The Best Gifts For Runners
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The Best Gifts For Runners

clock-circular-outlinePosted 1 Nov 2022
According to someone who runs for fun...

Running. It's a simple concept: we lace our shoes, invest in a good playlist, and then put one foot in front of the other - pounding the pavement until our legs hurt, our lungs burn, and we find ourselves with a clear mind, back to where we started.

Now, to someone who doesn't run, that can sound pretty miserable. But, trust us, every runner - of every distance - has their own reason for clocking the miles on a weekend park run, or competing for that "local legends" status on Strava.

So, the reason you're here... we're guessing, is because you've been challenged with finding a gift for the runner in your life. Even if you don't quite understand the reason behind why they run, finding a selection of the best gifts for runners can be difficult. That's why we're here. Keep scrolling, and let us guide you through some of the best gifts for the runners in your life.

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All you need for every mile.

The Ultimate List Of Gift Ideas For Runners

From advice on the best running leggings and shorts to gift this season, to a selection of accessories that will have the runner in your life gleaming with joy and lacing their kicks immediately, discover everything a runner needs to perform and feel their best this season. These are our best gifts for runners, 2022:

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The Best Accessories To Gift Runners


  • Best Gifts For Runners Who Loop Around The Block

It’s not always easy to find a running hat that fits well, or actually stays on your head whilst you run up, down, and round the block, but we might just have the answer, and it could be one of the best gifts for runners this year.

Made from an incredibly lightweight, sweat-wicking and stretchy fabric, the Gymshark 5 Panel Cap features a wide sweatband to help keep the head of your intended giftee cool and dry on their runs, whilst a reflective bungee cord to the back of the cap allows them to easily adjust the size, and be seen whilst running in the dark.

Perfect for those who like to run around the block, or for those who prefer to run without a running belt, the cap also features a hidden zip pocket that’s just the right size to store a key.


  • Best Gifts For Runners In Cold Climates

If you’re trying to find a gift for a runner who has absolutely everything, a pair of gloves might just be their holy grail. Ideal for those who run in colder climates, or who are training for an autumn/winter race, the Gymshark Gloves – available in three sizes – are made from a soft, snug fabric which helps to block out the chill, allowing your giftee to stay warm whilst they increase their miles.

Oh, and did we mention that these gloves also have touch-screen compatible detailing so that they can use their smartphone and take pictures for their Strava upload on their run?


  • Best Gifts For Runners Who Want To Improve Their Performance

When it comes to running gifts, it might be hard to imagine how something that’s essentially a reinforced rubber band can enhance the performance of someone who runs regularly, but when it comes to building strength effectively, the Gymshark Heavy Glute Band will soon become the gift - and the piece of equipment - that the runner in your life won’t be able to do without.

Really want to impress the runner you're gifting? Here's 6 strength exercises to improve running performance that they'll be able to do with help from a resistance band, a barbell, and a couple of free weights.

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The Best Clothing Gifts For Runners | Women


  • Best Gifts For Runners Of All Abilities

Sure. They can run in any old pair of leggings. But a great pair of running leggings will stay in place without falling down, allowing the person you're gifting to focus on their run rather than holding their leggings up.

Enter, the Speed Leggings. Whilst they may seem simple in their appearance, the Speed Leggings are a multi-functional must when it comes to warmth against seasonal wind-chill.

Designed with a lightweight, high-stretch fabric that moves seamlessly with each stride taken, whilst waistbands have been engineered to support the runner no matter the distance - offering a comfortable, unrestrictive fit, that stays put.


  • Best Gifts For Runners Who Want Support From Their Sports Bra

Though it might seem a little bit of a strange present to give, a high-support sports bra is one of the most beneficial gifts for female runners. According to research, not wearing a supportive sports bra whilst you run can actually cause irreversible damage to your breasts.

So, if they're serious about running, why not gift the runner in your life one of our new High Impact Sports Bras? Designed to help minimise bounce during high-impact activities like running, the bras have been jam-packed with innovative new features to allow your giftee to customize the fit of the bra to ensure they're getting the most support when they clock up the miles.

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The Best Clothing Gifts For Runners | Men


  • Best Gifts For Runners Who Like To Feel The Breeze

Despite the runner in your life loving his faithful tracksuit bottoms, there comes a time that calls for getting the pins out, and when that day comes, having a pair of lightweight running shorts is key.

When searching for the best running shorts to gift, we'd recommend looking for a pair with an adjustable internal drawstring for a customisable fit. The Sport 3" Shorts are our current favorite - featuring lightweight materials and a zero-distraction construction to help your giftee stay cool, dry and ready to focus on nothing but their goals and the run ahead.

If you don't think you can get away with gifting a 3-inch inseam, you can also grab the Sport Shorts in a 5-inch inseam


  • Best Gifts For Runners Of All Abilities

Our gift recommendation? The Arrival Tee. As with most clothes for running, the best running tops are engineered to be as comfortable, breathable and sweat-wicking as possible - ensuring that the runner can get in the miles without distraction or the risk of chafe.

When looking for the best gift for runners, look out for certain product features such as flat seams and angled pieces of fabric that help prevent friction. Mesh panels and perforated detailing in high-sweat areas (your back and underarms) will also continuously help to wick sweat away.


  • Best Gifts For Runners Of All Seasons

If you're looking specifically for Christmas gifts for runners, one of our top recommendations is a running jacket. No matter where they live, or the distance they run, most runners can benefit from owning a variety of jacket silhouettes throughout the year.

Whether it's as simple as extra layer with reflective detailing on during the colder, slightly frostier morning runs or a lightweight windbreaker to help beat the winter evening chills as the seasons change; owning a durable running jacket with easy storage to keep their valuables safe is a great gift idea for runners.

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Discover our latest collection of gift guides here at Gymshark Central. From the best gifts for weightlifters, to the best gift ideas for the everyday athlete in your life, we’ve linked all our favorite things for you to gift this season.

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