The Best Men's Tank Tops For The Gym And Everyday Wear
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The Best Men's Tank Tops For The Gym And Everyday Wear

clock-circular-outlinePosted 5 Jul 2024

Whether you wear tank tops year-round, or the summer months are when you let your biceps shine, men’s tank tops are a great look, in and out of the gym. It’s time to swap out your familiar gym t-shirt for a sleeveless number and sport an arm-baring tank top on your next upper body workout.

Men’s tank tops are a great choice of gym kit to wear for lifting, running, hybrid workouts and yoga. They help keep you cool and allow your arms to move easily in all directions thanks to their sleeveless silhouette, and of course, they’re not bad for flexing your gym pump. But what workout tank is best for you?

We’ve got the roundup of the best gym tank tops for men; from sweat-wicking tank tops for running, to slim-fit muscle tanks, and the best tank for lifting, plus we explain the differences between the types of tank tops so that you can find your next summer workout ‘fit.


Types Of Tanks

The simple tank top comes in a variety of different styles to suit your style preference and workout needs, and they all fit in different ways. Drop arm tanks are airy and non-restrictive, making them a great choice for workouts where you are working through a large range of motion. If hypertrophy is your main goal, and appearance and aesthetics are everything to you, then it might be a muscle-fit tank you choose, that fits tight to the body and enhances your physique. There’s a tank for everyone, find out the differences below.

  • Drop Arm Tank - Typically cut in a slim or regular fit, and features low arm-holes that hang low on the torso that show off the lats and obliques and a regular crew-neck neckline.

  • Muscle Tank - Feature wide straps or slight cap sleeves, and a looser longer fit. Muscle tanks fully cover the back and torso with a racerback design and a higher neckline.

  • Racerback Tank - The racerback shape helps you move freely and can be found across multiple styles of tank tops.

  • Muscle Fit Tank - These are form-fitting, scoop-neck tanks often made from a ribbed fabric.

  • Stringer - Typically used for lifting, they feature very thin straps, low armholes, and an extreme racerback to highlight back muscles.

The Best Gym Tank Tops For Men

We know tank tops aren’t for everyone, and although they might be little bit out your comfort zone, so we want to get one thing straight, you don’t need to be jacked to wear a tank top. Don’t deny yourself of a cooler workout option in the warmer months, vests are for everyone whether you’re a beginner in weightlifting or you’re well-versed in training for mass.

So whether you’re training for size or blessed with bulging biceps, why not show off your hours spent in the free-weight corner with our best gym tank tops for men? Be warned, you might have to work harder to beat the skipping leg day allegations though….

Best Everyday Tank

Arrival Tank

Your everyday tank top is the tank you pack for those workouts where you haven’t decided what you want to do. Run, a quick functional workout, or a heavy lifting sesh? You want a tank top that will do it all, and for that, we turn to Arrival. A classic design, light-weight, sweat-wicking, and available in many colors, choose the Arrival Tank for whatever the workout.

Best Tank For Running

Apex Seamless Tank

For running you might want something kitted out with features to enhance your performance, perhaps some added ventilation, sweat-wicking tech, and seamless construction? Look no further than our premium Apex Seamless Tank, which features all of the above in an ultra-slick, lightweight fabric for zero distractions and maximum focus.

Best Muscle Tank

Oversized Performance Tank

New to our roster, the Oversized Performance Tank pairs the DIY vibe of a muscle tank with a modern boxy oversized cut for your new gym bag essential. Even though your upper traps are covered by the wide straps, the way the material rests over the shoulders does a great job at highlighting the muscle size and definition. The sleeves are cut off in just the right place to enhance the appearance of your upper arm muscles. This is the best muscle tank if comfort is your priority, as the loose silhouette and high-stretch fabric mean nothing is holding you back.

Best Sweat Wicking Tank

Geo Seamless Tank

Working out in a hot climate or pushing your perspiration levels to the limit? You’ll need a tank top to wick away the added moisture, and the Geo Seamless Tank is a brilliant choice. Slim-fit to enhance your physique, seamlessly comfortable, and finished with breathable mesh to keep you cool, it’s clear why this tank is one of our most popular tank tops for men. Packed with sweat-wicking tech and covered with an abstract camo pattern, it looks as good as it feels.

Best Cotton Tank

Crest Tank

For the flattering silhouette of a tank top, but the softness of your favorite cotton tees, the Crest Tank gets full marks. This is a classic cut tank with a comfortable regular fit, perfect for those of you who like the worn-in feel of an old cotton tee to work out in but want to swap to something a bit more fit for purpose. Beyond the gym, this is one of the best cotton tanks for Summer lounging days on the beach, around the BBQ, or pool!

Best Tank For Lifting

Legacy Drop Arm Tank

Branded with our retro-inspired Legacy logo across the front, a nod to lifters past, the Legacy Drop Arm Tank must be our best lifting tank. With wide arm holes so that you never feel restricted during your arm day pump, biceps and back might just become your favorite workout.

Looking for a tank for the gym and your rest days?

Introducing our…

Ribbed Tank

The white, ribbed, sleeveless tank, is known for having a bit of a bad rep, but we’re reclaiming it in 2024 as a layering staple when it comes to building stylish outfits for men. You might have worn a ribbed tank as an undershirt as a child (feeling nostalgic yet), but perhaps you sport them now in the colder months as a layering piece.

The great thing about a vest top is the versatility, you can wear the soft, cotton number under a shirt for an extra layer, especially work shirts that may be pretty thin, or use them for fashionable layering, styled underneath an overshirt, jacket, or flannel shirt. But the look we’re loving the most is wearing your Ribbed Tank on its own, with shorts or baggy pants for the coolest (in more ways than one) summer ‘fits.

Can you wear ribbed tanks to work out in?

It’s a resounding yes, in fact, our Ribbed Tank has become the new gym favorite for men. What’s not to like? The neutral colorways are great for pairing with bolder-colored gym shorts and pants like our blue mesh shorts or camo pumper pants. The fitted silhouette accentuates your physique and makes it easier to see your form in the mirror, and the soft cotton fabric keeps you cool and comfortable as you go to failure.

Men’s Tanks FAQ’s

How do sweat-wicking shirts work exactly? Find out the benefits of wearing them and if they’re really worth it.

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