The Best Yoga Sports Bras For Your Next Studio Workout
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The Best Yoga Sports Bras For Your Next Studio Workout

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We like our yoga sports bras buttery soft, lightweight, and mat-friendly.

Yoga is about showing up for yourself and showing up to the mat. It’s a practice before a movement, but when you get into your flow, you want to move freely without any bulky or uncomfortable designs distracting you.

Yoga bras have always been some of the most stylish options on the market, as they tend to be designed for lower impact so can enjoy daintier details, lighter fabrics, and strappy designs.

But everyone’s downward dog looks different, and so does the support level you require as you move through your poses. So we’ve shared some tips on how to choose the right yoga sports bra and the best sports bras for your next studio workout.

How To Choose The Best Yoga Sports Bra

Choosing the best yoga sports bra relies on three things to help you feel and perform your best; design, style, and comfort.


Yoga bras tend to lend themselves to specific styles that enable maximum freedom of movement. It’s common for yoga goers to wear only a sports bra to class, especially so in hot yoga classes, and if your sports bra is what will be most on show, a trendy design is a must. With that in mind, yoga bras have some of the prettiest and unique designs such as strappy backs and bold patterns.

Strappy back bras are popular designs in the yogi world as the cut allows for ease of movement in your shoulders and back as you work through poses and stretches on the mat. Or you might like a longline style sports bra that doubles as a crop top, perfect for the yoga style with a pair of high-waisted leggings, and even better if you have a brunch catch-up booked for after your yoga class.

We love to pair a yoga sports bra with a matching pair of leggings like the Sweat Seamless and Longline Sports Bra, or if you have a plain sports bra, pair it with a patterned pair of leggings, or vice versa for a vibrant yoga look!


You might not think you need much support for your yoga classes, and in some ways, you’re right, as yoga is a low-impact activity that requires far less chest support than most exercises, like running or lifting. But if you have a larger chest or feel more comfortable with more support to prevent chest movement, you might want to opt for a medium or high-support sports bra. For those of you with smaller chests, opting for a low-support sports bra is fine for yoga as they still offer some compression but can feel comfier and less restrictive.

You can make your low-impact sports bras more supportive by tightening the straps for a more precise fit.


Feeling comfortable in your sports bra is non-negotiable when choosing a yoga sports bra. During a yoga class, you’ll be moving through a large range of motion and holding challenging poses for a while, so it’s essential to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. You can avoid structured or wired bras, and stay clear from chunky clasps, especially if you’ll be spending a lot of time on your back.

We’d recommend choosing lightweight fabrics, with breathable qualities like mesh panels or cutouts. One of our favorite choices for yoga is a sports bra that feels like a second skin, smooth to the touch, and with a seamless fit,m like our Longline Sports Bra.

Can I Wear A Normal Bra For Yoga?

A normal bra is not recommended for yoga - a sports bra will always be your best choice for every workout, even low-impact ones. While you might not be moving rigorously in your vinyasa class, your breasts are still moving a lot more than regular activity, so a normal bra will not provide ample support for you to perform your best. Sports bras are made for movement, and when you show up to your flow with intention, this includes having the right kit on, to keep yourself protected and supported so you can move your best.

We have plenty of low-impact sports bra options for yoga that feel like you’re wearing a normal bra, especially if your go-to daily bra is a soft triangle bra with padding. Curious? You’d love something like the Ruched Strappy Sports Bra for your yoga workouts.

Best Sports Bras For Yoga

The best sports bras for yoga are the perfect culmination of style, comfort, and support. Low-support and medium-support sports bras that let you move with ease, and look good doing so. From strappy sports bras and longline numbers to daring low-coverage yoga sports bras, we’ve got them all.

Strappy Sports Bras For Yoga

Strappy sports bras just make sense for yoga, they provide the correct support for the activity, look ultra-stylish, and are lightweight and easy to move in.

Ruched Strappy Sports Bra

This is the big sister to the Minimal Sports Bra, with the same stylish v-neck design but with a little more coverage. It features a cinched design on the front like our Ruched Sports Bra, but turn around and there’s a whole party in the back. We’re talking a strappy back that webs into a 4-way design with an adjustable slider that can be moved up and down to create different strap shapes.

Strap Feature Sports Bra

Sporty? Strappy? Check! It’s the Strap Feature Sports Bra. This is one of our newest sports bras designed with a double strap design to the front and medium support that really gives your girls a boost. The strappy back is made up of a flattering middle strap and two side straps that highlight your traps. Lightweight and breathable, with a stay-put underband, this medium-support yoga sports bra is great for more energetic classes.

