The Best Gyms In LA

The Best Gyms In LA

clock-circular-outlinePosted 18 Jul 2023

Finding a gym in LA will probably be the easiest thing you do all year!

But we know you don’t just want any old gym. If you’re living in LA or visiting for a vacay, work trip, or anything in between, and you’re big into your fitness, chances are you’re going to want to experience the best of what the crazy LA health and wellness scene has to offer.

We’re talking Instagram famous workout classes, top-of-the-class premium studios, and OG lifting gyms; here’s our roundup of the best gyms in LA.


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The Best Gyms In LA

Gold's Gym Venice

  • Location: 360 Hampton Dr, Venice, CA 90291, United States

  • IG: @goldsgym

A true OG bodybuilding gym, Gold’s Gym is the place to be for anyone passing through, or lucky enough to reside nearby. A home to bodybuilders since the 1970’s, Gold’s Gym features a variety of authentic lifting equipment, enough free weights for everyone even during peak hours, and unforgettable, the lifters heaven aka the outdoor courtyard. If you want to train seriously, lift heavy, and put your strength to the test surrounded by a like-minded crowd, Gold’s Gym is the place to be.

Why we love it

It’s all about the location, baby. Venice Beach is an area close to our heart, with roots embedded in the origins of the bodybuilding boom in the US, and where the likes of Arnie and the Queen of Muscle Beach once ruled. It’s where we hosted incredible events over past years, and the unforgettable aura of the lifting culture runs deep in the veins in this location, so much we consider it the place for any lifter to call home.


  • Location: 106 N. La Cienega Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 9006

  • IG: @barrys

Barry’s bootcamp, we’ve all seen the red roomed routines, and if you haven’t, then we’re here to hype it up a lil’ bit more. Barry’s gym serves you HIIT classes with a twist. The twist is that they’ve got this down to a science, with perfectly curated workouts designed with a run, lift, recover sequence so you can push yourself to your limits, whilst prioritizing recovery. Ramp up the intensity with the lights dimmed to a cherry red hue, motivational instructors and a banging playlist full of carefully curated tunes. Barry’s believe one of their classes will be the best workout of your life, so why not try it out… are you ready?

Why we love it

You can choose from the original red room HIIT workout consisting of 50% Treadmill, and 50% Strength Training. Don't feel like running? That's okay! You can join the double floor workout that focuses on strength training, alternating moves with the aim to get hot and lift heavy.


  • Location: 8231 W 3rd St, Suite C, Los Angeles, CA 90048

  • IG @trainbunda

If glute gains are your priority, Bunda gym in LA is here to guide you along your journey using the science of building a butt. The Bunda building workouts are built on the foundation of functional movement, with the knowledge that stronger glutes help stabilize the lower back and knee joints, strengthen them and decrease the risk of injury. The team at Bunda have the science of glute building down to the nitty gritty. With a mixture of traditional resistance exercises targeting the glutes for maximum metabolic results and high-energy sessions that combine 50 minutes on the stair-master with resistance-training, Bunda offers you something for everyday.

Why we love it

The Bunda Station! Your prayers have been answered, no more dragging a bench to the nearest wall to perform hip thrusts, this station is equipped with bands, a bench, and a slide board specifically for glute strength exercises



  • Location: 627 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069, United States

  • IG: @dogpound

If you’re looking to join an LA gym for specialised personal training and top-of the class training sessions, then Dogpound is the studio for you. This isn’t your every-day gym, Dogpound deals with high-profile clients, and professional athletes to teach you a thing or two during in-person or virtual sessions. Dogpound LA’s sleek innovative space taps into the industrial New York aesthetic, with blacked out interior and muscle-enhancing lighting shining down on the main training room, sled and sprint track. This is a premium gym experience.

Why we love it

Dogpound have their social media seriously on lock, connecting to the community and giving you a taste of what you can experience for yourself all from the comfort of your phone screen. Over on their Instagram and TikTok pages, this LA gym showcase events you can attend across the globe, and content from their best in class team and guest trainers teaching innovative and creative works to inspire your next workout.

Health House

  • Location: 8436 W. 3rd St • Fitness Studio • Beverly Hills

  • IG: @health_house

Health house is your all-encompassing one-stop-shop for all things health and wellness. Whether you’re looking for a regular workout class, personalised training session, or even wellness retreat, Health House’s team of experienced fitness and wellness professionals are here to help you unlock your full potential. Lined with strobed-lit walls, motivational quotes and open-plan indoor-outdoor training zones, this LA gym is the perfect place to put your strength to the test.

Why we love it

Mix your workouts up and train from home or in the studio with Health House’s multi-membership option. Enjoy their classes in person at the LA studio or take online classes at home, vacation or your work trip. Dreaming of a euro trip? A Croatian wellness retreat is in the works where you can visit Destination Health House for a luxury retreat for your mind, body and spirit.


John Reed Santa Monica

Putting the hi-fi in fitness, John Reed gyms ramp up the volume, and the intensity with live DJ-powered workouts for you to get your groove on. Who needs a club when you can go to the gym? With a central DJ booth in the main workout area, you can leave your headphones at home. Offering innovative group classes and dedicated zones with equipment for you to do your own thing whether that’s functional training, strength, or cardio. Or if you want something a bit more tailored to you, you can work with one of their certified trainers to help reach your fitness goals.

Why we love it

Tropical themed rooms packed with the finest equipment make John Reed gyms some of the freshest spaces we’ve seen in the fitness world. Filling the spaces with vivid wall murals, neon LED’s and LA’s legendary palm trees, this gym gives all the feel-good vibes, you’ll even want to be there on your rest days.

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So that’s our roundup of the best gyms in LA. All you have to do now is hit the apply button and get those classes booked. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments what your favourite gyms in LA are, we may just pay them a visit!

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