The Gymshark Lifting Club

Take a look inside the Gymshark Lifting Club, the place that unites the Gymshark community and brings people closer to their conditioning goals each and every day.

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The Gymshark Lifting Club

The Gymshark Lifting Club.

Our very own elite fitness and wellness space, and for some, a second home.

Located on the multi-complex business park at Blythe Valley, Solihull, UK, the Lifting Club is a place for the conditioning community to unite and inch closer to their physical goals every day.

The Gymshark Gym, otherwise known as The Gymshark Lifting Club (GSLC), opened its doors back in 2019, unveiling itself as a one-of-a-kind innovation hub designed for learning, lifting, and conditioning.

Lifting culture runs through the veins of Gymshark, and it was only right we created a space for our community to call home.

Lets show you 'round.

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A Look Inside The Gymshark Gym

Some would say it's a dimly-lit, 20,000sq ft industrial warehouse. We see it as a place where Bodybuilders, CrossFitters, Olympic Weightlifters, and recreational gym-goers can unite on their conditioning journey.

Kitted out with some of the best gym equipment in the world (we're biased), the Lifting Club is a huge space, holding 13 Olympic-grade weight-lifting platforms and a large outdoor yard that is used in all weather conditions. On the gym floor, you'll find a free weights area with a large mirrored wall, multiple squat racks, a walking track, a functional zone used for calisthenics classes, and a plethora of weightlifting machines.

The Lifting Club also features a studio space with spongey floors for wellness activities. You’ll find yoga, pilates, and mobility classes taught here, and if you're lucky, you might even catch LC Coach Jonny leading a group sparring session.

In the center of the LC, you’ll find an x-shaped bar to hydrate, chat to coaches, and mingle with other employees. And it’s not all about conditioning, DJ’s and musicians have all taken center stage at the heart of the LC to provide tunes to power the member's workouts and events.

This isn't just a gym; this is an athlete’s playground. Take a look.
GSLC Entrance
GLSC Weights

Can you work out at Gymshark Lifting Club?

As it stands, the Gymshark Lifting Club operates as a health and wellness hub for the benefit of Gymshark employees and their associates. But that’s not to say it doesn’t open to the public. Recently, we opened our doors to our community to celebrate Gymshark66 every weekend, and you can bet that we'll continue to host both internal and external events. Keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming events so you can come and visit us down at the LC.

The Lifting Club Coaches

It’s not every gym where you feel like the trainers are part of your family, but it’s different at the LC. Our four LC coaches are very much part of the woodwork here at Gymshark, providing daily advice, training tips, varied classes, a friendly face (and maybe a few bad jokes) for whoever passes through the doors of the LC.

You can find free training programs in strength and conditioning, cardio and mobility, and workouts from our Lifting Club Coaches over on the Gymshark Training App.

But first, let’s get to know them.


Samantha Cubbins - Lifting Club Manager

Sam is our high-energy Lifting Club Manager who cares for the team, the gym, and everything that goes down at the LC. She’s not your typical manager; no, you’re most likely to see her practicing handstand walks, performing volume sets but most of all, coaching the toughest of classes on the gym floor.

Her priority is looking after the health and fitness of our staff with movement, recovery, nutrition, energy, and consistency. With 15-16 years of worldwide experience working in all different types of gyms, from programming to coaching classes, one-to-ones, and running events, she’s someone who employees know can they can trust to help achieve their fitness goals.

Sam’s had a varied and exciting journey working in the fitness industry over the last 15-16 years, from competing at a high level in CrossFit for many years to working with pre and post-natal clients and athletes in sports performance and specialist training.

With a passion for music, experience in retail, and dedication to fitness, she concludes, “the LC is basically all of that put together, so I really am living my dream...”

“Dreams aren't always easy, and the hard work continues to keep making this an incredible place to be.” - Samantha Cubbins

IG @samanthacubbins_

  • Functional Fitness

  • Olympic Lifting

  • Crossfit Gymnastics

  • Spin

  • Pre and Post Natal

  • Booty Blast

  • Department Classes


Zach Watson - LC Coach

Zach is our calisthenics guy at the Lifting Club, whose approach to physical training is all about moving properly. He’s a boss at calisthenics and makes handstands look like a walk in the park, inspiring the most popular class at the LC every week with aspiring ‘human flaggers'.

As a fitness Coach for 15 years, Zach lays out his fundamentals for training well:

“My approach is simple;

  • Step 1: Start moving.

  • Step 2: Move more.

Progression is key, but patience is a must. A few simple lifestyle changes will have the biggest impact. Whether you’re training for a competition, getting ready for a special occasion, or aiming for a promotion… the approach is the same; move more. Move often. Move better.”

By focusing on correct form, Zach works to instill confidence in those he coaches to perform all exercises effectively around the core movement patterns of a squat, hinge, push, pull, etc. Zach’s aim is to improve our functional conditioning so that we can perform daily activities with ease and prevent potential aches and pains that may arise with our lifestyle.

