A Day In The Life of Pulse
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A Day In The Life of Pulse

clock-circular-outlinePosted 7 Oct 2021

Every Day's A Team Day

Introducing our latest team member: Pulse

From early morning practice and late-night study sessions, to afternoon coffee dates and evening runs. A day in the life might look different for everyone, but Pulse's easy throw-on-layers and bright colour pops mean that you can switch from chilling to training in a heartbeat, so you're always ready to make your move.

Wanna see where a day in Pulse can take you? Look no further.

09:30: WARM-UP

There's just some things a pumpkin-spiced latte can't fix. When the weather turns cold, you need all the help you can get from your activewear to keep your body warm during practice.

This season, layer-up in Pulse, a collection that is as trend-conscious as it is training-ready. Curated from light and flexible fabrics for easy layering and maximum warmth, Pulse gives you the motivation to move and the freedom to have fun so that you can give the best to yourself, and your team.


We move better together.

With Pulse on your side and a successful warm-up in the bag, there's nothing to stop you giving full focus to your team training session. High waistbands offer comfortable support, and adjustable detailing across the collection allows you to customise the fit of your outfit, keeping your high-sweat days, stress-free.


When you're always on the move, you need to be able to switch from training to chilling in a heartbeat so that you can refuel and refresh.

Offering more than just stretch, breathability and that little bit of style for the fashion conscious, Pulse adds functional detailing to its design. Find smart overlapping pockets, and drawcord details to help keep your essentials safe as your move from the field to the bleachers.


When a day is as busy as yours, you need a 'fit that you can rely on so that you can focus on what's important.

That's why Pulse has your back through every step, and every game. The collection has been designed with breathable mesh panels to keep you cool and focused, functional pockets to keep your essentials close and bright colour pops that match your team energy on game day.


Who'd have thought your favourite garms to train in would also become the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe?

Embrace a new level of relaxation in Pulse. Crafted from supple, soft and cozy fabrics that outperform when it comes to warmth and comfort, this collection will soon become your new go-to when winding down after a long day of training.

. . .

Whether you're relaxing at home, going out for a morning coffee or meeting the girls for practice, Pulse is a collection full of comfortable and chic activewear that is ready to move with you.

Where will a day in Pulse take you?

Our newest teammate is on its way...

Pulse. Arriving Soon.

. . .

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