Brace Yourself: Your Guide To The Best Gifts For Weightlifters
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Brace Yourself: Your Guide To The Best Gifts For Weightlifters

clock-circular-outlinePosted 18 Oct 2022

You've reached the right place for all the lifting essentials to gift the weightlifters in your life.

The best gifts for weightlifters should be items they actually use during their workouts, help them perform their best, recover faster and crush their goals.

Whether they're a recreational lifter, training for competition day, well-versed in the bodybuilding community, our list of weightlifting gifts cover all bases, to make your gift shopping journey a little easier this year.

We all know that one person that spends way more hours in at the gym than they do at home... after all, we are a community that gives our full undivided attention to our heavy lifts and big pulls.

Unfortunately for you, this means that trying to squeeze into their schedules to gain a good grasp on what to gift them might be a tough feat.

Fitness gifts aren't as complicated as their 5 day splits, here's what exactly what to get a weightlifter as a gift this season.

What to get a weightlifter as a gift?

Activewear pieces are a foolproof gift for your weightlifting loved ones. Stringer vests, muscle fit tees, high-waisted leggings, and oversized tees - it's the weightlifters uniform. So why not add to the gym lover's wardrobe with a clothing gift that has meet me at the squat rack written all over it. After all hitting PBs is achieved by hard work and dedication, an accomplishment made a whole lot easier when you feeling yourself in your gym 'fit.

But let's not forget the smaller gifts, the stocking fillers even. As he lifting lifestyle is also accompanied by a lot of accessories to help with their progressions, like wrist straps for protection during their heaviest deadlifts, or shaker bottles for a pre-workout pump.

So let us take some of the weight off your shoulders as we guide you through the best gifts for the weightlifters in your life.

Left it to the last minute to buy a gift? Don't fret, we've got the lowdown on the best clothing and accessories to gift for lifting and layering this season.

Our Guide To The Best Gifts For Weightlifters

This year we've curated specialized gift guides for the recipients of your goodwill to ensure you get the smug validation as your giftee excitedly unwraps their new favorite gift. Here's the list of our best gifts for weightlifters.

Best Lifting Accessory Gifts For Weightlifters

Lifting Belt

The weightlifter and the barbell is a love story incomplete without a lifting belt. The best accessory to gift a weightlifter who's serious about lifting heavy and recording personal bests is a lifting belt to help with their posture and position whilst lifting. We're big fans of classic leather lifting belts, especially ones that are lovingly handcrafted; not only do they provide optimal support whilst lifting, they will last for decades too.

Weightlifting Socks

Is your giftee coming home with grazes and bruises on their legs after every pull session? Don't worry, it's not that serious, just the price a lot of weightlifters pay for progressing their deadlifts. These Weightlifting Socks are designed with front padding on the shins and terry knit on the feet for optimal protection from that hard-hitting barbell.

Lifting Straps

Here's something you can gift to a weightlifter to throw in their gym bag for those heavy lifting sessions that might require some extra support gripping the barbell. Lifting Straps can help to reduce lifting fatigue and protect the hands, so if you're getting complaints from your giftee about callouses on their hands, they're sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness behind this gift (maybe throw in a hand cream too).

Discover more on the benefits of lifting straps, wrist wraps, and lifting gloves before you gift the weightlifter in your life.

Knee Sleeves

No matter how strong they are, our bodies can't always be in tip-top condition, especially after regular high-impact activities. There may come a time the weightlifters in your life need a bit of knee support for their heavy lifts! This is where our neoprene knee sleeves come in, designed to compress the knee to provide support for the joints whilst lifting heavy weights.

Gymshark knee sleeves come in a whole range of sizes from S-XXL, you've got the perfect gift for those who skip leg days... and those who don't.

Shaker Bottles

Weightlifting enthusiasts usually have a cohort of shaker bottles on rotation, whether it's for a pre-workout buzz, BCAA's to boost recovery, or a post-training protein shake, this is an essential item for them. They'll love our selection of plastic shaker bottles that come with metal mixer balls for the smooth blending of their muscle-building supplements. Any regular gym goer is going to love this gift, and if you're thinking of where they may store their bottles en route to the gym, we'd recommend gifting one of our Everyday Gym Bags that come with large bottle holding compartment for easy transportation.

For more ideas on the best bags to gift to weightlifters, check out our ultimate guide to the best workout bags.

White Crew Socks

There's not much to say here, a good pair of White Crew Socks sell themselves. An essential accessory for a gym fit, our crew socks feature spongey cushioning and stretch to support your foot lift after lift. With the rate our socks mysteriously disappear, although seemingly basic, receiving a good pair of socks as a gift never disappoints.

Percussion Massager Device

The DOMs don't have to brutalize your loved ones any longer than they need to when in possession of a percussion massager device to go to town on those sore muscles. We're big fans of the lightweight percussion massager device to relieve tension and stiffness after a big lifting session. The only con here is they might guess what it is from the shape of the packaging...

. . .

