meaning to.

  3. Post Your Pledge: to make things official, you need to write down the goal that you want to achieve during the 66 days on a pledge card, or homemade sign, along with the date and #Gymshark66. Take a picture of yourself holding your pledge card and post this to your Instagram feed, Twitter feed, or the Gymshark Community Group Facebook Page between 00:00 GMT on December 8th 2020, and 23:59 GMT on December 31st 2020, with the tag @Gymshark and the hashtag #Gymshark66.

  4. Share Your Story: from the 1st January 00:00 (GMT), it’s time to start sharing your #Gymshark66 story (with at least two posts a week on your chosen social media channel!). Shout out the highs, share the lows and document every moment of progress towards your pledge. How you choose to share your story is up to you; just as long as you stick to the same social media channel and never forget to tag #Gymshark66 and @Gymshark.

  5. 66/66 Selfie: to formally complete your entry, you must upload your final #Gymshark66 photo to your chosen social media account by 23:59 GMT on March 7th 2021, with the tag @Gymshark and the hashtag #Gymshark66. This image must be of yourself holding up your second Gymshark 66 pledge card which states the date (March 7th) and #Gymshark66 on it.

During the 66 days, we urge you to share your journey with the world. From workouts and progress pictures to paintings and nutritious recipes - we want to see it all! Remember to tag us along the way!

*If you're unable to print off your Gymshark pledge card, please feel free to create your own! Just remember to include "Gymshark 66" and proof of date - this must be between December 8th-31st.

Please note that this competition does not officially start until January 1st, however, entries must be submitted between 8th-31st December 2020.

Gymshark 66 Pledge Card Example:

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About #Gymshark66

Your goals don't have to be heroic, they just have to be true to you.

Over the past three years, Gymshark 66 has been the catalyst to help hundreds of thousands of people develop a healthy lifestyle, begin a fitness journey, and learn a variety of new skills.


This event isn't just about fitness challenges and physical changes - Gymshark 66 is your ultimate challenge to change, and we're here to support you in every way we can. You could be looking for workout motivation to build muscle, become a healthier weight, or to train for a big sporting event. Or, maybe your challenge is directed more towards your mind and your soul... maybe you want to take more time to meditate or read, learn how to make nutritious meals, or simply find more space to feel and become that little bit more creative.

No matter what you choose to commit to, your goals for #Gymshark66 will help form habits that will last a lifetime. Something which - to us at least - seems a lot more powerful than your average New Year's resolution.

Your mindset, and the strength of your determination may be put to the test. On the days you don't want to continue, remember: although you are doing this for yourself, you are not alone. 

Through these 66 days, we pledge to help turn your losses into learnings because, we aren't united by our goals, but the journeys we take to achieve them together.

Last year, we asked you to find your reasons not to, and turn them into your reasons why.

This year for #Gymshark66 2021, we're asking you to try.

  • Try new, and put yourself outside of your comfort zone.

  • Try hard, and give an extra 10%.

  • Try now, and start something you've been meaning to.

Because if not now, when?
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Need Motivation? Introducing: The Gymshark66 Amazon Alexa Skill...

To support you in your Gymshark66 pledges, we've created an Amazon Alexa Skill to provide you with on-demand information, motivation & fun (we know you've been missing those zoom quizzes) that is delivered by our very own athletes!

We want to give our community a boost when you need it most and empower you to be the best version of yourself during #Gymshark66.

Click the image below to find out all the juicy deets.

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They say it takes 66 days to form a habit; we believe it takes 66 days to change your life.

In these 66 days, we challenge you to try new, try hard and try now.

Your excuse to not try, should not be seen as your limitation, but instead, as a reminder of the change you want to make.

#Gymshark66. Try me.

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