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Energy Seamless Collection | Behind the Design

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Each time we create something new, we're so excited to share it with you - and this is no exception.

Behind every product is a labour of love, and a dedicated team of designers that pour over each element of fit, fabric and performance.

Let's throw it back to April 25th 2017 and the release of the High Waisted Seamless Leggings. Lois Woodcock, Senior Womenswear Designer, strived to create something that matched the hype of the Flex. 

And so, the High Waisted Seamless Leggings were born. From conception to production, they were an instant hit - we loved them and so did you.

Stunning high waisted fit offered second-to-none support and coverage, whilst also flattering to form beautifully. Designers had found the sweet spot, balancing style and functionality.

However, we couldn't have anticipated just how much you'd love them, and we were wholeheartedly humbled by the response.

For most, this would be enough. 

At Gymshark however, we'll never stop learning, innovating and moving forward.

We're ever committed to outdoing ourselves, all to offer you with stunning and effective fitness wear that looks just as incredible as it performs.

The original Seamless collection followed in suit: a range of sports bras, vests, tees and leggings.

Now, the Seamless returns in new form.

Ready for any and every level of endurance is the Energy Seamless Collection, with new and improved fit and functionality.

"I set myself the task of designing something even better than the original Seamless collection," says Lois Woodcock, Senior Womenswear Designer at Gymshark.

The technology behind the design is what allowed us to create something so unique. 

"Seamless products are my favourite to design. The method involves no sewing; instead, the whole garment is created in one piece using a machine."

"It's something we can really have a lot of fun creating, and make unique to Gymshark."

Carefully crafted with detailing that's designed to enhance your physique whilst supporting your workout, the Energy Seamless collection is a new breed of fitness wear.

"The original Seamless leggings had glute-enhancing shading - we've kept this element, but improved the overall fabrics," Lois explains.

The fabrics are soft and stretch effortlessly with your movements, without sacrificing support and durability. Ribbed detailing improves the wearing experience, ensuring a non-slip feel that lasts.

We witnessed first hand, the reaction to the Seamless collection and its design. We took note, we listened and we had a vision.

“The eyelet detailing on the original High Waisted Seamless Leggings was an experiment at first, to see if it would work in terms of durability."

Following the positive reaction, designers felt it would accent well on the thigh for this new collection.

Beyond performance, we wanted to ensure you felt amazing wearing it. After all, feeling good in what you're wearing can be the difference between a great workout, and no workout at all.

With eyelet detailing throughout and removable pads for customisable support, the Energy Seamless Sports Bra features a stunning waterfall strap design.

After overcoming several design hurdles, colourways were next on the list. 

“One of the main differences between the Energy Seamless range and the original Seamless collection is the colourways."

"The Seamless Energy colours are flat rather than marl, meaning the fabric feels stronger and more supportive.”

We know how much you loved the original Seamless colours, but Lois, in true Gymshark fashion, wanted to take it one step further.

“I really wanted to have a pale colour in this range," She explains. "I love lilac, and was determined to create a lilac set. The colour looked incredible, but we wanted to guarantee that they would be squat-proof, so the lilac leggings actually have an inbuilt Seamless pant.”

Included in the range are the Energy Seamless leggings, cropped leggings, sports bra and crop vest.

"I wanted to incorporate a new member of the family," Lois reveals. "The concept was a crop top, offering all the benefits of a sports bra, but with more coverage." However you wear this collection and whatever you train, you'll feel the difference.

"Personally, I think the Energy Seamless is one of the coolest things we’ve created. I’m really excited for everyone to see what we’ve been working on and experience it for themselves.”

The Energy Seamless collection launches on January 1st 2018 at 3pm GMT. Happy New Year!

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