Best Gifts For Weightlifters: Mens

Starting off, we've got our picks of the best men's gifts for weightlifters. From stringers and shorts to the all-important pump cover, let the weightlifters in your life lift in style this season.

Best Men's Tops For Weightlifting

Power Washed Stringer Vest

Get a taste for the '90s bodybuilding look with the Power Washed Stringer. Pecs out for good measure! We've mirrored the old-school weightlifting designs by using a vintage style heavy-washed fabric and opting for an oversized fit. The stringer style vest is an ideal gift for weightlifters who like to show off their hard work and progress, so if you want to gift a weightlifter with an item that will make them feel like a boss at the squat rack, this is the one.

315 Seamless Tank

You're here to shop Gymshark, so you'll know about our seamless technology. Designed to prioritize comfort during activity, the seamless material makes it easy to rep out at the squat rack without unnecessary distractions. Arguably the best feature of the 315 Seamless Tank is the slightly longer front hem, which makes wearing a lifting belt more comfortable as there's less chance of material riding up!

Power Oversized T-Shirt

This oversized t-shirt is specifically for that distinct bodybuilder shape, with a drop shoulder to fit nicely over pronounced traps and wider shoulders. When performing certain weightlifting exercises, it's important to achieve the largest range of motion possible, and a loose-fitting top gives the lifter the freedom to accomplish that. So if they're over the super slim-fitting t-shirts, the baggy styles found in the Power range could be the new favorite.

Legacy Rag Top

Ah, the rag top - an iconic silhouette in the bodybuilding world. If you wear one of these, you mean business. When you see this design, you're instantly reminded of the outfits the old-school weightlifters would wear, and if your giftee is anything like us, they'll massively respect the discipline and dedication this embodies. So, if you're gifting someone who harps on about the past a lot, prefers analog to digital, or is a fan of the new wave of 90's fits, this oversized rag t-shirt is the perfect present to land on their laps.

Best Men's Weightlifting Bottoms

315 Seamless Tights

The 315 Seamless Tights are the perfect gift for gym lovers wanting to expand their lifting wardrobe. Some days call for a bit more leg support than a pair of shorts, especially during recovery sessions, and these leggings provide optimal seamless support. They also double as a baselayer, meaning your giftee can get more wear from these tights as they can wear them as a first layer during the colder months.

Heritage Shorts

For the weightlifter whose looks are as important as their lifts, the Heritage Shorts sit at the perfect 5" length to compliment leg gains to the max. An easy item to throw on for the gym and for lounging in, the durable yet soft material means the weightlifter in your life can train with passion and power. This is a great gift option for someone who wants to feel comfortable in clothing they can wear in and out of the gym.

. . .

Best Gifts For Weightlifters: Women's

Here's the lowdown on the best women's gifts for weightlifters who are big on serving looks but even bigger on hitting PBs.

Best Women's Weightlifting Tops

Legacy Mid Tank

The Legacy Midi Tank top takes it back to where it all began, with the original Gymshark logo. We're big fans of this tank top as it is reminiscent of both the origins of Gymshark and the OG weightlifting aesthetic we appeal to today. Whilst not as risque as the men's stringer vests, this is still a great option if you're looking for gifts for weightlifters who want to show off their physique and rep the lifting community.

Power Oversized T-Shirt

You can't go wrong with a simple oversized gym shirt, especially one with a powerful graphic, and boxy silhouette that makes the perfect pump cover. A pure cotton baggy tee can never go amiss for throwing on and taking off in the heat of a heavy lifting session. So, gift the Power Oversized T-Shirt to a weightlifter you know for a staple addition to their workout wardrobe.

Best Women's Weightlifting Bottoms

Legacy Leggings

Our Legacy Leggings are the perfect gift for the weightlifter who loves a lightweight, figure-sculpting pair of leggings that offer both durability and breathability for their intense workout sessions. Every weightlifter wants a pair of gym leggings to last lift after lift, and Legacy Leggings are designed with comfort and endurance in mind. With a sleek high waisted design and stretchy material, this is the ideal pair of leggings to gift for someone who goes hard on the RPE and isn't afraid to get their sweat on.

Vital Seamless Leggings

Vital Seamless Leggings are an absolute must in any weightlifter's wardrobe, and for good reason too. It's the legging designed for comfort and performance, as we know is important to the lifting aesthetic. The sweat-wicking material and supportive waistband sits snugly rep after rep, set after set. Simple, comfortable, stylish, and an extra mark for looking cute as athleisure-wear too, they're going to love Vital.

Adapt Fleck Seamless Shorts

If you're gifting a weightlifter with a bit of a wild side, they'll probably be into the Adapt Fleck Seamless Shorts. These shorts will spice a workout outfit up with their subtle flecked pattern and bold colors. Simply a must for the weightlifter who likes to feel comfortable and stylish, yes, even while performing their deadlifts... and the shorts look even cuter with the matching crop tank too (hint hint).

. . .

Keen to know more about weightlifting or need some more inspo for your gifting pursuit? Why not explore our Conditioning articles, where we cover all things lifting and more.


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