Incoming: All-New Men's Apex
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Incoming: All-New Men's Apex

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Train For Function

in Apex...

A collection known for its range of free motion and its superior breathability for functional training - a discipline that demands brute strength, agility, speed and endurance from every athlete, in every workout.

Apex's evolution for AW21 brings our latest progression to high intensity training. It's all about training for function.

Each silhouette across the training capsule has been thought out meticulously, with designs utilising GSIQ technology; featuring body temperature control to key heat zones, sweat-wicking capabilities to help draw moisture from the body, and low-profile stitching for minimal distractions. A combination which ensures Apex can handle the intensity of a functional, varied workout.

There's good, there's better, and then there's Apex.

Discover the collection now.

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Featuring considered details that visually help bring GSIQ technology to life, Apex is a collection that is engineered to help blur the lines between performance and style by introducing technically progressive designs.

Discover our favourite combo for functional training: Apex Functional Shorts & Apex Contrast T-Shirt.

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The Details:

Train for flexibility in Apex's Functional Short.

Meet your new go-to functional training short. Designed to withstand the explosive power and agility that you put into your workouts, Apex's Functional Short has been technically engineered so that you can complete your daily WOD without any distraction, or restriction.

Side Splits To Each Hem Ensures Free Motion
  • Strategically placed split seams on the hem of each leg maximise natural motion and flexibility, allowing you to squat low, stride far, and stretch without any restriction.

Lightweight Fabrics Allow For Quick Drying
  • Lightweight fabrics have been technically engineered so that you can train and focus harder than ever before. Boasting sweat-wicking capabilities, the Apex Functional Shorts are crafted from high-stretch poly-elastane blends and incorporate breathable mesh inserts into their silhouette - ensuring you stay cool during your double unders, and your apparel stays dry.

An Internal Drawcord Waistband Provides A Customisable Fit
  • Offering enduring support by means of in-built reinforcement, the Apex Functional Shorts have been designed with a stay-put elasticated waistband which features a flat internal drawcord detail. Manually tighten, or loosen your shorts to ensure a desirable and comfortable fit at the waist before completing your box jumps.

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Train for Speed in Apex's Contrast T-Shirt.

Reach new PBs as you train for speed in Apex's Contrast T-Shirt - a top which visually brings the latest GSIQ performance technology into the design of a highly innovative collection.

GSIQ Heat-Mapping Allows Maximum Ventilation
  • Engineered to help enhance your training by offering maximum breathability in key heat zones (identified by GSIQ technology), the Contrast T-Shirt features strategically placed ventilation throughout its design, so that you can stay cool as your WOD intensifies.

Low Profile Stitching Prevents Distraction
  • Minimal seams create a low-profile, second-skin feel that minimises irritation and ensures nothing distracts you from fulfilling your potential when you're training for a new sprint PB.

Lightweight, Elite Seamless Provides Consistent Comfort
  • Lightweight, high-stretch blends of polyester, nylon and elastane don’t just endure your training, but enhance it, offering ultimate freedom of movement. Add in sweat-wicking Seamless technology and you can be sure your focus stays where it needs to be when performing compound movements.

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Learn More About The Collection

If you could make a men's workout collection that was specifically designed for functional training, how would you do it?

This simple question is where our Design Team Started. Discover the product story as told by Apex's Product Manager - Peter Boyd-McGahan, who charts the innovation from concept to completion. And if you want to learn about each item in more detail? Vic Shaw - Senior Designer behind our Men's Apex collection explores the not only the technicality behind the design, but also its array of product benefits...

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Best Paired With...

Whether you train for strength, agility, speed or endurance, the clothing you work out in needs to withstand the explosive power you put into each and every session. Explore Apex in more detail and discover an elite collection of silhouettes and styles to suit your individual training needs.

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