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5 Zoom Approved Outfits | WFH Edition

From big oversized sweats, to chic colour co-ordinated sets, the Gymshark Athletes are on hand to show you how to switch up your “iso” style.

clock-circular-outline-lightPosted 30 Apr 2020
5 Zoom Approved Outfits | WFH Edition

A guide to the great indoors...

  • Sneakerheads are now collecting slippers

  • Pants have become optional

  • Banana bread is in mass production

  • Our WFH style is about to seriously level up... 

We know... They're all things you never thought would be possible. But here we are; slippers on, banana bread in hand, all whilst being clothed in some pretty voguish style... at least from the waist upwards. We kid, tehe, we are actually wearing pants. Please. Don't. Panic.

For those of you who don't know, Zoom is essentially the faaancy version of a FaceTime video call - something which happened to grace those of us at Gymshark with its presence, just weeks before lockdown began.

Now, there's many perks to this app, communication and virtual social interaction to name but a few. But, it also meant that the idea of us working from the comfort of our own bed, in a rotation of grey sweats and oversized t-shirts just wasn't going to cut it anymore. 

Albeit, fashion isn't the biggest priority at the minute, and the likelihood of your boss actually making you wear your work attire whilst at home is slim... but there's no denying that getting up, dressed, and into a routine can be extremely good for you and your mindset. It's common knowledge that you dress to express, be it through slouchy sweats, or chic co-ords.

So, what exactly is the zoom-call, dress code etiquette whilst working from home? To help you find the balance between comfort and style, we called upon the GS Athletes to find out how they've switched up their iso style.


Comfort + Style + Zoom Approved



When you read up on Premium Legacy, you'll see that its design was based on heritage and built for heavy-lifting. But, when in iso... the rules change. 

No longer just for the heavy sofa lifters of quarantine, this humble hoodie and sweatpant combo are statement pieces in their own right. Guaranteed, you might not be lifting heavy but the Premium Legacy collection is crafted from heavy-weight cotton fabric, making it the perfect WFH outfit when you need to get the work done during these rainy days. Cuppa on the side, please.

We know what we said about slouching in joggers whilst on a zoom call, but we also said the rules can change... this is a classy athleisure duo after all.



If quarantine has confirmed anything, it's that sitting in jeans all day is not fun, not comfortable, and definitely not at the top of our priority/washing list. 

So, to provide that serious level of comfort that we're all yearning for - just like Georgie, the style guru of Aus - we've opted for a few chic, colour co-ords crafted from soft and buttery fabrics. If you weren't comfy before, you will be once you've slipped into one of these for a 9am start. 

No more excuses. Work distraction free and remain comfy whilst doing so. Oh, and if you needed any more motivation to workout, wearing a sports bra and legging as your OOTD might just do the trick... 



When we're not adding men's hoodies to our shopping basket, we're looking for cute, classy comfies of our own. Quick to throw on in the morning, and easy to layer when the heating suddenly dips below freezing, Rewind intertwines old-school Gymshark, with a little modern twist.

What Does Your WFH Style Look Like?

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