The Best Gift Guide For Rest And Recovery Days
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The Best Gift Guide For Rest And Recovery Days

clock-circular-outlinePosted 5 Dec 2022

For lounging and relaxing, recovery walks, and days at home; this is our guide to the best rest day gifts for your loved ones this winter.

Rest days look different to everyone; for some, it’s their time to go full-on couch potato mode, with a pile of snacks (healthy, of course) and their favorite movies lined up. Others enjoy indulging in self-care rituals and routines - looking after themselves from the inside out.

And then there’s the person in your life who is constantly on the go. The ones who have to be reminded to take a day off, to relax, and simply just be.

No matter how you choose to embrace your rest day, we’re here to remind you that slowing down and taking that day of rest is essential to your wellbeing.

Taking days off from your training regime is crucial for your recovery, as it's shown in this 2018 article from the Journal of Sport Sciences that overtraining can hinder performance, making you more susceptible to injury, illness, and exhaustion.

So whether your loved ones like to walk off their sore legs or relax in their cozy abode, we’ve rounded up the best rest day pieces launching this month and are available to shop now.

Delve into our guide to discover the perfect gift for their well-deserved rest days.

Our Guide To Rest Day Gifting

Left: Wears Rest Day Sweats Joggers in Grey, Rest Day Seamless Turtleneck in Charred Blue, Sharkhead Headband in White

Right: Wears Rest Day Sweats 1/4 Zip and Rest Day Sweats Pants in Navy, Sharkhead Beanie in Navy

Now we’ve discussed the different types of resters, it’s time to get into the gifting side of things. You’re most likely here as you’re looking for something to gift a loved one for their R&R moments.

When we hear the term rest day, we think of comfort and cozy vibes, and that’s exactly what we’re here to deliver. With relaxed silhouettes, super comfortable materials and sleek yet chilled-out designs, we’ve got the roundup of the comfiest rest day pieces to gift your loved ones, so they can enjoy their rest day their way.

Rest Day Clothing Gifts

All our rest day clothing can be mixed and matched to create unique outfits personal to your loved ones' own style. Keep reading to explore our rest day gift guide and see examples of how to combine pieces for the ultimate rest day 'fit.

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Matching Lounge Sets To Gift This Season

Rest Day Sweats


Left: Wears Rest Day Sweats Hoodie and Rest Day Sweats Joggers in Crocodile Green Marl, Sharkhead Crossbody Bag in Black

Right: Wears Rest Day Sweats 1/4 Zip and Rest Day Sweats Pants in Pebble Grey, Sharkhead Beanie in Black

Rest Day Sweats are the sets made for gifting, crafted with comfort in mind to gift to your loved ones to rest and express themselves in comfort and style this season. Everyone loves a matching loungewear set, and if we’re being honest, there’s always room for one more in the wardrobe.

Gifting a matching lounge set to your loved ones is an undeniably great choice for the winter cozies. So look no further than the Rest Day Sweats collection, where you'll find pieces designed with a slouchy oversized fit for maximum comfort on their off days. Start with an oversized tee, then layer with an oversized hoodie or 1/4 zip pullover from the Rest Day Sweats collection, and pair it with matching joggers or shorts for a completely relaxed and comfortable look.

We love that this collection is designed using heavyweight cotton reminiscent of vintage athletic wear. This fabric is perfect for wearing on rest days and as a pump cover when they’re back at the gym. If casual wear is their uniform, and they like to dress comfy whilst still looking put together, Rest Day Sweats are pieces they’ll wear again and again for days at home, running errands and relaxing to the max.

Pause and Rest Day Seamless


Left: Wears Pause Cardigan and Rest Day Seamless Leggings in Charred Blue

Right: Wears Rest Day Seamless - Flat Knit Hoodie Cement Brown-Pebble Grey, Rest Day Seamless - Flat Knit Joggers Cement Brown-Pebble Grey

This is the collection for the fashion girlies who appreciate sophisticated design without compromising on comfort. The one who enjoys yoga and pilates, with wellness being their personal brand. For their days off they’re wearing soft knits and can be found wrapped in their favorite blanket with a coffee and another new book.

Does this sound like your giftee? Then look no further than the all-new Pause and Rest Day Seamless Collections, perfect for loungewear looks. This range is where you’ll find unique pieces for your giftee to take a moment for themselves in.

What you’ll see is stylish easy-wear designs in soft fabrics like the Rest Day Seamless Cardigan, which is a perfect addition to elevate their rest day wardrobes and ideal for layering. Available in a soft, muted color palette, these pieces are perfect for chilled vibes, casual socializing, running errands, and wfh life.

