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Gymshark x Steve Cook 2.0 // The Strength Collective

The Strength Collective fuels itself, powered by strong people, with even stronger connections. Find out more...

clock-circular-outline-lightPosted 18 Mar 2020
Gymshark x Steve Cook 2.0 // The Strength Collective

Exclusive Collection | Launching: 26th March 2020 | 7PM GMT

Steve Cook: an individual who discovers power, evokes passion and redefines the meaning of purpose.

Two years ago, Gymshark collaborated with fellow athlete Steve Cook, to bring you a new era of activewear. Its focus was designed around industrial aesthetics - from raw edges and exposed zips, to neutral and earthy tones; we took an innovative step forward when designing the collection, and we've not looked back since.

When creating exclusive capsule drops with our athletes, we want each item within the range to be 100% bespoke - a nod so to say, to each of our athletes unique talents and what they stand for. From the messaging behind the collection, to the reason why a certain shade of colour was chosen - everything is thought out meticulously.

Steve Cook 2.0 // The Strength Collective, is no different.

The S//C is about finding our strength. It's holding the weight in our hands and the resilience in our heads. It's the courage to start and the conviction to finish. It's both independence and interdependence. Whether it’s our own, each other’s or the unity of us all, our strength is within.

The Strength Collective fuels itself, powered by strong people, with even stronger connections.

Strength is anywhere you find it. We find it in the collective.

• Behind The Design

The Strength Collective - a 15 item capsule - was created on the premise of 3 words: power, passion and purpose.

Power: sometimes strength is as simple as raw physical power: moving fast, lifting heavy. Passion: there's no emotion stronger than passion. Whether it's in the things we do, or the words we say, it hits harder when it's done with passion. Purpose: strength is anywhere you find it, and your purpose is too. Purpose requires strength of belief, commitment and perseverance.

Explore the collection...

The Colours Of The Collective

To truly capture the breadth of this capsule, colour and subtle print detailing play a vital role to each exclusive garment. From a luminous ruthless orange, subtly incorporated through minute detailing, to an effortless camo design found only when searched for - both deliver a seriously playful pop of chroma - cutting through the expected neutral mid-tones of the remaining collection.

The Lookbook

Take a preview at the exclusive Gymshark x Steve Cook 2.0 collection below...


A graphic-heavy collection which serves as a proclamation of identity.

Available online: 26th March | 7PM GMT

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Steve Cook Woven Short Steve Cook Mesh Short Steve Cook Jogger Steve Cook Long Sleeve T-Shirt Steve Cook Short Sleeve T-Shirt Steve Cook Sleeveless T-Shirt Steve Cook Hybrid Short Sleeve T-Shirt Steve Cook Hybrid Sleeveless T-Shirt Steve Cook Hoodie Steve Cook Overhead Jacket

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Scroll down to find out more about the Steve Cook 2.0 // Strength Collective Accessories

"Accessory styling 101: there are 3 essentials that hold the power to transform any outfit."

Whilst there's no denying the importance of your clothing ensemble, we appreciate that to make an outfit stellar, it more often than not comes down the accessories you pair it with...


Left: Steve Cook Crew Socks (Black) | Right: Steve Cook Crew Socks (Camo)

Put simply, socks are no longer just socks. Yes, they've got you (and your feet) covered in regard to comfort, but over the last decade, the crew length trend that once belonged solely to skaters, has slowly started to feed its way into streetwear culture. 

Whether you're tucking your trousers into your socks, a la Kanye West; or you're rocking the shorts, sneakers and socks at crew length look - one thing remains the same. You want your socks to say something, and minute branding is at the core of the message. 


Left: Steve Cook Headband (Camo Print) | Right: Steve Cook A-Frame Trucker (White)

What started with a passion for craftsmanship has now become a cultural streetwear icon and a symbol for self-expression. Having transcended their own authority in sportswear, today New Era caps are just as renowned off-field as they are on, and this Steve Cook limited edition is no exception.

Primarily worn when sporting a wild barnet - something more commonly known as bed hair - caps, unbeknown to most, can in actual fact be used to breathe some life into a tired 'fit... the key: simplicity. Simple cuts, simple colours, simple branding./


Left: Steve Cook Barrel Bag (Camo Print) | Right: Steve Cook Sling Bag (Camo Print)

Styling The Collective

• Campaign Styling Alanya French Barnbrook • Studio Styling Fran Adams

"The Steve Cook collection is the perfect range to mix and match with all colours and items! The options are endless! 

Any items you decide to buy, will genuinely pair perfectly together due to the simplicity of the colour palette, and the prints and graphics involved. Take the S//C Shorts in Camo, with the S//C Hoodie in Black; or the S//C Joggers in Black with the S//C Long Sleeve Tee in White - it's been a dream to style" exclaims Fran.

Which is your favourite outfit build?

"While styling the range, layering the block coloured hoodies underneath the simple white jacket was a particular favourite of mine. It's a great layered look, with a pop of colour to brighten up the ensemble.

But... overall, my top 3 items from the Gymshark x Steve Cook 2.0 Collection would be... "

  1. "The Steve Cook Headband - a great accessory to elevate any outfit. It provides colour and print in one, so is a must!

  2. The Steve Cook Socks in the Camo Print - a great piece to match with your plain shorts, or to provide that little subtle hint of colour with your joggers. I'd never say no to going full out and matching print on print either... 

  3. The Steve Cook Hoodie in Ruthless Orange!"

Strength is anywhere you find it.

We find it in the Collective. 

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