It's Officially The Season For Shorts! Here's Our Top 5...
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It's Officially The Season For Shorts! Here's Our Top 5...

clock-circular-outlinePosted 29 Apr 2021

Winter Is Over. Spring Has Sprung.

Ladies, It's Officially The Season For Shorts.

Yes, we know what the weather app says but we're *manifesting*.

Let's face it. The transition from joggers to shorts has never been easy - especially having lived in a rotation of grey sweats for the past year. But, with the warm weather fast approaching, finding the perfect pair of gym shorts has now officially crept to the top of our wardrobe priorities.

But, here's the really great thing: you don't actually have to wear any of these shorts just to the gym. Yep, we said it. We believe that the best gym shorts of today can actually double down as your everyday athleisure wear, too.

From casual biker length shorts paired with oversized tees, to your workout staples with ergonomic seams - here's our top 5 picks this spring.

Spring Has Officially Sprung.

Workout or play, how will you be styling your shorts this season? Drop us a comment below with your go-to outfit ideas.

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