The best wellbeing apps to boost your fitness, improve your sleep and rest your mind

The best wellbeing apps to boost your fitness, improve your sleep and rest your mind

clock-circular-outlinePosted 19 May 2023

Technology, in particular our smartphones, play a key role in our daily lives.

And it's no different when it comes to well-being. Utilizing applications on our phones and wearable tech can be a great way to manage and boost our well-being, both physically and mentally.

The popularity of well-being apps and wearable tech has allowed us to meditate, track our sleep, and exercise better than ever, so when it comes to choosing the right wellness apps, it can be a bit of a minefield with so many to choose from.

This article puts together some of the best well-being apps to help level up your health and wellness, whether that's taking five minutes during a hectic day for a guided meditation, or trying a new leg workout.

The Best Apps To Boost Your Wellbeing

  • Calm

  • Sleep Cycle

  • Better Sleep: Relax and Sleep

  • Gymshark Training App

  • Athlytic

  • Five Minute Journal

  • Happify

For all-in-one mindfulness


"Calm is the #1 app for Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation. Sleep better, relieve stress, lower anxiety and refocus your attention."

If you're looking for the best mindfulness app that does it all, from daily meditation to helping you drift off at bed time, then the Calm app is a great option.

Whether you just need to take a breather and have some me-time, or want to experience a longer guided meditation, the Calm app is certainly worth a try. From reducing stress and anxiety to self-improvement, guided meditations, and improved sleep, there's something in Calm for everyone.

For tracking your sleep quality

Sleep Cycle

Not sure how you're sleeping? Or maybe you want tangible data and guidance to improve sleep phases for greater rest and recovery? This sleep app might be the one for you.

Sleep Cycle collates your nightly sleep data for a full view of how you sleep, and where you can optimize sleep to feel fresher and better recovered each morning.

One of the best sleep tracking apps, Sleep Cycle can gently wake you up when you're in a lighter sleep phase, so you feel less groggy when that alarm bell rings.

For Helping You Get To Sleep:

Better Sleep: Relax and Sleep

Tracking your sleep length and phases is great, but sometimes the first challenge is relaxing and falling asleep.

Sleep sounds and scientifically proven audio, such as ASMR and isochronic brainwaves, help you drift off to sleep more easily, creating lasting sleep habits.

If that's not enough, Better Sleep can also track your sleep phases, record noises during your sleep, and helps teach you the science behind your unique sleep needs.

For staying active

Gymshark Training App

From guided workouts and plans to tracking your PBs, the Gymshark Training App combines many must-have features balking it one of the best fitness apps.

Follow plans in line with your goals, or create your own workouts from scratch. A huge exercise library provides demos for each exercise, so you can head into the gym with the confidence of knowing what you're doing each workout.

For Monitoring Your Recovery and Readiness To Train


You've probably heard of a few wearable tech devices that can help track your exercise exertion and recovery, but if you have a smartwatch, there are apps that can do this too.

Athlytic is one of the best apple watch recovery apps, taking your Apple health data and turning it into actionable insights, the Athlytic app provides feedback on your exertion, recovery, and sleep, so you can plan your training ahead of time based on your recovery levels.

If you're someone who exercises

regularly, a recovery app like this one may help you avoid overtraining by tailoring your program intensity.

Read our article on the best Apple Watch recovery apps.

For keeping tabs on your day, and appreciating the small things

Five Minute Journal

"The Five Minute Journal uses proven principles of positive psychology to make you happier in 5 minutes a day with the guided gratitude journaling format."

New to journaling? Taking short breaks to collate your thoughts or practice gratitude can help slow your day down and allow you to offload what's on your mind, creating a more positive outlook and allowing for self-reflection.

The Five Minute Journal app is one of the best journal apps, and is a great way to log your thoughts and practice gratitude within an easy-to-use, efficient interface.

For fun-filled stress relief


"Whether you're feeling sad, anxious, or stressed, Happify brings you effective tools and programs to help you take control of your feelings and thoughts."

Through evidence-based games and activities, Happify uses proven techniques with a fun and engaging twist for effective solutions to your well-being.

If you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed, this may be one of the best apps to provide a healthy distraction and relieve stress.

How To Choose The Right Wellbeing App For You

Things to consider when choosing the best well-being app for you include the following;

  • App Features

  • Individual Goals

  • Usability / User-friendliness

  • Device Compatibility

With so many apps available for both iOS and Android devices, choosing the right app to help you achieve your health and fitness goals isn't always easy.

Exploring the features of each app and the reviews given can be a huge help when deciding which app will help you achieve your goals. 

Many have premium versions, so utilizing free trials before taking the plunge on subscriptions can be a great way to fully experience apps before parting with your hard-earned money.

Another factor to consider is device compatibility, from operating software to cross-device integration, such as with your Apple Watch. Sometimes it's nice to leave our phones out of sight, allowing us to benefit from well-being apps such as starting a meditation or monitoring sleep at a glance without being subjected to a phone screen.

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