Love Getting A Sweat On? Here’s Our 5 Favorite Workouts That Will Make You Sweat Buckets
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Love Getting A Sweat On? Here’s Our 5 Favorite Workouts That Will Make You Sweat Buckets

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Getting sweaty isn’t necessarily the sign of a good workout, but sometimes it’s exactly what you need to feel good.

Many forms of exercises such as weightlifting, leisurely swimming, and restorative yoga do not produce much sweat, and there’s a good reason for that, as not all activity focuses on you raising your core body temperature.

But sometimes, getting your heart rate way up and completing a sweaty session is the oomph you need from a workout. And it’s not just about the feelings of satisfaction after a sweaty workout either, as sweating also has its own health benefits.

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Benefits of Sweating

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually a myth that you can clear your body of toxins and essentially detox from sweating heaps (your lungs, liver, kidneys, and large intestine do a great job of this already). So what are the benefits of sweating?

Sweat can contain trace amounts of toxins, pollutants, and small amounts of heavy metals and BPA (the chemical found in water bottles) but the primary role of sweating is to cool the body down so you don't overheat. Another benefit of sweating is a boost in circulation, which can result in a healthy glow on the face and body.

But the best benefit of sweating is probably the psychological one; the feeling that you’ve worked hard and challenged yourself to a tough workout.

So now you’ve got the lowdown on the benefits of sweating, let’s jump into our five favorite workouts that will make you sweat buckets.

5 Workouts To Make You Sweat

Hot Yoga

This towel-soaking workout doubles up as both an intense cardio sesh and a well-deserved relaxation practice. Hot yoga is a form of yoga that takes place in a heated room or studio, resulting in a lot of sweating. The temperature is usually set at 80–100 °F (27–38 °C) for hot yoga, with varying levels of humidity.

You’ll often find hot yoga studios have mirrored walls and low lighting like candles, with relaxing music playing during the session. Throughout the workout, you'll be taken through a series of asanas that will challenge you to your limit as the heat intensifies the more you work. The result is a feeling of accomplishment, relaxation, and a cleansed feeling that lasts throughout the day.

It’s not all just relaxing savasanas on the mat either, hot yoga has great physical benefits as it helps to burn calories and improve flexibility as you allow the heat to deepen your stretch. You’ll find yourself becoming stronger the more you do yoga too as it can greatly benefit your bodyweight strength, as well as your cardiovascular fitness.

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Stairmaster Workout

Ah, the Stairmaster, the machine that everyone has a love-hate relationship with. Towering over the treadmill and cross-trainers, you must ascend to the top to start your workout on the deep steps of the machine. This is an awesome piece of equipment for improving your cardiovascular fitness and is sure to give you a killer leg burn as well.

If your TikTok algorithm is set to FitTok (fitness TikTok), you’ve most likely seen the popular 25-7-2 workout on your feed, coined by fitness influencer Camilla Abkas. It requires setting the level on the stair machine to 7 and walking for 25 minutes twice a week hands-free which really activates your core. It’s a sneaky workout that seems easy when you start, only for you to finish with your legs on fire and your body dripping in sweat.

This type of workout can be extended to over 30 minutes to make for a good LISS (low-intensity steady-state cardio workout). Or you could pump up the Stairmaster level to 12-15 and step for 20-25 minutes in intervals of 30-60 seconds with 10-20 seconds rest at a slower speed for an effective stair master HIIT workout.

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Boxing Workout

Boxing is the perfect exercise to go hard in if you've got a lot of pent-up energy you want to release. This form of cardio will make you sweat a ton, as it's a high-impact full-body workout that requires strength, endurance, and technique.

With boxing workouts burning an average of 350-450 calories per hour, they’d make for a great addition to your exercise regime if you have a goal of weight loss. There’s no slacking when it comes to boxing, and boxing workouts will certainly challenge you, especially if you’re new to the sport (cue the DOM's).

Boxing classes and kickboxing classes can often be found at your local gym or specialist centers. You’ll learn the fundamentals of the sport and become familiar with the heavy bag, skipping rope, and speed bag, and might even try your hand at sparring. It’s a fun activity to enroll in to spice up your workout routines, increase your heart rate and optimize your conditioning.

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Spin Class

We love a spin class because no matter where you are in your fitness journey, you can make spinning work for you. Make it as challenging as you like but don’t forget to bring a towel, as it gets pretty sticky up on that bike.

Spinning is an effective cardiovascular workout that is low impact so is great for those wanting to get a sweat on while protecting their joints or while recovering from injury. As cycling classes are commonly 45 minutes to 1 hour long, you’re entering aerobic activity which is great for improving your heart health and your muscular endurance.

In addition to the benefits for your cardiovascular health, spinning classes are an absolute vibe in themselves! Seriously, the atmosphere enough will keep you going back for more; the energy is high, and the heart rates are even higher!

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HIIT Workout

We all know HIIT (high-intensity interval training) as a go-to exercise to aid with weight loss, and it’s an efficient way of adding cardio into your routine. Especially if you’re short on time as an ideal HIIT workout only needs to be 20-30 minutes long. You’ll work vigorously for a short amount of time, in intervals such as 20 seconds off, 10 seconds on, (Tabata) reaching 85-90% of your HR max and entering an anaerobic state.

There are so many forms of HIIT workouts you can do, whether it’s treadmill sprints, kettlebell HIIT, bodyweight HIIT, or functional HIIT, the aim is to really move at the highest intensity you can. You’re not working for long, so push yourself. The result? You’ll be breathless, yes, you’ll be sweaty, yes, but you’ll get so much from it.

Not only can HIIT help to reduce your insulin levels, improve heart health, reduce blood pressure, burn calories and lose fat, but it also results in an increase in your metabolism even hours after you’ve completed a HIIT workout. Making that 20 mins of hell totally worth it!

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Want to make sure you're getting the most out of your HIIT workouts? Check out this article on 5 HIIT workout mistakes you might be making.


What to wear for a sweaty workout?

If you’re exercising with maximum intensity, chances are you’re going to be sweating a lot, and if you happen to be human... you’re probably going to get sweat marks.

It creeps up on you during spin class. It’s the inevitable consequence of your HIIT session. You can’t run from it, and you can’t hide from it. But then again, why would you want to?

So, we want to make sure you feel the most comfortable and the most supported as you push yourselves to the limit by providing you with designs that will last so that you can get sweaty in them again and again. This is where the all-new Sweat collection comes in.


The Sweat Collection

The Sweat Seamless collection offers the most supportive fabric we have for your sweaty workouts. It’s sleek, soft, comfortable, resilient, and allows for ease of movement, making it an ideal choice to wear for hot yoga or any other sweaty workouts.

Sweat needs to evaporate to cool your body down, which is why the engineered mesh construction of Nylon 66 heightens breathability whilst still providing maximum durability, keeping you cool during the sweatiest workouts.

We’re not saying your sweat won’t show up, but with bold designs, you’ll feel hyped to wear it for your next workout, and sleek silhouettes will show that SWEAT is your style.

What’s in the collection?

SWEAT is the shining outcome of all your efforts. Don’t be ashamed to embrace it.


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