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December AW20 Apparel Preview

Sweat for your goals this season in brand new AW20 collections. Here's your seasonal sneak peek...

clock-circular-outline-lightPosted 1 Dec 2020
December AW20 Apparel Preview

Sweat For Your Goals.

This New Year, the game's simple: do what you need to, to get where you want to.

We'll provide the tools, if you provide the sweat.

. . .

With the holiday countdown ticking away, we've no doubt that somewhere (amidst the online turkey buying, and the frantic present wrapping), a small part of you is thinking about the New Year. And with that, comes the mighty annual resolution...

Sweat For Your Goals This New Year.

Here at Gymshark, we're united in our goal of creating a conditioning community for everyone, and every sport. The AW20 apparel launching throughout December is emblematic of that vision - what you're about to preview is function-first apparel, with a mix of silhouettes and lightweight fabrics to allow for body confident, individual styling.

Get ahead of the game and find out what's launching this month so that you can sweat for your goals in brand new AW20 collections.

. . .

Guys: Sweat For Your Goals


A collection engineered for free motion, breathability and minimalism - your focus is left entirely on redefining your performance potential when wearing Aspect.

Move faster; lift heavier; HIIT harder. Whatever your sport, throw in that extra 10%.

Available in White, Black, Smokey Grey, Teal and Orange, the design you see fuses sweat-wicking technology and mesh structures to ensure the best performance quality is achieved.

The needs of the individual are ever-changing, from liberating clothing that keep you cool and agile to strong and supportive fabrics that help you get the most from your sweat-heavy workout - it's an eternally moving target, but, Aspect aims to bridge the gap between.


  • Aspect 2-1 Shorts

  • Aspect Shorts

  • Aspect Joggers

  • Aspect Lightweight Seamless LS T-Shirt

  • Aspect Lightweight Seamless T-Shirt

  • Aspect T-Shirt

  • Aspect Tank

. . .

Ladies: Sweat For Your Goals


Made for easy transition between sport, work and athleisure, Pulse has been designed to work independently, yet also seamlessly mix for a variety of different on-the-go looks.

With the intent to layer throughout the cooler months ahead, Pulse has been been created with versatility in mind, and we can safely say that this is where personality finally meets performance. With a mix of silhouettes and lightweight fabrics to allow for body confident, individual styling.

Oh, and did we mention that this collection incorporates our first ever white legging?!


  • Pulse Crop Top

  • Pulse Cropped Leggings

  • Pulse Drop Arm Tank

  • Pulse Graphic Crop Top

  • Pulse LS Top

  • Pulse Tank

  • Pulse Shorts

. . .

Lads and Ladies: Sweat For Your Goals


Meet your new best in the premium Apex collection.

Apex is the perfect conditioning fit; it’s all about working on yourself today to better yourself tomorrow.

Each silhouette across the capsule has been thought out meticulously, with designs featuring body temperature control to key heat zones, sweat-wicking capabilities to help draw moisture from the body, and low-profile stitching for minimal distractions.

This collection employs a timeless aesthetic where style crosses with practicality. Apex is for those who live and breathe conditioning.


  • Apex Shorts

  • Apex Joggers

  • Apex LS T-Shirt

  • Apex Tank

  • Apex Mesh T-Shirt

  • Apex Jacquard T-Shirt

  • Apex Zip-Up Jacket


  • Apex Graphic Crop Top

  • Apex Crop Top

  • Apex Leggings

  • Apex Sports Bra

  • Apex Vest

  • Apex Zip Up Jacket

. . .

Ladies: Sweat For Your Goals


One of - if not - the clear standouts from the Women's AW20 drop is the Hyper Amplify collection.

Establishing a new vision for wardrobe standards, this function-first capsule seamlessly incorporates lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics that move fluidly for a feeling of freedom as you train. With every squat, deadlift and stride, Hyper Amplify's flexibility allows for enhanced movements and improved performance.


To find out more about Hyper Amplify - it's sumptuous fabrics, and bold colours - check back on December 22nd. We're doing a collection deep dive that you won't want to miss.


  • Hyper Amplify Shorts

  • Hyper Amplify Leggings

  • Hyper Amplify LS Crop Top

  • Hyper Amplify Tank

  • Hyper Amplify T-Shirt

. . .

Lads and Ladies: Sweat For Your Goals


Men's Coming Soon

A fresh colour palette and a brand new sports 1-piece highlight this AW20 collection for Studio.

Offering you a full range of movement through the intricate design and build of each silhouette, Studio has been crafted from buttery-soft, lightweight fabrics and high-stretch seams to offer you the power to master your mobility without restriction.

Trust that you can twist, stretch, fold and hold - completely restriction-free in Studio.


  • Studio All-In-One

  • Studio Leggings

  • Studio Sports Bra

  • Studio Tank

. . .

Lads and Ladies: Sweat For Your Goals


The runaissance is imminent.

Evolving the debut capsule from earlier this year, the NEW Speed collection includes more apparel for its AW20 drop, including new and improved silhouettes and seasonal colour palettes.

Continuing to elevate utility driven staples in its winter collection, Speed is a hybrid between function-first and trend-driven apparel - incorporating lightweight materials, ventilation and mesh for lasting breathability.

To learn more about the Speed collection - its technical design, and performance-led silhouettes - check back on December 29th. We're doing a collection deep dive that you won't want to miss.


  • Speed T-Shirt

  • Speed 5" Shorts

  • Speed Tank

  • Speed Running Leggings

  • Speed LS T-Shirt

  • Speed 1/4 Zip Pullover

  • Speed Jacket


  • Speed Gilet

  • Speed Graphic T-Shirt

  • Speed T-Shirt

  • Speed Shorts

  • Speed Leggings

  • Speed Zip-Up Jacket

. . .

Sweat For Your Goals This New Year.

This is only a taste of what's to come...

. . .

Gymshark Christmas Delivery Dates 2020

Last Order Dates For Christmas...

To make sure you get all your Gymshark goodies in time for Christmas and the New Year (you know how Santa's going to be with all these online orders), check out our last order dates below!

  • Australia: 14th December (standard) / 18th December (express)

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