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A Visual History of Gymshark Flex + New Styles

What once was a stand-alone product, is now a collection with an indelible graphic identity. Take a look through the archives, and find out what's in store for the new release...

clock-circular-outline-lightPosted 26 May 2020
A Visual History of Gymshark Flex + New Styles

1. Exploring The Archives

What once was a stand-alone product, is now a collection with an indelible graphic identity. 

And, whilst we may occasionally cringe at the design of Flex V1, and the shoot that accompanied its release back in 2014 (cue images below), each and every iteration of Flex is something that we're extremely proud of. 

If you're wondering why... you're in the right place. You see, Gymshark Flex has always been more than just a design project to us. From day one, it's been a collection that is wholly influenced by our community and their continuous feedback - be it through a comment on our social posts, a message to our CX Team, or even a cheeky slide into the DMs of one of our designers...

Now, if you're wondering how a comment like this can play such an influential role in the design process, we'd highly recommend taking a scroll through this Gymshark Women archive, of Flex footage from years past...

We didn't know whether to laugh or cry either... it's okay. 

A Visual History Of Gymshark Flex

LEFT: Flex V1 (2014) | MIDDLE: Flex V2 (2016) | RIGHT: Flex V3 (2017)

A Visual History Of Gymshark Flex Continued

LEFT: High Waisted Flex (2019) | MIDDLE: NEW Gymshark Flex (2020) | RIGHT: NEW Gymshark Flex High Waisted (2020)

2. How To Style: NEW Gymshark Flex

There's no one way for you to use, move or choose your Flex. 

We're forever looking for new ways to style Flex... so we've brought in the help of a few influencers. 

Check back over the course of next week to find styles and fits you never thought you'd end up pairing together.

This is a new twist on Flex.

3. Understanding The New, And The Familiar

With a new launch inbound, we understand that you guys will always have a few questions... 

Especially so when the products in mention are new and improved iterations of something you previously loved. Now we're hoping we've answered everything you could possibly need to know, but if by chance we've missed something super important, please just drop us a comment below!

Flex V3 Vs The New Gymshark Flex Legging

Flex Legging | What's New?

  • Waistband Height:

    It's what you've all been yearning for... your favourite legging from years past, now with a deeper, medium-rise waistband. FINALLY.

    Low-rise you were so 2014. 

  • Jacquard Branding To Waistband:

    We've removed the shark logo from the jacquard branding. Now, it's just Gymshark on repeat.

  • The Contouring:

    If you've been with us since the dawn of time, you'll know that each iteration of Flex has had a slightly different contour design. The 2020 release is no different... expect new of form-flattering shading designs.

  • The Stretch + Softness Of The Fabric:

    It's softer. It's stretchier. It's Flex... just better.

HW Flex (2019), Vs The New Gymshark Flex High Waisted

Flex High Waisted Legging | What's New?

  • Jacquard Branding To Waistband:

    When we first released the HWF, you told us that you'd prefer it if the branding was a little more subtle. So this time around, we've removed the block colour that once surrounded the original jacquard print.

  • The Stretch + Softness Of The Fabric:

    It's softer. It's stretchier. It's Flex... just better.

Wait, So Has Anything Actually Stayed The Same?

Flex Legging + Flex High Waisted Legging| What's Familiar?

New Gymshark Flex: Colours...

• What Colours Will The NEW Gymshark Flex Collection Be Available In?

  • Over the years, we've learnt that having options when it comes to the colour of your gym leggings is a non-negotiable. And, we're okay with that. 

     From subdued, earthy tones to bright and colourful hues, Flex is all about expressing yourself.

  • Rendered in both a vibrant and neutral palette, this seasons drop will be available in the following colours: "Flame Red/Claret", "Hydro Teal/Light Grey", "Light Grey Marl/Black" and "Black/Charcoal".

NEW Gymshark Flex: Launch Date & Pricing...

When Will The New Gymshark Flex Collection Launch?

  • The launch of the NEW 2020 Gymshark Flex Collection is just around the corner! If you're hankering after the specifics, we'd highly recommend popping a little calendar invite into your phone for Thursday 28th May 2020... all will be revealed.

How Much Will The New Gymshark Flex Collection Cost?

  • High Waisted Flex Legging: £40 GBP / $50 USD

  • Flex Cycling Short: £30 GBP / $40 USD

  • Flex Crop Top: £35 GBP / $40 USD

  • Flex Strappy Sports Bra: £30 GBP / $35 USD

  • Flex Legging: £35 GBP / $40 USD

  • Flex Shorts: £25 GBP / $35 USD

  • Flex Sports Bra: £35 GBP / $35 USD

No matter what, expression doesn't stop.

Dancers are still dancing, lifters are still lifting, creators are still creating.

Do it. Shoot it. Share it. 


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