The Best Sports Bras To Wear With Open Back Tops
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The Best Sports Bras To Wear With Open Back Tops

clock-circular-outlinePosted 18 Nov 2022

The backless top… it’s cute, that’s a fact. We see you out there taking those 'fit pics with the dark gym lighting bouncing off your sculpted back muscles, and... we’re into it.

The backless vibe is a standalone moment on its own, and we don’t want to take away from that. After all, you’ve not been skipping back days at the gym for a reason, and those gains deserve to be flaunted. But, there's no denying that figuring out what sports bra to wear with your backless top has probably crossed your mind once or twice.

Because, while you might be rocking a little backless moment out of the gym, you - and your girls - are probably going to want some support while exercising.

Lucky for you, we’ve got just the guide - because we know your workout 'fits are a fashion moment in themselves. So, keep reading to explore the best sports bra options to make your backless workout tops pop.

What Sports Bra Should I Wear With Open Back Workout Tops?

If you’re heading down to your local pilates studio or have a hot yoga class booked in, you might be down to sport one of our more fitted backless workout tops, bra free (like the Pause Open Back Top). But, whilst you may feel comfortable doing this for low-impact movements or during rest days, if you’re amping up the activity and doing anything moderate to high-intensity, you might want to pair a sports bra with your backless workout top.

Meet our selection of sports bras to perfectly accompany your open-back workout tops. Think cutouts and strappy detailing; we've got the picks we know you love to sport on the gym floor.

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Strappy Sports Bras

We’ve got a few options for those who love the strappy sports bra look. If you’re a fan of spaghetti straps, cami tops, and halter necks, your motto whilst shopping is probably ‘the thinner the strap, the better’. So here goes...

The Minimal Bra

We love the barely-there vibe of the Minimal Sports Bra with its flattering halter silhouette. There’s a party in the back with this sports bra as 4 removable straps gather in one section and spiderweb out, creating a detailed strappy back that looks great peeping through an open back top.

You could also pair the Studio Tank over the strappy Minimal Bra, and tap into the subversive basics style with a layered strappy moment.

Sweat Seamless Sports Bra

The Sweat Seamless Sports Bra offers an elegant take on all your low-impact activities. The simple bra can be easily dressed up for a casual out-of-hours look, especially when worn under a baggy shirt or with some baggy sweat shorts and sliders. The creme de le creme of this strappy sports bra style is the sleek Y-back silhouette which looks attractive when peeking through an open back workout top.

WTFlex Sports Bra

For something with a little more pazazz, the Wtflex Cyborg Seamless Sports Bra has more than you bargained for. With asymmetric strappy back detailing, checkerboard fabric, and a large Gymshark wordmark on the back, this is the strappy sports bra to pair with your backless top when you want to make a statement.

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Open Back Sports Bras

Open Back Sports Bra

Now for something that offers a bit more support than the minimal style strappy bras. Yes, it’s not always we can get away with a low-impact or medium-impact bra, sometimes we need just a bit more support - keeping design aesthetics in mind, of course.

Because you should be able to wear your backless tops without ruining the look with a bulky bra, and this is where the Open Back Sports Bra for higher impact movements comes in. It supports you optimally whilst looking pretty with a large open back cutout that creates the perfect foundation for exposed layering.

Minimal Sports Bra

You've hit the jackpot with the Minimal Sports Bra, as not only do you have yourself the perfect strappy back bra but a backless number too! What, why, how!? Because the straps on the minimal sports bra are actually removable, meaning you can transform the piece into the long-awaited backless sports bra of your dreams!

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Open Back Tops For Working Out In

This is where your workout wardrobe gets fun. Backless workout tops of course can be worn alone, and as you’ve read above, there are plenty of sports bra options for when you need more support.

But the real question is, what backless tops are available for you?

Open Back Tanks

First up is the GS Power Open Back Tank, which has a crossover detailed back with a large almond-shaped opening that allows your sports bra to peek through. For fans of big lifts and even cuter cutout detailing from their gym 'fits, look no further than GS Power Ribbed Midi Tank, an open-back tank perfect for showing off those mid lats.

Open Back T-Shirts

It’s time to hit the yoga mat with the Studio T-Shirt that features a floaty open-back v-design. Its relaxed, slouchy fit is perfect for moving through your stretches without restriction and the open back provides even more comfort through additional ventilation.

Open Back Long Sleeve Tops

While there's a place for basics, it's also nice to have items in your wardrobe with details that make them stand out from the rest. Much like the Pause Open Back Top which is complimented with a delicate criss-cross open back for a relaxed and airy feel for your workouts and rest days.

Our wild card, and new to the roster, is the Adapt Camo Seamless Lace Up Back Top - which honestly looks like something you could wear from the squat rack to date night. This open back workout top is designed with aesthetics in mind, and the adjustable lace back can be tied in a bow… you know, just to make your workout ‘fits that ‘lil bit cuter.

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Gymshark Stylist, Brona, Explains How To Style Your Backless Sports Bra With An Open Back Top

To create the best workout fits to get you feeling pumped and confident for your next session, we asked Gymshark Stylist, Brona Cooley, to share her exclusive tips for styling strappy and backless sports bras with open back tops. She also gave us some bonus styling tips; keep reading to find out!

“Unsure of how to style your many sports bras? Let’s face it, we always want to buy more but why not make use of what you’ve got & wear it in a different way? Here are some of my fave ways you can change up how you wear your favorite sports bra…”

“Pairing one of our bright-colored Sweat Seamless Sports Bras under a cut-out top like our Sweat Seamless Midi Tank is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe, especially if you’re an ‘all black’ kinda gal.”

“If you are looking to introduce color into your gym wardrobe but are not sure where to start, adding a bright-colored bra could just be all you need. Pairing one of our WTFlex Sports Bras under a sheer t-shirt, like our Training Oversized T-Shirt or an open-back t-shirt like our Studio T-Shirt makes the sports bra less “bold” compared to when wearing it alone.”

“If t-shirts aren’t your thing & prefer vests/tanks, why not pair a Minimal Bra with one of our Trading Brandmark Tanks or Power Tanks? The strappy detail on the back of the bra will show through effortlessly!”

“Trying to figure out your transitional gym looks? Then why not pair one of our Minimal Sports Bras with a pair of joggers? Perfect for an upper body day in the gym as you’re able to keep those legs warm but still show that pump in the gym!”

“Take the straps off our Minimal Sports bra for a backless look or alternatively put both straps of the sports bra onto the same shoulder to create an asymmetric look.”


When you’ve repped out to the max during back days in the gym to achieve a sculpted back, you deserve to show it off, and there’s no better way of doing so than with an open-back workout top.

We've laid out the guide for sports bra and open back top combos, but have we missed a trick? Tell us what sports bras you'd wear with an open back top!

Not sure what bra size you are or need some help finding your perfect fit? Take a look at our guide to sports bra sizing and how you can get the best fit from your sports bras.

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