Strappy Back Light Supports Bra

Now this is one pretty yoga sports bra, if we do say so ourselves. You’ll love the flattering v-neck, unique strappy design and gorgeous array of color options. It’s a light support sports bra with a decorative strappy back for a stylish finish and adjustable straps for comfort and support. It’s perfect for yoga with a lightweight feel that feels comfortable to wear even in your most intense hot yoga sessions. The one-piece foam cup also helps with keeping your boobs in place as you move.

Find out how to style your strappy sports bras with open-back tops to get the most out of your workout wardrobe, and sport the cutest yoga fits.

Longline Yoga Sports Bras

Longline sports bras are great yoga bras for those of you who like to wear your sports bras in replacement of a top, as they offer more coverage than traditional sports bras. They look great as part of a matching yoga set too.

Longline Sports Bra

Our Longline Sports Bra is your classic yoga-style bra that features a pull-on design, a square neckline, and wider straps. It’s made with a buttery soft fabric that we know you’re all big fans of for your low-impact exercises. It provides medium support with a stay-put underband and longer length for more coverage. The design is minimal but effective, and the single-color designs can be mixed and matched for endless yoga ‘fits.

Elevate Longline Sports Bra

You know that awesome feeling when you wake up on a Sunday for a full day of wellness, matcha, and hot yoga class included? Elevate embodies that, with all the right details to make us feel confident and comfortable as we seize the day. Utilizing a bralette style design, it has a longer length for more coverage, and beautiful ruched details to the front and back. We also have a little strappy back moment too (yay). Crafted from our soft recycled RLSE™️ fabric, it balances support and stretch perfectly so you can move freely.

Pair with the matching Elevate Leggings or Shorts for a sleek matching look.

Sweat Seamless Longline Sports Bra

Enter your go-to hot yoga sports bra; Sweat. If you haven’t guessed it by the name, this collection is enhanced with a breathable fabric durable enough to survive your sweatiest yoga sessions. It provides light support which makes it perfect for yoga, and the longer length design gives you more torso coverage, but not only this, it sits higher above the bust for more chest coverage too. With sleek thin straps and a strappy-back design, it looks incredible from the front and the back.

Low-Coverage Yoga Sports Bras

Low-coverage yoga sports bras are for the girlies with smaller chests, who don’t mind baring a bit more skin, or enjoy a more minimal design. They tend to offer lower support so it might not work for those of you with bigger busts.

Minimal Sports Bra

Our very own showstopper, the Minimal Sports Bra has made waves on social media with the lifting girlies, but it’s perfect for yoga too. It offers low support, and low coverage too, with an itty-bitty triangle-style design that is free of cups (so don’t expect much support here). But it’s so cute, with two spaghetti straps that join at the back and fan out into a 4-way strappy back design. Bonus; it can also be worn as a halterneck bra which is perfect for seeing your form and muscles in your back!

Adapt Fleck Seamless Halterneck Bralette

We describe this as a low-coverage sports bra because while it does cover your chest, your entire décolletage is out, which can feel quite exposing for some. But it’s oh-so-flattering, especially if you want to show off your chest and shoulder muscles, as the halter-neck design acts as a spotlight to the gains. It provides low support but has adjustable straps for you to find the perfect fit. It’s a perfect yoga bra to pair with the matching Adapt Fleck Seamless Shorts… prepare for the compliments.

Yoga Tops With Built-In Padding

Maybe wearing sports bras alone isn’t your thing, but tops with built-in padding are. We’ve got you covered.

Halter Neck Cami With Shelf

This is a gorgeous top for yoga that comes with a built-in shelf bra to keep you supported through your vinyasas. We love the flattering halterneck design that exposes the back and your hard work. It sits at a midi-length so will meet your high-waisted leggings seamlessly for a fully covered look, or you could easily roll the top up or your leggings down if you want a bit of tummy on show.

Asymmetric Tank With Shelf

Similar to the above, but with an asymmetric one-shoulder design, this top with a built-in bra might feel a bit risque for those with bigger chests, but if you’re keen to try it out, there’s no better safe space to do so than a slow-yoga class.

Everyday Shelf Cami Tank

Have we just found the perfect everyday tank? No need for a bra when there’s one built in, and with a sleek figure-hugging fit, what more can we ask for? Wear to your yoga class, then off to run errands and feel comfortable, confident, and well-supported throughout your day.

Feeling confident you know what style of yoga sports bra you want, but unsure of your sizing still? Discover how to measure and find the correct sports bra size with our sports bra sizing guide.

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