Your Guide To Brightening Your Workout Wardrobe
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Your Guide To Brightening Your Workout Wardrobe

clock-circular-outlinePosted 29 Nov 2021

So you might be the type of person that wears all black all the time, and we don't blame you because a monochrome fit looks instantly put together. Or you may just reach for darker colors out of familiarity, which we totally get too.

We're not trying to scare you off here, honestly. Just a gentle push in the direction of color. Because a pop of color on a gloomy day can keep the mood bright.

Yes, neon, pastels, and primary colors are the tonal palettes of summertime, but there's no need to say goodbye to them when the days start to darken. Research into the psychology of colors finds that certain colors affect our moods positively, which is great news. For example, we all know yellow is the happy color, as it reflects the warm, hopeful qualities of sunshine (which we won't see so much from now).

So with this in mind, we want to embrace all the mood-lifting tools we possibly can to try to escape the incoming S.A.D. The sun might fade away in the sky, but it doesn't have to in our gym fits.

Accessorize with a pop of color

If you're a regular on the gym floor, then you're probably no stranger to pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. But could you say the same about your gym fits? You can ease your way into the bright side with some pops of color here and there without too much commitment. A little vibrancy in the form of a pair of socks, a scrunchie, or hat will brighten the color palette of your outfit just enough to get that serotonin hit. And if even that's too much for you, how about letting your workout equipment take centre stage in the color show? Did someone say multi-coloured resistance bands?


Wearing a block color might be an obvious way to go when it comes to injecting more color into your wardrobe, but it's pretty foolproof. Since dark colours go with everything, you've already built a good foundation to start introducing color into your fit. Stepping into your usual favourites, but in a brighter, vibrant shade can give you that little boost of confidence to try something new during training, or hit that PB. And so you're sure, bright doesn't have to mean neon, try introducing some sea blues, vivid greens, deep reds, soft yellows, whatever colour it is that makes you feel good.

Patterns galore

Embracing prints and playful graphics is no easy feat, especially if your wardrobe consists of black, grey, and navy. However in a world of prints, you don't always have to go big. Making your workout look pop can be achieved by choosing a subtle pattern that will pair well with a neutral base. Or, why not embrace your wild side with bright graphics and eccentric animal prints that'll up the energy in all areas.

Electric Neons

Yes, neons are still about in 2021, and they're not going anywhere either! If running is your thing then you already know! An electric neon piece not only provides some extra visibility but can also inject a splash of intense color into your outfits when you're bored of your neutrals. We're not sure what it is about this combination but neon colors + conditioning clothing equals a match made in heaven. It's the glowing hues of these high vibe shades that can make you look and feel so radiant. And if you're beaming like a ray of sunshine, then you might just feel like one too.


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