How Gen Z Move Featuring The New Studio Collection
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How Gen Z Move Featuring The New Studio Collection

clock-circular-outlinePosted 22 Jul 2022

Gen Z is the generation that move - differently. In this article, we explore the new Studio Collection and how TikTok influenced some of the biggest exercise trends of 2022.


The home-to-studio run doesn’t have to be a runway show, but it might as well be, right?

There’s nothing quite like the boost of confidence that comes from wearing an outfit you’re in love with, and that commute to your workout class is the perfect time to serve looks.

Gone is the season of throwing our hoodie and puffer jacket on for our morning walk/coffee run. Summer’s here, which means playing around with colors, having more fun with styling, and feeling your 'fits, big time.

Studio Collection

Your fave workout bralette you feel most comfortable in? Don it with a pair of baggy pants, go OTT on the accessories, and you’re ready for the day, no change of clothes required.

If you’re big on making your pieces of clothing go far, then the versatility of an item is most likely a priority for you. Being able to get your wear of things in different ways makes the purchase so much more worth it; sparking a creative flair in you that comes from creating new outfits with what you already have.

We love the Studio Collection for this exact reason. Functional yet fun, the range is home to a variety of silhouettes that can be dressed up or down, in the studio and out. Comfort wrapped up all in one-pieces, cute bralettes, crop tops, and shorts that come in bold shades that just scream Summer.

This is the perfect collection for getting into flow, and for those days when everything aligns with little resistance.

How do you move?

It's no surprise that Gen-Z have been labelled the most physically active generation (round of applause for you all), but it got us wondering... how is it that they balance, well everything, whilst keeping this active?

Wanting to get the lowdown on how exactly the youngest adult generation sees sport and all things health and fitness, we took to TikTok - the app where 60% of its users are Gen Z'ers - to see exactly what's trending in the exercise department.

Now, exercise trends are quite the zeitgeist of the 2020s, especially since the pandemic. As our internet usage has skyrocketed, it feels like there's a new trend each week.

If you're an active person, both physically and on TikTok, chances are your algorithm shows you your main fitness interests, but sometimes, you might get thrown a little curveball. So if you're a 5-da weightlifting split kind of person and suddenly your feed is pushing yoga to you, you may just feel the urge to hop on that trend.

Whilst being influenced doesn't always have its pros, the beauty of this is that you might just follow an exercise trend and find your new passion!

So let's have a look at some of our favorite exercises that have been trending this year on TikTok.

  • Calisthenics - 10.3B views

  • Pilates - 1.5B views

  • 12/3/30 Method - 211.3M views

  • KAS Glute Bridge - 18M views


Perfecting the art of bodyweight strength, calisthenics is a popular movement on TikTok with billions of views on videos of people's progressions of push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and other bodyweight movements. Calisthenics challenges you to use your central nervous system to build strength as it relies on mastering complete body awareness to progress and is enjoyed for the mental stimulation it offers. You don't need much equipment and you can start your calisthenics journey anywhere with some open space.


Pilates has made its greatest comeback this year as its popularity on social media apps, especially TikTok, soars. Now an integral part of the wellness scene, pilates has become increasingly appealing thanks to their low-impact flowing movements and accessibility... you just need a mat and a YouTube video to teach you. Or if you're feeling boujiee, reformer pilates is all the rage, offering more of a challenge with equipment designed to advance your core strength and more.

12/3/30 Method

Coined by Lauren Giraldo, the 12-3-30 method is a LISS (low-intensity steady state) cardio workout repackaged and made TikTok friendly. It requires you to set your treadmill incline to 12, your level to 3 (4.8 for UK), and walk for 30 minutes. This is a great way of building cardiovascular strength and is popular as it is low impact and can be supplemented with additional forms of exercise without causing fatigue. With over 210 million views on the "12330" hashtag, it's gaining notoriety, and plenty of opinions, so try it if you like, or if not, a brisk 30-minute walk uphill will do the same job!

Kas Glute Bridge

KAS glute bridges are the booty movement everyone's been raving about on TikTok this year. Known to many as the pulse variation of the traditional hip thrust, the KAS glute bridge uses a smaller range of motion and more controlled movement to promote hip flexion and target the glutes more. It's a great movement to add to your glute workout routine to improve your mind-muscle-connection and booty gains.


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