Moisture Wicking T-Shirts… Are They Worth It? Here’s 10 Of The Best.
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Moisture Wicking T-Shirts… Are They Worth It? Here’s 10 Of The Best.

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Are Moisture Wicking T-Shirts Worth It?

The difference between a good workout and a great one can often lie in how comfortable we feel in what we’re wearing. If you’ve ever left the house in an outfit you’re not 100% convinced is you, only to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious the whole day, then you’ll know what we’re getting at. What we wear, how the materials feel on our skin, and how easy it is to move around are crucial to how well we show up and perform, and when it comes to working out, moisture-wicking t-shirts steal the feel-good crown.

What are moisture-wicking t-shirts made from?

Moisture-wicking t-shirts are made of synthetic materials that have “hydrophobic” properties, or in other words, the ability to repel water. Activewear might be the only type of clothing that you choose synthetic fabrics over natural fibers like cotton, wool, or linen, but for good reason. With their water-repelling properties, synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon can wick away moisture as you exercise, keeping you dry and comfortable during your sweaty workout sessions.

Sweat-wicking properties are typically woven into the fabric blend or sprayed on the garments after being sewn, but in addition to this, some of our moisture-wicking t-shirts also feature anti-odor and breathable technologies for an even comfier workout.

Our Technologies

  • BRZE™️ technology’s efficient ventilation and breathability keep you cool when your training heats up

  • ESNCE™️ anti-odor technology (powered by Ionic+® Antimicrobial Technology) so you can sweat as much as you like without worrying about the smell

Our Best Moisture Wicking T-Shirts

Our ethos here at Gymshark is to create workout wear that feels comfortable and makes you feel confident, always. This is why our designs are complete with details to enhance your performance and allow you to work out better. Moisture-wicking t-shirts might just be our forte, as our current roster features sweat-wicking tech, lightweight fabrics, and stylish designs for you to ramp up the heat, and push your limits.

Enjoy our collection of moisture-wicking shirts are available in long-sleeve and short-sleeve options and seamless and seamed silhouettes.

Best Budget Moisture-Wicking T-Shirt

Arrival T-Shirt/Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The Arrival range is one of our best-priced ranges for gym tops. With no-fuss designs in trusted silhouettes that function to boost your performance, these moisture-wicking t-shirts are a fail-safe option for your sweaty workouts. Whether you're practicing your skiing technique on the ski-erg or jumping through an EMOM session, the lightweight construction of the Arrival T-Shirts enables maximum movement and exertion, all while letting your skin breathe. Available in long-sleeve or short-sleeve options, these sweat-wicking numbers are designed with a classic slim-fit silhouette, complete with physique-enhancing side seams to flatter and flex.

Best Moisture-Wicking T-Shirt For Sports

Sport Seamless T-Shirt/Sport Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Sport is our range for guys who take their training to the next level; on the pitch, track, or in the weights room. Sport is the range that pays attention to the details, just like you do to optimize your training and boost your performance. Split into two collections - the first being Sport, a range of classic lightweight workout t-shirts made from a breathable mesh-like material. Reflective logos are branded over the side hem of the T-shirt, which makes it easier to be seen when you take your training outdoors. Available in both long-sleeve and short-sleeve options.

Then we have Sport Seamless, which you could consider the cousin of Sport, who’s gone to college and graduated with a tech degree. Enhanced with our ESNCE™️ anti-odor technology and Ionic+® Antimicrobial properties, these moisture-wicking t-shirts let you up your training, and embrace the sweat, all whilst keeping lingering odors to a minimum. Slim-fit and seamless, Sport Seamless tops are comfy and stylish with a subtle jacquard pattern that adds a little something to the ‘fit.

Best Lightweight Moisture-Wicking T-Shirt

Geo Seamless T-Shirt/Long Sleeve T-Shirt

You’re going to have to trust us with this one, but one feel of the Geo Seamless T-Shirt will have you questioning if you ever want to wear anything else to the gym. Velvety soft and lightweight, the Geo Seamless brings real freedom of movement to your workout, enabling maximum focus. With the moisture-wicking tech keeping you dry, and breathable mesh structures keeping you cool, you really have nothing stopping you from achieving your best workout. These are the best lightweight moisture-wicking t-shirts for any type of training and with the selection of flattering shades, every workout will be your best.

Best Moisture-Wicking T-shirt for Hybrid Training

Apex Seamless T-Shirt/Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Apex has built quite a cult following over the years, with gymgoers enjoying the premium feel and standout designs that make you feel like a superhero on the gym floor. Packed with tech, and designed for functionality and movement, details like side-splits and heat-mapping ventilation help you take your training up a notch. Featuring a moisture-wicking design, enhanced with our anti-odor ESNCE™️ and bacteria-removing Ionic+® technology, Apex T-shirts are the perfect choice for weightlifting, running, yoga, and every other training mode.

For workouts you know you’re going to sweat a lot in, the Apex Seamless T-Shirt also benefits from our ventilated BRZE™️ design for added breathability. Choose from long-sleeve and short-sleeve cuts in a comfy high-stretch material, and with Apex the ultra-lightweight silhouette is slim-fitted to accentuate your hard work.

Hybrid training is the workout for you if your goal is to build your strength and endurance simultaneously. As well as being the perfect workout program if you’re short on time, hybrid training offers plenty of other benefits. Find out here, and explore how to build the right hybrid program for you.


Now you’ve sorted your perfect moisture-wicking t-shirt, it’s time to put it to the test in a sweaty workout session. We know sweating a lot isn’t necessarily the sign of a good workout, but it sure feels good. Get a sweat on with our five favorite workouts that will make you sweat buckets.

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