Relaxed fits can still look stylish, and this collection proves as such, with loose trendy styles, wrap detailing, and flattering ribbing across the range. So why not gift your loved ones a single piece or matching lounge sets like the Flat Knit Wide Leg Joggers and Hoodie so they can express their style even on their rest days?

Retake Collection


Mens - Available To Shop Now

Left: Wears Retake Woven Joggers and Retake Jacket in Black, Retake Anorak in Moss Green

Right: Wears Retake Woven Zip Up and Retake Track Joggers in Puddle Brown, Retake Sweat Crew in Black

Now, this is where we get a bit more techy. For tactical fits and those fond of the gorpcore trend, Retake is an ideal gifting choice, especially if their rest days are more of the active kind.

If their rest days involve taking to the streets for a mooch down to their town centre or embarking on a long walk in their favorite rural location, they’re going to love a versatile piece like the Retake Woven Zip Jacket, which has detachable sleeves transforming from a jacket into a vest.

These pieces are designed with functionality in mind, providing comfort and premium detailing for use in a multitude of settings. You can choose from matching sets or standalone pieces. Crafted using premium materials like a 380g cotton crew and waterproof and windproof woven fabric, Retake silhouettes bridge the gap between rest days and the outdoors.

Does your loved one care a lot about layering clothes and every year seem more excited for when they can finally get their Autumn/Winter wardrobe out? Then we think they’d enjoy the premium feel of Retake, especially with the warm earthy colors that can be mixed and matched and layered to the max for functional and versatile rest day outfits.

Essentials Collection

Available To Shop Now

Left: Essential Oversized Joggers in Atlantic Blue

Right: Essential Zip Up Hoodie in Navy

This is the essential range for the everyday lifter. If your giftee enjoys minimalist design and opts for elevated basics as their uniform, the Essential range will be right up their street.

These are classic pieces that fit in with his lifestyle and can be worn to lift and to rest. Coming in a selection of timeless colors and styles that you’ll see for many seasons to come. The clean, simple designs and oversized options make the Essential range the perfect gift for lounging. Take the Essential Oversized T-Shirt, a quality cotton blend tee that features a boxy fit, dropped shoulder, and slouchy design ideal for days off chilling.

Consider this collection their “nice” loungewear. You’ve probably heard them say where are my nice joggers, or where is my nice hoodie? What they mean is their loungewear pieces that feel a bit more luxe (or the ones that are decent enough to leave the house in). So give the gift of layering with a matching loungewear set and wrap up the Oversized Zip Hoodie and joggers for your loved ones.

Accessory Gifts For Their Rest Day

No rest day is complete without the accessories to top off the fit. We know rest and recovery is all about comfort, so what better than a pair of thick, soft-knit Comfy Rest Day Socks to go with their matching lounge set? Yes, gifting socks might be cliche, but these socks, let’s just say there’ll be no complaints.

Now rest days are not all about lounging, and if they're recovering from a week of heavy lifting, chances are they’re going to want to give their muscles some TLC. Then there’s the age-old question, should you exercise on rest days? The science is in, and it’s an astounding yes. Active recovery is the way to go by performing low-impact movements like yoga, pilates, or walking on rest days to increase blood flow and help aid in muscle recovery.

So how about gifting them one of our Studio Mats so they can stretch it out? You can go the extra mile for their active recovery days by gifting them a pair of Studio Socks with grip soles for less slippin’ around on the mat.

For your giftees rocking the luscious locks, you can’t go wrong with a set of scrunchies that they can wear while relaxing. Bad hair days? Throw a scrunchie on. Chill days at home? Shove it up in a scrunchie. They’re the stylish solution to rest day convenience.

Self-Care Gifts For Relaxation And Recovery

They’ve got the outfit and the accessories they need; now, how about those finishing touches that make rest and recovery days special? Choose a self-care gift like an essential oil candle to set the mood of your loved ones’ relaxation moments. Essential oils can spark feelings of joy, relax the mind and relieve stress and tension, not to mention they smell delightful.

Or, for your giftee that goes hard in the gym, why not consider some magnesium bath salts to throw in a hot tub to help them relax their muscles? We’re sure they’d also be fond of receiving a supply of magnesium supplements or a topical magnesium spray, as magnesium is a vital mineral to aiding in muscle recovery and assisting with sports performance, as seen in this 2019 study on magnesium supplementation in cyclists.

For further treatment for those sore muscles, you could gift them a muscle recovery balm that can relieve muscle aches and pains with warming or cooling effects.

We’ve got all you need to make sure your gifts for your loved ones help them relax, feel comfortable and appreciated. Now you’ve got their R&R day gifts sorted, you might want be wondering what to get them for their on days too.

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