Black Leggings Guide: The Best Black Leggings For Every Occasion
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Black Leggings Guide: The Best Black Leggings For Every Occasion

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A pair of black leggings are the ultimate wardrobe staple. We all have that ‘essential item’ of clothing that can be dressed up, dressed down, and styled over and over again, and black leggings never fail us. They’re a must-have piece for working out, lounging, coffee runs or even styled for a night out sippin’ cocktails (or mocktails).

The errand-running pants are nothing short of heroes during our styling dilemmas. You can’t go wrong with a pair of black leggings, they look good with anything and are the definition of easy-to-wear. Black leggings can be worn with a crop top or baggy sweatshirt on days that call for casual ‘fits, or paired with slouchy socks and dad sneakers for a full athleisure look. But more than anything, black leggings are the reigning champions of workout clothes.

Think back to the time you bought your first pair of gym leggings. They were a pair of black leggings, weren’t they? Whether you’ve just signed up for the gym or you’re a seasoned lifter, we can guarantee that black leggings are your firm favorites, your most trusty and reliable counterparts for every workout.

We’ve all become familiar with wearing high-waisted leggings to give confidence-boosting support throughout the day. Both comfortable and flattering, black leggings are an everyday staple. There are a lot of pairs of leggings to comb through when you’re shopping online, so press pause on the scrolling, this edit wraps up the best black leggings, for every occasion, all in one place.

Find the best black leggings for working out in, and the best black leggings for everyday wear with this stellar lineup.

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Black Leggings Guide: How To Choose The Best Black Leggings

Knowing you enjoy wearing black leggings is one thing, but knowing what pair is best for your needs is another. That’s why we’ve categorized our leggings into two categories; for working out and for everyday wear. Of course, these legging picks are interchangeable, they’re just our recommendations. You can wear whatever pair of black leggings in or out of the gym, for traveling or simply staying in the house.

Black Leggings For Working Out:

Black Leggings For Everyday Wear:

In between sizes or wondering what style of leggings will suit you best? Our Find Your Fit article answers all your questions on leggings sizing, and runs through how you want your leggings to look, fit, and feel so you can find your perfect fit.

Black Leggings For Working Out

Whether you’re seeking a buttery-soft pair of black leggings to practice your crow pose, or a high-coverage pair of leggings to take to the squat rack, these are the best black leggings for working out in.

Best Black Leggings For Lifting

For lifting, the priority for your leggings should be to support, sculpt, and provide lasting comfort from rep to rep. A thicker pair of black leggings is more suitable for weightlifting, especially for lower-body days when you need a bit more coverage at the squat rack. We’re crazy about contoured details or bum scrunches on our lifting leggings for that muscle-enhancing gym aesthetic we know you all love so much. For the waistband, a thicker ribbed style provides more tummy support, perfect for sculpting the waist, and even better for keeping your leggings put. Like what you hear? You’ll like the Adapt Fleck Seamless Leggings even more.

These are our best black leggings for lifting, featuring sweat-wicking technology and a supportive ribbed waistband to hold you in as well at the bottom of your squat and at the top. Featuring our thicker seamless knit, the ultra-stretchy Adapt Fleck material feels soft on the skin and hugs you in all the right places.

Other Black Weightlifting Leggings To Try:

Best Black Leggings For Yoga And Pilates

The best black leggings to wear for yoga and pilates are ones that feel like you’re wearing next to nothing. The reason being is that the lightweight high-stretch fabric allows you to stretch, and move through a range of poses to increase your range of motion. We also know how popular hot yoga is right now, and lighter-feeling leggings are great for workouts where you want to wear some higher-coverage pants to prevent sweat from dripping down your bare legs but without getting too hot (like you might in our thicker leggings). Our second-skin black leggings are the best choice for low-impact movements like yoga or pilates, and we crown the Elevate Leggings as the winning pair.

Weekends are for moving, and our Elevate Leggings are the perfect black leggings to get that Sunday feeling. Sitting super high on the waist, these leggings feel so buttery soft you’ll never want to take them off. Designed to keep you cool and dry, with a comfy flush-fit waistband, you can turn the heat up during your workout and feel the second-skin comfort as you put your flexibility to the test.

Best Black Leggings For Running

If there’s one thing we want from our running leggings, it’s that they don’t fall down. They also need to allow us to stride without restriction as we pick up the pace and tempo. This means our black running leggings should be constructed with forgiving material that functions to keep us comfortable enough whether we’re running 5km or 15. Black leggings are also perfect for trail running, especially if you’re jogging through mud and dusty terrains, as they won’t stain and show marks like a lighter pair of leggings might. Plus, there’s something so slick about pairing your black leggings with a sleek 1/2 zip black jacket for a sporty yet chic running ‘fit.

