The Best Men's Gym Shorts For Your Next Workout
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The Best Men's Gym Shorts For Your Next Workout

clock-circular-outlinePosted 7 Jul 2022

From the outset, choosing your next pair of gym shorts should be a pretty straightforward affair – but there's plenty to consider before taking the plunge...

Shorts come in all shapes and sizes, built for various exercises; whether you're looking for freedom of movement for your next conditioning workout or showing off your swole pins during leg day is a top priority, getting the perfect fit is vital (excuse the pun).

So whatever your goal, and however you train, having the best gym shorts for your workout can help in more ways than one.

In this article, we've put together our top picks of the best gym shorts for men, to suit every style of training.

Article Contents:

  1. Choosing The Right Gym Shorts For You

  2. The Best Running Shorts

  3. The Best Functional Shorts

  4. The Best Bodybuilding Shorts

  5. The Best Sports Shorts

  6. The Best Olympic Lifting Shorts

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Gym Shorts For You


This is all about the length of the short. Starting from a 3-inch inseam up, the length of the inseam can affect your workout experience – generally, gym shorts are designed to aid the movements the short was designed for. For example, running shorts typically have a shorter inseam to prevent restriction, reduce weight, aid airflow and improve aerodynamics.


The material of your gym shorts impacts your workout in multiple ways. High breathability allows for better airflow, whilst high-stretch, sweat-wicking fabrics ensure maximum comfort during your most demanding of workouts.


Slim fit or loose? Your preference doesn't define you. It's whatever you feel most comfortable in. A slim fit keeps the material closer to your body, minimising distractions – whilst the loose fit flows freely with every movement.

The Best Running Shorts

Gymshark Speed 2-in-1

When it comes to running clothes, it's all about lightweight garms, allowing your body to stay cool and move freely – and that's no different when looking for the best running shorts.

The Speed Evolve shorts feature lightweight materials and a zero-distraction construction, helping you stay cool, dry and ready to focus on nothing but your goals. 

Also available with a shorter, 3-inch inseam, and a variety of colourways.

Not feeling the 2-in-1 vibes? We've got you, both the 3-inch and 5-inch Speed Evolve running shorts are available without the baselayer insert, too!

The Best Functional Training Shorts

Gymshark Apex Perform

When your training intensifies, you need performance wear that can step up.

That’s where Apex comes in.

With 4-way-stretch material to support the hardest of your movements, the Apex 5" Perform Short leaves you free to focus on your best performance yet - no distractions, no exceptions.

If the 5-inch inseam shows a little too much leg for your liking, you can also grab the Apex shorts with an 8-inch inseam.

The Best Bodybuilding Shorts

Gymshark Power

Are you old school? Love the big oversized tees and plimsoll trainers... Then cotton shorts must be your thing?

The Power collection pays homage to the old-school fit of the golden era, and the shorts are no exception. Cut to a 5-inch inseam to showcase your hard-earned muscle, and allow the body to move freely through your workout, no matter the exercise.

Explore the ultimate bodybuilding shorts.

Want a longer inseam? Check out the Gymshark Legacy shorts.

The Best Sports Shorts

Gymshark Sport

Team player or solo competitor – your choice of shorts could be the difference when push comes to shove. The pique fabric is lightweight, comfortable and durable, keeping you cool and keeping up with however you play. Oh, and it’s super comfortable too.

Sleek angled panels and colour pops provide a classic sport aesthetic. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re playing to win or playing for fun - take playing seriously.

The Best Olympic Lifting Shorts

Gymshark 315

You can't Olympic Lift without mobility, and the bottom of a snatch is not just a test for our body, but our shorts too. This means you need shorts that can handle the pressure, and that move with the body without being restrictive.

The Gymshark 315 is all about lifting at your best, from repping out deadlifts to PR'ing your next clean.

If the second-skin fit isn't your thing, then the freedom of movement that the Studio and Apex shorts provide may be just what you're looking for.

Want to see our entire range of Gymshark Shorts? Click here to explore our shorts for men.

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