Get Hands On This October For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Get Hands On This October For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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There's no denying that us women have a whole host of imaginative names for our girls. And, whilst they don't often see the sun, there's no denying that our boobs have been with us through a lot...

  • There's the late-night Uber runs.

  • The spontaneous speedy ascents (and descents) of the stairs.

  • And let's not forget the sweaty box jumps and burpees that get always seem to get thrown into an AMRAP session...


But, despite all of those bouncy scenarios, the biggest challenge we actually face is not just finding ways to support our breasts when we workout. It's de-stigmatizing the conversation around women's health and self-breast exams.

Yes - it's scary. And we can sometimes feel less than perky when things turn tits up, but breast health is a conversation that we shouldn't be taking lightly.

This month, it's time to get hands on.

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We've Got Some (Exciting) News To Get Off Our Chest...

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we wanted to make sure we're not only keeping your boobs appropriately supported when you workout, but that we're encouraging you to get hands on and properly take care of your girls too.

So, we partnered with The Breasties, an incredible all-inclusive nonprofit for survivors, previvors, thrivers, and carevivors of breast and gynecological cancers. And together, we're providing you with all the info you need to be able to do your own self-checks and help your girls do them too.

Get Hands On: Know Your Boobs

The Importance Of Self Checks:

On average, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime (source: American Cancer Society).

Early detection is key. Performing a self-exam to become familiar with the normal look and feel of your own boobs can empower you to detect changes that warrant checking in with a health care provider.

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The Simple Self-Breast Exam Guide

As Brought To You By The Breasties...

This guide is for boobs of all shapes and sizes. Yes, even if you're a long-serving member of the itty bitty tittie committee (IBTC), don't be fooled into thinking you can do without.

Know your body. Love your body. Check your body.

Step One: Choose The Same Time Each Month.
  • For those who menstruate, choose a time towards the end of your period to avoid hormonal changes to breast tissue. For those who don't, select a time that you'll remember easily. Popping a reminder in your phone can help!

Step Two: Look At Yourself In the Mirror.
  • When you're done admiring your beauty, check for any visual differences in your breasts (redness, texture changes, nipple differences, etc.).

Step Three: Feel For Change.
  • In a warm shower, use three fingers and mild-to-medium pressure to feel the entire breast and armpit area for any lumps, knots, or changes.

Step Four: Lie Down & Repeat The Feel Test.
  • We're not done just yet; repeat the same feel test lying down. Bring your right arm behind your head and use your left hand to examine your right breast and vice versa.

Step Five: Notice Anything Different?
  • If anything doesn't feel right or you notice any changes, get in touch with your health care provider and get yourself a proper check-up.

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Want to see what we got up to last year?

For You, For Yours: Meet Our Girls

Last year, we asked a few very important people why Breast Cancer Awareness is so important to them.

From personal experiences, to those who supported others going through difficult times, these are open and honest conversations that we need to have more of. It's time we started prioritizing our health and encouraged other women to do the same.

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Take Care Of You And Yours

It's on all of us to help normalise the conversation around breast health.

As much as we're passionate about taking care of everyone's health, unfortunately, we're not the breast cancer experts. For more info on all things breast health, make sure to check out The Breasties - they have a huge amount of valuable resources and a wonderful community well worth joining, whether it's for support or ensuring that this conversation is continued.

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