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Haven Shepherd | United We Sweat

clock-circular-outlinePosted 16 Feb 2022

Surviving the extraordinary at just 14 months old, Haven is lucky just to be here with us today. But, miracles aren't enough for Haven Shepherd, as she strives to compete at the very pinnacle of her sport – embracing the 'gift' of becoming an amputee.

"Everyone Told Me I Didn't Have Enough."

When it feels as if the entire world is doubting you, it can be easy to change course and give up - for Haven, that was never an option.

With dreams of representing Team USA in the Paralympics, Haven knew she had to dig deep, and prove to herself more than anyone, that she does have enough to chase her dreams.

Going back to when Haven was just 14 months old and living in Vietnam, through life and cultural pressures, her parents saw no other option but to attempt a family suicide - sadly taking the lives of both her mother and father.

Haven survived with life-changing injuries, losing both legs to the explosion and, just six months later, was adopted by Rob, Shelly and their six children, an American family living in Carthage, Missouri.

Haven learned to swim at a young age in their family pool, and by 10 years old her zealous nature led her to competitive swimming - a desire strong enough to take her all the way to her first Paralympic Games at Tokyo 2021.

With a taste for being a part of Team USA, and the sheer thrill of competing at the very peak of her sport, Haven is already preparing for the opportunity to move one step closer to another Paralympics Games, in Paris 2024.

"I wouldn't be in the position that I am right now, If I didn't have the people that I had in my corner."

Behind Haven's competitive drive to show the world what she is truly capable of, is a family and network of coaches and fellow athletes that unite in her common goal to become the very best she can be.


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