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Style It Oversized

clock-circular-outlinePosted 24 Feb 2021
It was acceptable in the 90s.

Oversized styles have been the heavyweight champion of streetwear for years now, and there's no denying that the 90s zeitgeist is back on the agenda for another season.

When it comes to styling oversized, there's one universal rule: the baggier, the better.

And just to confirm, there is a distinct difference between baggy and saggy. In all their unceremonious glory, those thinning sweatpants (having lost all integrity by going through the wash cycle a million times), just ain't going to make it through SS21.

Upgrade and style it oversized in Gymshark Power.

Nathan McCallum styles the Gymshark Power Joggers in Black.

Pictured above: Gymshark Power T-Shirt in Grey Marl and Gymshark Power Joggers in Dark Blue.

The power of an oversized fit: hulking silhouettes, exaggerated proportions and supreme comfort. Sounds extreme.

These larger-than-usual pieces of apparel are integral when it comes to subtle layering. Offering ample styling opportunities with dropped shoulders, longline hems and quality fabrics, you're guaranteed an urban edge to an already era-defining look.

Follow Nathan's style and round off the laid-back 90s ensemble with a fisherman beanie, a plaid shirt and a pair of understated kicks.

The power is all in the 'fit.

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