Level Up Your Workouts With The Gymshark Training App

Download The Gymshark Training App to access hundreds of free workout programs, from strength training and functional fitness to mobility and yoga.

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Level Up Your Workouts With The Gymshark Training App

The Gymshark Training App

Bringing the biggest gymshark athletes to a pocket-sized app – The Gymshark Training App gives you access to over 450 free workouts and programmed training plans from the best in the industry. Whether it’s chest day, cardio’s on the cards, or you need to stretch out your muscles with a yoga flow, The Gymshark Training App can help you get there – by your side through the tough sessions and the recovery ones.

Unlocking your potential starts here. Let's get to work.

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How It Works

  1. Pick Your Program: Tell us your goal. We’ll help you get there. We’ve joined forces with the top Gymshark athletes and fitness professionals, building tailored plans to suit your schedule, preferences, and goals.

  2. Plan Your Training: Want to do your own thing? No problem. Build your own workouts and training plans from our library, featuring over 700 exercises.

  3. Track Your Progress: What’s hard work without a little celebration? Track your progress, from the small wins to the big ones, by recording your 1 rep maxes, sets, and workout progress.

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Key Features:

  • Choose a one-off workout or get going with a structured workout plan

  • Option to build your own plan using our exercise library of over 700 movements

  • Bookmark your favorite workouts, plans, and creators for quick access when it's time to train

  • Step-by-step exercise videos

  • Track your workouts & record your sets, reps, and weight

  • 100% free, with no ads or additional charges

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Choose Your Path, And Train Your Way


They say it takes 66 days to form a habit; we believe it takes 66 days to change your life – but why stop there? #Gymshark66 was bigger than ever this year, so it’s here to stay. Whether you joined us already, or you’re looking to get started, all you need to do is choose three daily habits: Tick them off, every day, for 66 days. Easy as that.

Strength Training

Whether you’re a bodybuilder trying to refine your muscles, a powerlifter chasing their next PB, or a beginner who’s never stepped up to the squat rack before, The Gymshark Training App has strength training programs for every level and ability. Up your skills on a particular lift, or embark on a plan that targets overall strength – our free workout plans will help you get there.

Conditioning & Cardio

Take your aerobic and anaerobic capacity to new heights with fast intervals, functional training, or a longer endurance sesh. Carefully created free programs, designed for total physique and performance development. Choose your training frequency and pick your coach to get started. No gym? No problem, we have ‘at home’ plans too!

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Yoga & Mobility

Get your legs ready to set the pace with pre-run mobility, or take a break from your desk and flow through a yoga session. The Gymshark Training App features free mobility, stretching, and meditation classes in a video follow-along format, leaving you more mobile, recovered, and ready to take on anything that comes your way.

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Home Workouts

Sure, we love being in the gym, but you don’t need a gym to train. Smash a cardio session, take on some core conditioning, or build your strength by practicing accessory work. Whether you have dumbbells, resistance bands, or no equipment at all, our coaches are on hand to help you get a good workout in, wherever you are.

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To be the best, you need to learn from the best. We’ve teamed up with the best athletes who lead in their field, to curate tailored workout plans that you can access for free, from your pocket.

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The Top Rated Free Workout App

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 4.8 out of 5 stars (Based on 8K ratings in App Store, March 2024)

The best workout app by far

I have searched high and low for decent, free strength training information and have finally found it in this app.

I love that you can choose preset workouts or browse individual exercises and set your own workout. It takes me through my workout and timed my rest periods. The exercises are split into specific muscle groups which is great for beginners.

All in all, this app is awesome!

Best free fitness app!

I have only used the app a couple of times but I’ve been a Gymshark fan for years. The app is like no other! Free workouts for all levels of fitness with the ability to track your training and all the demos you need.

No need to buy into plans you are unsure will work. Pick the workouts you want and you’re able to look through workouts first to make sure it’s for you!

You got it absolutely spot on! Wouldn’t use any other training app 😍

Amazing Fitness App

I would highly recommend using this app! I love using it to plan my workouts as it allows you to make your own and keep track of how many sets you do/progression! I also love being able to use the pre-made workouts on there for days that I feel like switching up my workouts!

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Download And Start Training – For Free!

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All You Need to Know

General FAQs:

Workouts & Programming:

Settings & Usability:

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