International Women's Day 2022

When it comes to how a woman is perceived in the conditioning world, there’s still work to be done, and work to be undone. Our latest campaign, We The Changemakers celebrates the women who have gone above and beyond to make change within our industry; breaking the bias and using their glass ceilings as dance floors.

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International Women's Day 2022

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We, The Changemakers

Breaking The Bias For Women In Conditioning.

Here at Gymshark, we believe that all women* belong in every corner of the fitness industry. From building and creating safe and welcoming gym spaces, to designing workout apps, nutrition programs and competing in combat sports – every woman deserves to do the sport they love without having to compromise any part of themselves, physically or mentally.

But we also know that that’s not always the case. When it comes to a woman’s place in the conditioning world, there’s still work to be done, and work to be undone.

Which is why this month, in honour of International Women’s Day 2022, we’re proud to introduce The Changemakers Grant – a program designed to support the women in our local communities who are working hard to improve not just the culture, but the future of conditioning – for all women.

(*Anyone who identifies as female, femme, agender, girl, lady or queen, cisgender, trans woman, transfeminine, etc.).

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Three $10,000 Grants Are Available...

We’re offering a $10,000 grant to 3 female-owned organizations, non-profits, charities or individuals to help support and amplify their initiatives. Starting today, March 1st 2022, the application process for those grants is open.

Now this is where you come in.

We want to hear from the women* in your local communities who are actively and publicly inspiring, educating or driving change for women in the world of fitness, health and wellbeing. Individuals who have gone above and beyond to break the bias, who use their glass ceilings as dance floors, and continuously encourage other women to do the same.

And all you have to do is ask them to fill out the form below, so that these Changemakers can be in with a chance to receive a $10,000 grant.


Learn more about the grant 👇

Nominees that are selected will have the opportunity to connect with industry experts for 1:1 mentorship, and advisory support. We’ll further be utilizing our platforms to help share and amplify your story so that our family - just like the one you’ve built within your local community - can spot you on your journey as you continue to make change.

Grant applications will require information on the following:
  • You: tell us a little about yourself and your organization… don’t worry, we’re not asking you to submit a thousand-word essay on your daily routine, just a few words about yourself so that we can really get to know you.

  • Your Initiative: you’ll need to outline exactly how you are working to change the narrative for women in the world of conditioning.

  • Your Plan: if you were given the $10,000 grant, how would you plan to use this money to support your mission?

It's time to change the narrative for women in fitness. Get started here:

Nominate a Changemaker now (and yes, that can you be too)👇

US & Canadian Changemakers:
All Other EN* Speaking Territories:

*please see the list of countries eligible to apply for The Changemaker's Grant here.

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Whilst we’re currently asking you to nominate yourself, or someone you know as a local Changemaker, we’ve spent the past few months searching for our own. Throughout March, we’ll be utilizing our platform to highlight a handful of very important women who have gone above and beyond - fighting for a future that is fair whilst breaking down barriers one lift, one pirouette, and one blade at a time.

Up First...

Gym Safe Ladies

#LetMeLift: The Hashtag You Never Knew You Needed

Gym Safe Ladies is a UK-based group of women and men who are dedicated to raising awareness of sexual harassment within fitness and gym environments, and creating safe spaces for everyone.

Founded by Emily “EmzPower” Williams, a fitness enthusiast, personal trainer and advocate for safe gym spaces for women; Gym Safe Ladies believe that positive change for women in the fitness world can't be achieved by women alone. Men need to be part of the conversation too.

The organization aims to raise awareness on the issues of sexual harassment by using social media to educate the world about the encroachment of women's personal safety in gym spaces, and to rally for anti-harassment policies to be enforced in fitness establishments.

And it's not all just talking either. Gym Safe Ladies have not only met with multiple UK gyms to help improve their anti-harassment policies, but have also spoken to the Mayor of London's office about their latest campaign: #LetMeLift - an initiative co-founded by The 97 March which encourages women to share their experiences so that their voices can be heard, and the true scale of the issues faced can be highlighted. The aim? A call for stronger action from fitness spaces.

How can you get involved?

Keep up with the Gym Safe Ladies post, educate yourself and share their content with others. You can sign petitions and step-up to advocate for change by joining The 97 March protests. Everyone should feel safe at the gym, because conditioning is for everybody.

Gym Safe Lades
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Precious Adams

Pink shoes and pink tights have been a traditional part of a ballet dancer's uniform throughout history, having first been designed to match the dancer's skin tone. But for Precious Adams, something needed to change.

Throughout her career, the ballerina has been a significant advocate for diversity. Through the support of her current ballet school has successfully helped to implement change within dance spaces to make classical art more inclusive for Black people, and people of color.

The revered position at a prestigious ballet school in the UK was a natural progression for Precious, whose talent took her out of her home state of Michigan, USA and into the books of a number of world-class ballet schools across the globe.

But it was in 2018, that Precious decided to start actively making change; using more inclusive dance and performance wear during practice and performance, which has since influenced a number of Western ballet companies to follow suit.

Precious aims to broaden people's ideas of what a hero, winner and lead performer looks like, especially in a traditional art like ballet. Precious hopes to implement lasting change and open the aesthetic look of beauty and quality beyond previous limitations like race and color.

To Precious, anyone can be a hero.

Precious Adams
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Yellow Jackets Roller Derby

By day, they're Georgia Institute of Technology students conducting state-of-the-art research and acing calculus exams, but by night - well, by the afternoon - they're Brute Lee, Sylvia Wrath, Primm Reaper and Spitfire: the roller skating derby skaters kicking ass and making change.

Yellow Jacket Roller Derby (YJRD) are a group of women, men and non-binary folk whose identities and interests vary far and wide, but they're all connected by their love for roller derby - an intense contact sport that strikes the perfect balance of aggression and competition.

If you've never seen a roller derby game, or 'bout' as it's known on the inside, then it's a fast-paced full-contact collision sport played on quad roller skates on an oval-shaped track. And although they make each other bleed and bruise, the trust and friendships build between members only adds to how inclusive the sport is.

Inclusivity has always been a focus in the world of roller derby and many queer, gender nonconforming and trans people have found a home within its community. Members are encouraged to create their own alter egos and this in turn can help provide a safe space for those who feel like they can express their true selves in their day-to-day lives.

YJRD have a strict anti-bulling and harassment policy. They work hard to promote mental health awareness and educate members of their own school on how to create a safe space for students, providing a gender nonconforming experience for all.

Padded out from head to toe, the YJRD members put their balance and agility to the test as they take turns to jam and lap the opposition. One of the only collegiate roller derby teams in the world, YJRD stands out amongst the crowd as they bring the historical sport front and centre into the college scene.

It’s rough, it’s tough but more than anything, it’s welcoming.

How can you get involved?

If you'd like to support the Yellow Jackets, you can donate to their GoFundMe page to help with venue payments, team jerseys, travel costs to away games and much more.

Yellow Jackets Roller Derby
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(*Anyone who identifies as female, femme, agender, girl, lady or queen, cisgender, trans woman, transfeminine, etc.).

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