The Best Men's Swim Trunks of 2024: Hybrid Swim Shorts, And More
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The Best Men's Swim Trunks of 2024: Hybrid Swim Shorts, And More

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For pull days or pool days, swim shorts are perfect for hybrid training mornings planned around the gym and the pool. Hitting the sauna and ice baths for a recovery session too? You’ll need a well-fitting and comfortable pair of swim shorts for all that water-based action.

Many swim shorts are designed with a laid-back, casual style, skyrocketing their styling potential and offering far more scenarios you can wear your swim shorts to compared to the tighter-fitting styles of shorts. Whether you’re swimming lengths for a full-body workout, splashing around in the waves, or lounging by the poolside, our swim shorts fit the bill for well-fitting, functional, and stylish swimwear that can also be worn as everyday shorts.

Quick-drying, water-repellent, lined, and adjustable for the perfect fit, our swim shorts for men will look great with a tan and can be worn all summer long as regular shorts, always ready for when you want to take a dip.


What Kind Of Shorts Can You Wear For Swimming?

For guys, there are a fair few options of swimming shorts available. Tight and loose, short, and long, you’re spoilt for your weekly swims or summer vacays. Depending on where you are in the world, you may refer to swim trunks as loose or tight swim shorts, with the latter style being constructed with stretchy swimsuit materials like lycra and nylon. Swim briefs are another option for a tighter fit and the minimal fit is great if you’re a serious swimmer as they help with your speed (and are also a favorite of those who want to minimize tan lines). For those who hit the waves as soon as the season begins for water sports like surfing, wakeboarding, or SUP, board shorts might be your go-to with their fixed waist, longer length, and stretchy construction designed to move with you.

Swim shorts on the other hand are what we describe as a looser, more casual style of swimming shorts that are fitting for dips in the sea or pool-side lounging. These are a popular style of swim shorts as they offer the most coverage and feel more comfortable for many because of their more forgiving fit. Swim shorts can double as regular shorts because of their laid-back style, and their water-repellent, quick-drying features are great for when you’re getting about in sweat-inducing sweltering temperatures.

What Are Hybrid Swim Shorts?

Hybrid swim shorts fit more like your regular gym shorts and offer a laid-back style for casual dips. Away from the water, they look closer to a regular pair of shorts and are great for wearing to swim or hit the gym. They differ from board shorts in length, which are typically knee-length, while hybrid swim shorts usually fit around mid-thigh.

Made with durability and functionality in mind, hybrid shorts use a combination of water-resistant materials that are stretchy and sweat-wicking so you can push yourself with your lifts and your lengths. Known as land-to-water shorts, these hybrid swim shorts are practical to wear on vacation as they’re made from lightweight and quick-dry fabrics that are handy for when you’re dipping in and out of the water often.

What To Look For In A Pair of Swim Shorts

Depending on the style and silhouette you’re looking for in a pair of men’s swim shorts, there are a few key criteria you’ll want to tick off. Here’s our list of what to look for when choosing a pair of swim shorts.


No one wants to sit around in soggy shorts, so choosing swim shorts with quick-drying fabrics will make things much more comfortable until you can change into your dry clothes. Summer plans are action-packed and exciting, which means you may be called to head to the next destination straight after a swim, which is where quick-drying fabrics like polyester brands are essential for a smooth transition.


Not every pair of swim shorts has a mesh or net lining but they’re a useful feature to look out for as the built-in layer provides extra support and coverage. For added breathability while back on land, the mesh fabric also aids in circulation for quicker drying.

Adjustable drawcord waistband

Slip-ups (or downs) can be prevented with proper-fitting swimwear, and a stay-put waistband is a fool-proof solution to keeping your dignity while poolside. Shorts with a stay-put waistband usually feature a silicone inner lining to stay securely around your waist and an adjustable drawcord so they can be tightened or loosened for the perfect fit.


Pockets are the handbags for guys, so a pair of swim shorts are immediately elevated when they feature pockets to store your essentials. Not waterproof, but still handy, zip pockets are great to look for to keep items that can get wet like locker keys, and side pockets are ideal to keep your belongings when you’re out of water and all dried off.

Water-repellent or water-resistant fabric

It would help if your swim shorts were water-resistant or water-repellent right? After all, no one wants a pair of shorts that become see-through after a splash in the waves. Thankfully, the majority of swim shorts are made from nylon or poly fabrics that resist water, so keep an eye out for these materials in your hunt for the perfect swim shorts.

3 Swim Shorts For Your Next Vacation

Hybrid Swim Shorts

Land To Water 6" Shorts

Cut down your packing time with our hybrid Land to Water Shorts, the 2-in-1 shorts designed to be as comfortable in the water as they are out of it. Pool at 11, lunch at 12? You’re sorted with these easy dry hybrid swim shorts that come with built-in liner shorts, and eyelets to help drain the water from your pockets. Getting too hot on the walk to the beach? Slot your tee into the loop on the back of your shorts for hands-free storage. The shorts feature a zip pocket to the back, and two side pockets, which aren’t waterproof but are handy for items you can take in water like keys/cards, but also for convenience when you’re out of the water.

Swim Shorts For Men

3” Swim Shorts

For those who like a shorter inseam without dipping into the tighter swim trunks territory, our 3” Swim Shorts will suit your style. Maximize your tan and show off your quads with our short three-inch inseam swim shorts that sit around the top of the thigh and are designed with a flattering slim fit. Our swim shorts feature a built-in mesh lining for increased air circulation when drying off and coverage when the outer fabric is drenched in water.

5” Swim Shorts

The longer version of the swim shorts features a 5” inseam for a bit more coverage poolside. They also have an adjustable waistband detail that can be tightened with a cord for a snug fit to prevent any slip-ups! Not waterproof, but extremely convenient for when you’re out of the water you can keep your key card safe between your room and the pool. For some extra freedom of movement in and out the water, you’ll love the side slits and giving fabric.

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