No Matter The Sport, These Are Our 14 Best Gifts For Athletes 2022
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No Matter The Sport, These Are Our 14 Best Gifts For Athletes 2022

clock-circular-outlinePosted 21 Oct 2022

There’s no doubt that with all the hard work and long hours they put into training, the athletes in your life deserve the best gifts you can get your hands on this season. Your gifts for athletes should be practical and functional, so why not show just how much you get them this Winter?

Even with the worsening weather, these are the individuals who are waking up at unholy hours to hit the pitch, park, track, or studio. The ones who have a game scheduled every week, without fail. The people you're there to support through every win, draw, and loss.

Whatever the activity, sports lovers and fitness fanatics lead with passion and dedication. So with the festive season approaching, why not match that with the perfect gift for your athlete's pursuits?

We all love to receive presents, but feigning excitement when you’re gifted something you know you won’t use, is an act we’ve become far too accustomed to. So, let us talk you through the best gifts for athletes so you can take some of the pressure off yourself, and get it right, the first time around.


If you're stuck for gifting ideas or left it a tad too late, don't worry, we've got the best winter essentials to gift the athletes in your life to keep them warm and cozy and prepared for the toughness of training during the cold season!


We've got it covered. Discover everything athletes need to perform and feel their best; in session, during training days, home workouts, traveling, and on their much-needed rest days. Here's our pick of the best gifts for athletes:

Best Clothing Gifts For Athletes

Zip Pullovers

For the commute to early morning training sessions on the pitch, or a break of dawn swim, lightweight, comfy pullovers are the go-to to throw on over their kit, and a zip-up pullover is a perfect item to play that role. We have a range of 1/4 zip tops and 1/2 zip pullovers for that sporty look, so your giftee can arrive at their training session kitted out and ready to get warmed up and ready for action.

Oversized Hoodie

If you're used to seeing the person you're gifting in oversized college hoodies and sweatshirts representing the sports teams they support, you'll know where we're going here... That's to say that an oversized hoodie simply becomes a staple item in an any athlete's wardrobe, especially for keeping cozy in winter. They're most likely not doing any sport when you see them in one, so it'd be nice to refresh their lounging options by gifting them a comfy hoodie in a thick heavy fabric ... especially if they left college a while back.

Double Layered Shorts

When you think of gifts for athletes, you'll probably think of high-performance gear; and what better than a pair of 2-in-1 shorts to take them through their lengthy training sessions with little movement and irritation? Double-layered shorts add an extra layer of protection and support whilst playing sports because there's nothing worse than running around and trying to concentrate on the game when your shorts keep riding up!

Gift bundle idea: Combine a pair of double-layered shorts to wear over base layer leggings for Winter sports.

Base Layers

A must for colder months of training, baselayers provide a well-needed layer of warmth whilst remaining breathable. Base Layers provide additional support for high-impact movements, especially our Control Baselayer Leggings, which are crafted using premium materials so the athletes in your life can perform their best in clothing that feels the best.

High-Support Bra

Purposeful training requires the right amount of support, and this is where your gifting skills come in. For some reason, a well-fitting supportive bra is often an item amiss in many fitness lovers' wardrobes. So it makes sense to gift this to an athlete who you know plays high-impact sports or trains for many hours at a time. Made from lightweight, breathable fabrics, this high-support bra molds to the body comfortably, allowing for full focus during the training session.

Track Pants

Track pants are a must to gift a fitness lover as they're an essential piece for working out and resting in. Our woven joggers feel weightless and allow for freedom of movement so performance efforts can be maximized. Just as important to every athlete is rest, so a pair of baggy sweatpants will also be greatly appreciated for their recovery days on the sofa or leisurely walking.

Track pants are ideal for wearing over a pair of leggings for cold-weather running too. For more tips on what to wear for cold-weather running, check out our winter running guide.

Best Accessory Gifts For Athletes

Now, if you're on the fence about gifting something big and flashy, you'll never go wrong with something small and thoughtful, like an accessory gift for athletes.

Phone Strap

Getting in the zone for training most often starts with a motivational playlist full of their favorite songs, right? So why not make their practice sessions easier with our phone strap that wraps around their arm and features a functional touch screen so they can easily skip or repeat songs and keep their head in the game.

Water Bottles

It's important to stay hydrated during activity, and honestly, it's made a lot easier to do so when you have a water bottle you love. We have a number of water bottles (even ones with straws) - large and small for whatever activity and shaker bottles for upping their protein intake. The bright colors available help when it comes to getting bottles mixed up too!

Hair Accessories

If you've stood on the sidelines watching their games before and noticed their hair flailing in their face mid-action, you probably felt an immediate urge to help. Well, now you can. Minimize distractions for your giftee with our Sharkhead Headband that pushes hair off the face and keeps it in place. Made from toweling fabric which helps to absorb sweat, this is a perfect gift for training days. Now for a little aesthetic moment, our scrunchies make a great gift for long locks, for when they want to tie their hair up but make it look cute.

Holdall Bag

Now, what's to hold all these new accessories they've received? A holdall bag, of course. This is the perfect size bag to gift an athlete as it's sure to fit all their training gear with enough room to spare. We've got plenty of colors to choose from in our Everyday Gym Holdall Bag so you can tailor your gift to your person's style and preferences.

Studio Mat

We know how important recovery is for athletes. When you're training hard and exhausting your muscles, recovering quickly is probably top of the list. So whether it's restorative yoga, foam rolling, or mobility drills, this studio mat can be host to them all. Even better, it's made from natural rubber, which means less slipping and more stretching.

Stackable Lunch Boxes

When your athlete loved one is traveling to games, training for long hours, or just trying to keep on track of their nutrition every day, they're going to want to refuel themselves with healthy and nutritious food. So they'd be happy to receive a stackable lunch box to transport their healthy goods. Inspired by Japanese Bento Boxes, we love this gift idea as its many compartments mean more room for more food variety... a tickbox for getting in their macros and micros!

Best Gifts For Athletes: Equipment

Pull-Up Bar

Gift your athlete a pull-up bar to install at home, so they never have to miss out on training sessions. If they're aiming to improve strength by mastering pull-ups and chin-ups, then why not help them build a pull-up bar unit in the comfort of their own home? Our favorite options are pull-up bars that can be hooked right into a door frame for easy installation and even easier reps.

TRX System

TRX systems are a great piece of equipment to use for improving core strength, dynamic stretching and mobility, balance, and flexibility. So if you're giftee is serious about progressing in their activity of choice, they're most likely working to develop physical strength and functional movement. Suspension trainers provide a one-stop-shop for strength, cardio, and mobility exercises and can be set up in seconds with door anchors. This can also be packed up and used while traveling for additional convenience.

With this roundup, you can be sure to find the perfect gift to win over the athletes in your life. If you just happen to have a super active circle around you and have a weightlifter on your gift list too, you can take a look at our gift guide for weightlifters!


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