Our Running Leggings are the best black leggings for the sport. Kitted out to keep you and your things safe and secure, they feature an adjustable drawcord, zip pocket, and illuminating reflective logos. They are a true high-waisted fit, sitting way above your belly button so you don’t have to worry about having to tug at a falling waistband. Lightweight, stretchy, and ultra-black, running never looked so good.

Black Leggings For Everyday Wear

We’d live in a pair of black leggings if we could. Well actually, you can do exactly that, leggings aren’t just made for working out. They have a heart-shaped spot in our everyday wardrobes, so whether you’re traveling, doing the school run, collecting groceries, or purely chillaxing, you’ll find the best black leggings for everyday wear right here.

Best High-Waisted Black Leggings

The quest for the perfect black legging usually starts with a non-negotiable, they have to be high-waisted. While low-waisted jeans are back in style, the same can’t be said about low-waist leggings… never say never, but they just don’t provide the comfort we want from a pair of leggings. Our best high-waisted black leggings are our most popular leggings on our roster, for working out just as much as everyday wear.

It’s the Vital Seamless Legging! They’re the gold standard of high-waisted leggings, with a thick ribbed waistband that fits like a glove without being too compressive. Subtle physique shaping details in the form of breathable mesh dots down the leg add something extra to the design, as well as keep you cool. A soft brushed lining makes Vital the most comfortable, high-waisted black legging and the styling options are endless!

Best Everyday Black Leggings

For everyday wear, you’re not going to get more comfort than from seamless fabric, and for daily styling, this is exactly what you want right? On top of providing all-day comfort, you most likely want your everyday black leggings to follow a simple design so that you can easily pair them with other items. Minimal, tick, seamless, tick, high-waisted, tick, it’s our Everyday Seamless Legging.

A new addition to our leggings cohort, the Everyday collection provides budget-friendly comfort for everyday wear. The lightweight material is perfect for a quick home workout, a hot-girl walk or simply relaxing. Featuring a fuss-free design, the Everyday Seamless Legging is a true everyday staple, and if you do want to zhuzh things up a bit, you can try the v-waistband version of our Everyday Leggings.

Best Black Flare Leggings

Now for our best black flare legging, the legging that doubles as trousers, and can even be dressed up for the office (did someone say corp-core?). Flare leggings are an incredible 2000s revival piece that were the missing piece from our wardrobes. They’re great for athleisure styling, paired with a cool baggy hoodie or oversized tee and sneakers, but black flares are also perfect if you’re transitioning from wearing leggings all year round to something more tailored. Calling all commitment-phobes, you can get the feeling of wearing proper trousers without actually having to go all the way, (yay!).

Look no further than our Crossover Flare Leggings in black for your trendy casual outfits. For your Emma Chamberlain moments, and to embody your inner yoga mom, it’s the Crossover Flare Leggings that hit the mark. Made from a soft-buttery material, these high-waisted flares hug you around the waist and glutes before water-falling down into the perfect flare.

Did we mention they’re also available in regular and tall lengths? RUN.

Fancy some styling inspo for flare leggings? Check out how-to style flare leggings to get the most out of your new flares.

Best Budget Black Leggings

While it’s great to get your hands on a new pair of black leggings during the sale, in between sale periods you may want to refresh your wardrobe with a new pair of black leggings - on a budget. This is where the Training Collection comes in - full of pieces to mix and match, wear to work out in, or for daily errands. The evergreen collection is known for its buttery touch fabric that offers great support and coverage… they might be one of our softest leggings available.

Our Training Leggings are our best wallet-friendly black leggings. Featuring a high-waisted fit, constructed in stretchy soft-brushed material that is easily slipped into, these black leggings are a staple item for your activewear closets. These leggings are available in full-length, and cropped versions, for versatility… without breaking the bank!

Best Black Leggings With Pockets

If functionality is top of your priority list when seeking a new pair of black leggings, or you prefer going hands-free and leaving your bag at home, then a pair of leggings with pockets is sure to stir up some well-justified excitement. We heard your cries for pockets, and we listened. The addition of a pocket is a bonus to a regular pair of leggings, that can come in so handy for your daily ventures.

You’ll love our Pocket Leggings with their flattering high-waisted fit, stretchy fabric, and subtle branding. With two pockets on either leg to store your essentials, you can pop out with ease for a lunchtime walk, keys in one pocket, phone in another, or even for a hands-free run. Can we get a round of applause for pockets?!

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