Zach also works with individuals on building healthy habits and learning how to fuel the body to aid recovery and change overall body composition

IG @zachwato

  • Body Transformation

  • Sports Performance Strength & Conditioning

  • Calisthenics Corrective Exercise

Danny Gallagher - LC Coach

Danny, our youngest LC coach, is all about living a balanced lifestyle and having fun with it. For him, discipline goes side by side with enjoying life through recreation, and spending time with family means as much to him as hitting a new PB. Work hard, play hard.

You’ll find Danny putting the Gymshark employees through their paces in BootCamp and HIIT classes that are not for the faint-hearted. But you can bet he’s putting a smile on their faces too.

With over 4 years of experience in the fitness industry, Danny offers a fresh perspective on fitness and is always on call to offer training advice to beginners and those returning to the gym after hiatus. He’s the coach you know will give you honest advice and won’t be afraid to challenge you.

When he’s not coaching, he’s at the squat rack, bench, or deadlift platforms, putting in the hard work and repping out as he also competes in powerlifting from time to time. As as social native, he takes to Instagram to share his powerlifting journey, winns and losses, and the odd motivational caption.

IG @dannygallaghercoaching


  • SWEAT/ HIIT/ Spin

  • Powerlifting technique work

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Mobility training

  • Beginners and back to the gym advice

  • Weight loss advice

  • Powerbuilding training for size and strength

  • Functional fitness training

. . .

Gymshark Run Club

Since 2021, head coach Jonny Hammond has been leading our Gymshark Run Club; come rain or shine (or snow). Here, employees and community members are welcome to prioritize their physical and mental well-being in a supportive group setting.

The aim was to unite the conditioning community, and after two years in the running, we’re proud to say we think we’re pretty close to achieving that goal.

Starting off in the yard for a warm-up, attendees find an encouraging place to mingle and spend some quality time together after work. The run club sets off on a route around the Blythe Valley Business Park, and each run is around 5km, with the option to run more depending on your ability.

Locals, or visitors to the area, you can sign up for free and join the family to run every second Wednesday of the month.

Gymshark Run Club, Every Second Wednesday Of The Month, 6-7 PM GMT
  • Location: Gymshark Lifting Club Unit 2, Connexion Central Boulevard Blythe Valley Park Shirley, Solihull, B90 8AW.

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Events At The Lifting Club

More than just a gym, the Gymshark Lifting Club is also used to host internal and external events. The sheer size of the LC makes it an excellent space for hosting large numbers, and it only makes sense to utilize this space and share it with as many people as we can.

What events are held at The Gymshark Lifting Club?

Events we've done previously have spanned across the entire fitness & wellbeing industry, from powerlifting, bodybuilding, HIIT-based, late-night spin events, and athlete takeover events. Each event differs, but you’ll frequently see unique classes built specifically for each athletic cohort, and you can bet we’ll regularly bring a roster of athletes along to each one.

Previous Event Highlights:

After Hours event

We transformed the LC into a nightclub vibe space for our After Hours event for the community; think dim lighting, strobe lights, laser beams, and smoke machines. Attendees could get a little boost for the workout with pre-workout shots available at the bar, followed by a high-energy spin class that hosted up to 75 people.

Junior British Powerlifting Competition

We hosted the British Powerlifting Juniors comp in the LC across a four-day period where we stripped out all our gym equipment, brought in some tiered seating for spectators, and hosted an official competition which we streamed across our Twitch channel. A few British powerlifting records were smashed that day by various competitors who attended the LC meet, and of course, the atmosphere was euphoric.

United We Flow
United We Flow Event
United We Flow Event
United We Flow Event
United We Flow Event

To unite the Gymshark community and encourage attendees to take a moment to slow down and be present, we hosted an event based on yoga and movement. We took over the LC car park along with the gym to host a variety of different yoga sessions, sound baths, breath work, and guest talks, and for our bravest guests, we also had some plunge pools to try out some cold water therapy… worth it for the benefits!


A first for the LC, for the duration of Gymshark 66, we hosted open gym sessions all weekend for the public to attend. This was a great way for our community members to mingle and enjoy everything the Lifting Club has to offer, and we’re sure it won’t be the last.

Next Gymshark Event At The Lifting Club:

From April 27th - April 30th, we're hosting the British Powerlifting Team yet again at the Gymshark Lifting Club.

British Junior & Sub Junior Classic Championships 2023

British Junior & Sub Junior Classic Championships 2023

More is in the pipeline, but we can't say too much quite yet, so keep your notifications on!

How to get involved

Want to come and join us at the Gymshark Lifting Club for an event? Keep an eye out on our EventBrite Page for tickets, or sign up for the Gymshark Newsletter for more information on events that’ll be coming to a place near you.

. . .

And there we have it, a look inside the Gymshark Lifting Club, the place that unites the Gymshark community and brings people closer to their conditioning goals each and every day.

There’s always something brewing here at Gymshark so if you want to stay up to date with all the latest collection drops, events (both IRL and URL), and health and conditioning tips- sign up to the Gymshark Newsletter below... we'll provide you with exclusive info about upcoming tricks before anyone else.

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